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February 24, 2012 Updates

“Jeremy Lin is a good player, but all the hype is because he’s Asian,” the WBC welterweight champion tweeted earlier this month. “Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.’’ Lee immediately took to Twitter to respond to Mayweather’s comments and defend Lin. “Floyd Mayweather I Hope You Watched Jeremy Hit The Gamewinning 3 Pointer With .005 Seconds Left.Our Guy Can BALL PLAIN AND SIMPLE.RECOGNIZE.” After last night’s chat, it appeared Lee and Mayweather had made peace. “Floyd Mayweather And I Had A Great Conversation Courtside,” Lee tweeted after the game. “We’re MAD COOL.ALL LOVE.2 Brotha’s.YA-DIG.’’ New York Post

February 14, 2012 Updates

A day after Manny Pacquiao's rival Floyd Mayweather tweeted that Jeremy Lin's popularity and hype are solely products of his Taiwanese-American heritage, Pacquiao shared his own view of the Knicks' point guard on Twitter. CBSSports.com

November 8, 2011 Updates
March 30, 2011 Updates

The Cleveland Cavaliers, playing in a nation of sports fans who are typically sympathetic to the underdog, were probably the sentimental favorites of many NBA fans on Tuesday night. The Cavs were big underdogs to what some consider America's anti-Team, the Miami Heat. Maybe it was that sentiment that prompted world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather to place a bet on the Cavaliers at halftime of their 102-90 win over ex-Cav LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Whatever Mayweather's motive was, the Cavs came through for him. Cleveland led, 53-42, at halftime when Mayweather wagered on the Cavs, who were getting 12.5 points for second-half play alone. Cleveland scored 49 points after halftime, to Miami's 48. Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 28, 2011 Updates

Floyd Mayweather on why he bet so much on the Bulls: “At first I was going to bet $100,000 on the first half, but I happened to be asleep because the Atlanta Hawks happened to be on a slump. At this particular time, what’s going on in the NBA right now, Derrick Rose is the leading MVP candidate in the NBA right now I truly believe. I believe in his skills. He’s an amazing player and that’s one of the players you can bet on. If the team can stay 100 percent, they have a good chance to get to the Finals facing probably the Heat in the East. Then in the West this year I think it’s either going to be the Spurs or the Lakers.” Sports Radio Interviews

March 24, 2011 Updates

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr put down $41,000 (€29,000) on the second half of Tuesday night’s game between the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks – and he won $37,272.75 (€26,387.27). The undefeated boxer tweeted today, “My lil brother Derrick Rose will always get you Paid,” accompanied by a picture of his betting slip, but has since deleted the tweet. The Score

March 23, 2011 Updates

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has faith in the Chicago Bulls. Or at least in Derrick Rose. Mayweather posted a picture on his Twitter account Wednesday morning of a betting slip from the M Resort in Las Vegas that showed he won $37,272.75 on the Bulls, who faced the Atlanta Hawks the previous night. The tweet read: "My lil brother Derrick Rose will always get you Paid." ESPN.com

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