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February 13, 2012 Updates

Rubio thinks Vázquez can help the Magic if Vázquez decides to sign with the Magic when his contract with Barçelona ends after this season. “He’s physically ready to come here,” Rubio said today of the 6-foot-10 big man. “I played with him a couple of years in Barçelona, and it’s easy to play with him because he doesn’t need the ball. He’s a worker. He’s going to fight for every rebound. He’s going to fight every possession. And you can throw the ball in there, and he’s going to catch it and throw it down.” Orlando Sentinel

June 28, 2011 Updates

Foggin, who was involved in the scouting and drafting of Vazquez, said the former lottery pick was “on his way” to the NBA for 2011-12, but backed off because of concerns about a potential NBA lockout. “His contract was up and we were hoping to get him, but he has to look after his own interests,” Foggin said. “He signed a one-year deal with Barcelona, and we’re hoping that in a year’s time we can come to terms with Fran. He wants to come. He was committed to come, but for reasons outside of our control it didn’t work out. … He was offered a multi-year deal by Barcelona and turned it down, which is rare. Hopefully for the 2012-13 season, he’ll be a member of the Magic.” Naples Daily News

June 21, 2011 Updates

Fran Vazquez, despite the proposal from Europe and NBA, will stay with Barcelona another season. The big man reached an agreement with the Spanish reigning champions and extended his contract until the end of the coming season. Sportando

But Vázquez's Spain-based agent, José Cobelo, said in a phone interview with the Orlando Sentinel on Tuesday that his client would be interested in joining the Magic after his contract with Barçelona ends — assuming the NBA's labor woes are cleared up by that time. "Of course Fran would give serious consideration to the Magic," Cobelo said. "That has been his intention all of these years. He signed with Barçelona for a year to keep that door open. Once we get a tangible offer we will evaluate it. Unfortunately, we can't do that now with the potential of a lockout lurking." Orlando Sentinel

"The Magic, with the potential of a lockout, weren't a viable option for Fran," Cabelo said. "We don't know with any degree of certainty what the conditions would be or whether he'd get to play [any games because of the labor situation]." Orlando Sentinel

June 20, 2011 Updates
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April 22, 2011 Updates

Marc Mundet: Otis Howard, Orlando GM to RAC1: "Yes. Yes, we are interested in (Fran Vazquez). We have been in contact with all of his representation. He has done a good job. His game has developed and he has developed as a young man, that is probably the biggest thing other than his basketball game right now. He’ll fit in with what we do here pretty good. For us right now he would be a very good addition to a back-up for Dwight at the five spot. He’s a shot blocker, he can shoot the ball from 17-18 feet and defend for us". Twitter

March 25, 2011 Updates

For almost six years, the Orlando Magic have attempted to convince talented Spanish basketball player Fran Vázquez to leave Europe and make the jump to the NBA. But, now, just when it appears that the 6-foot-10 big man is receptive to joining the Magic, a possibly daunting hurdle looms. The potential of a prolonged work stoppage after the current season might prevent the long-awaited union between Vázquez and the Magic, at least for the 2011 -12 season. "In an ideal situation, we'd like to sign him," said Otis Smith, the Magic's president of basketball operations. "But with the CBA, it's not in his best interest to sign a contract if there is a work stoppage. What if? I'm not saying that there will be, but what if? Then he misses an opportunity to play and make money, at least for a while. That's the rub." Orlando Sentinel

The Magic used the 11th overall pick in the 2005 draft to select him, but Vázquez ultimately decided to remain in Europe for a variety of reasons. A native of a small town in Spain, he was reluctant to leave familiar surroundings and face the culture shock of living in the United States. His girlfriend, who is now his wife, also didn't want to go to the U.S. Magic officials believe those barriers have disappeared now that Vázquez, 27, has gotten older. Orlando Sentinel

March 9, 2011 Updates

The Magic can pay (Vazquez) anything they want - under the cap - so they can sway him with money. His camp in Spain is using the threat of the NBA to up his price with International teams, so keep that in mind. HoopsWorld

The Magic remain optimistic that they can get Fran, but I have talked to players who have played with him this year and last year and both say he doesn't have NBA dreams. .. I worry about players who come to the NBA just for the money... think Darko... if Fran really wants to play here, I'd sign him, he's developed into a nice player... very similar to Tiago Splitter in San Antonio. HoopsWorld

March 8, 2011 Updates

Fran Vazquez, currently playing with Regal FC Barcelona, was drafted by the Orlando Magic in the 2005 Draft (11th). Will he ever play in your franchise? Alex Martins: We think so. Otis Smith has followed him and has frequently talked with Fran. I think he could be really close to coming to the NBA. His contract with Regal FC Barcelona ends this season and we hope he can make a decision, to know if he is ready to move to Florida. We keep his rights and if he's available, we want to see him in our roster next season. Solobasket

February 13, 2011 Updates
February 11, 2011 Updates

He has now such self esteem that he would even consider going to the NBA, where he would play against his idol, Kevin Garnett. "I've matured and it would be nice to try," Fran Vazquez said. Publico

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January 24, 2011 Updates

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