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After getting a flopping warning in the previous game against Miami, Tucker was fined by the league for flopping in Tuesday night’s game at Denver when Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried fouled him from behind on a rebound. Tucker stumbled into the stanchion without much of a shove in the back. Tucker said he “fell kind of funny” and “sold it a little bit” but was definitely pushed. “I’m still going to play like I play,” Tucker said. “It ain’t going to change nothing. “Me getting fined $5,000 for flopping is something that couldn’t be so opposite of how I play. It’s more the implication that I’m a flopper. I think that bothers me more than the actual fine.” Arizona Republic

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Brett Pollakoff: D-League implementing in-game flopping penalties, league announces. Players will be called for technicals, and refs will confirm via video. Twitter @BrettEP

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And so, for the first time in the history of mankind, and this looks like a one-time thing, flopping is being dissected like a laboratory frog (who, by the way, does a fair amount of flopping once he's violently sliced by a scalpel). It's happening inside a nondescript building just off the Southern Methodist University campus, and being conducted by Peter Weyand, an associate professor for applied physiology and biomechanics. But for this particular study, we'll just call him the Professor of Flopology. "This is unexplored territory," he said. "There's little to no information on how much force it takes to knock someone off balance, and how much someone can control their resistance. Most of the balance research is done on the elderly, not young and healthy people." SportsonEarth

Weyand was a bit surprised to get an email from Cuban a little more than a year ago, asking if the he'd have any interest in conducting a study. Weyand once played collegiately at Bates College where, he said -- and he swears -- he never flopped. Not once. "Not to my recollection, although that was a long time ago," he added. SportsonEarth

Weyand discovered no study had ever been done on flopping -- what a surprise -- and saw it as an opportunity for ground-breaking research on what is a good foul and what's a fake, and the merits of force. "I think Mark wants to use the scientific process and our expertise to get the answers to these questions, with the hope that we'll be able to provide an applied tool that will protect the integrity of the game, because flopping is a threat." SportsonEarth

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Dirk Nowitzki, welcome to the club. That’s the club of star players who have gotten a warning from the league about flopping. Nowitzki earned his in the third quarter of the Mavericks’ loss to Denver Monday night, when Darrell Arthur closed out and contested the jumper and Nowitzki fell like he was reenacting the Kennedy assassination in honor of the 50th anniversary. NBCSports.com

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Jeff Zillgitt: NBA gives Knicks guard Iman Shumpert a flop warning. Happened last night vs. Bobcats. Video: nba.com/video/channels… Twitter @JeffZillgitt

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John Wall spent last summer sharpening his acting skills and raising his profile in a skit with comedian Jack Black for Jimmy Kimmel Live and in a Best Buy commercial for Beats by Dre headphones. But Wall either needs to improve as a thespian on the basketball court or stop trying altogether after he became the first player to receive a warning from the NBA for flopping this season. Late in the fourth quarter of the Wizards’ 113-102 season-opening loss to the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday, Wall attempted to dupe officials into calling a foul by taking a dive during a last-ditch rally in the final minutes. Washington Post

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