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February 4, 2014 Updates

Evan Turner insists he doesn’t check to see if his name is popping up in trade rumors prior to the Feb. 20 deadline. But before Monday night’s game against the Nets at the Barclays Center, he said, “If I had read the paper, I’d have been packed for different weather.” Bucks County Courier Times

On Monday, the Sporting News reported the Sixers are shopping Turner, but having trouble finding any serious offers for him. They mentioned the Suns and Thunder as two possible destinations for the fourth-year pro. “I never really worried about it,” Turner said, “If it’s something that needed to be discussed, (agent David Falk would) let me know. Other than that, just go with the flow and go about your business. Whatever happens, happens.” Bucks County Courier Times

Turner is making $6.7 million this season. The Sixers hold an $8.7 million qualifying offer for next season. If they don’t pick it up, Turner would become an unrestricted free agent. “I bleed Sixers blue,” said Turner, perhaps somewhat facetiously. Bucks County Courier Times

Thaddeus Young has drawn significant interest, but the Sixers would prefer to deal Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. Both should be moveable, though I doubt either player gets the Sixers what they really want -- another pick in the 10-15 range. ESPN.com

February 3, 2014 Updates

The Philadelphia 76ers are open to trading forward Evan Turner and the Charlotte Bobcats have looked into acquiring him, an NBA source confirmed to the Observer Monday. Turner, a 6-foot-7 forward, averages 18.1 points and six rebounds this season for the 76ers. He could potentially add the scoring punch the Bobcats need to reach the playoffs for only the second time in their decade-long history. Charlotte Observer

“Whatever occurs is going to occur,” Turner said. “If I had read the paper, I’d be packed for different weather. I would’ve been here, been there. Would’ve put my winter clothes away. Until it happens, it’s nothing worth going crazy about. I bleed Sixers blue." Delaware County Daily Times

January 30, 2014 Updates

The Philadelphia 76ers are still looking to move Evan Turner, Thad Young and Spencer Hawes, but the team is asking for a lot in return. Like most of the "blow-it-up teams," as one GM called them, the Sixers want first-round draft picks. They'll even take back a little salary to accumulate more picks, but clubs are reluctant to part with draft picks. ESPN.com

January 23, 2014 Updates

When asked about what went wrong with the defense, Chandler said the club should have concentrated more on Evan Turner, who burned them all game, finishing with 34 points, 13 of 22 from the field. “A lot of things that were wrong defensively tonight,’’ Chandler said. “I think we should’ve maybe been more aggressive on Evan Turner, especially once he got going. It’s one of the things that kept them in the flow.’’ New York Post

January 19, 2014 Updates

If the Sixers can acquire a reliable wing shooter, perhaps Turner could play alongside him. But if Turner is looking for $10 million a year, he's not going to get it here. Bucks County Courier Times

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December 31, 2013 Updates

Andrew Bynum is NOT the lazy slacker he's being portrayed as in the media ... he's actually a hardworking CHAMPION ... so says one of Bynum's former teammates. Philadelphia 76ers star Evan Turner hit the clubs in L.A. Sunday night (after putting a hurtin' on the Lakers) ... and told us Bynum busted his ass during his short stint in Philly (2012-2013). "I played with Bynum and he worked hard," Turner said ... "TWO world championships man. The dude's doing the right things, he's [just] getting injured." TMZ.com

December 30, 2013 Updates

With just five seconds remaining and the Sixers leading 109-104, Philadelphia cleared a defensive rebound and it was time to run out the clock. Turner had a different plan, though, sprinting out into the open court as the Lakers prepared to walk off the court. Approaching the paint with no defenders around him, Turner launched into a 360 windmill dunk that went home with just 0.8 seconds remaining. The slam gave Philadelphia a seven-point lead. As he jogged back down the court, Turner finally realized the time/score situation, and he put both of his hands up as he looked at the Lakers bench in dismay. He patted his chest, as if to say “My bad,” and he approached Jordan Hill, Shawne Williams, Jodie Meeks and Nick Young individually to offer individual apologies. SI.com

December 24, 2013 Updates

Evan (Turner)’s trade value is also impacted by the fact that you have to pay him in July. As for how he’s viewed. I have not heard anyone talk about him as a player they covet. I think his asking price in a contract in July is going to sway teams away from him. This is the problem with would-be free agents even restricted ones. HoopsWorld

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