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Also, the Knicks probably would like to keep Kerr away from other teams who might begin their searches after the first round... such as, yes, the Warriors, who are known to be high on Kerr. But I don't think this is a race to Kerr, or if it is, that the Warriors would do anything presumptive. They still haven't had a final decision on Mark Jackson, that I know of, and if they make the call to remove Jackson, I believe there are other possible candidates beyond Kerr. In fact, I would circle Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg as probably ahead of Kerr on any Warriors' potential wish list, should they move on from Jackson. San Jose Mercury-News

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Hoiberg said it's flattering to have his name brought up in NBA coaching discussions but insisted he is enjoying his setup at Iowa State. "I am close with a lot of people in that league," Hoiberg told AM-1700 host Larry Cotlar. "I spent 14 years of my life in that league, 10 as a player and four in the front office. You do develop friendships in that league. It is flattering, but again, I'm really happy here." 1500 ESPN

Hoiberg elaborated about his bond to Iowa State and his hometown of Ames: "I'm really happy here," he said. "That's what I've said all along. I love that (Iowa State athletic director) Jamie Pollard took a chance on me and gave me an opportunity to get into this business. It's obviously a very special situation for me here, with my parents and my in-laws being in Ames ... It's great to have family in town. It's so unique that we have that. It's a special situation here. My kids are able to see their grandparents every day if they want to." "I do get asked about (coaching in the NBA) a lot. It's hard to hide from some of it with social media the way it is now. But the thing I'll tell you is that I am really happy here right now." 1500 ESPN

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Two college coaches mentioned as candidates to replace Adelman, Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg, aren’t likely to take the job because of their popularity and security at their respective schools. The Wolves could be a playoff contender next season with the personnel additions they made this year, but Izzo or Hoiberg probably won’t move unless offered a fantastic contract with big money. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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The Timberwolves have targeted their former assistant GM, Fred Hoiberg, to succeed the outgoing Rick Adelman as their head coach. That's an inspired choice, but Hoiberg, who coaches Iowa State, is said to be reluctant to take the job, knowing that Kevin Love is probably going to leave via free agency after next season. New York Daily News

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Fred Hoiberg is getting a raise. The Iowa State men’s basketball coach agreed to new terms with the school this week that will raise his annual compensation through the life of his contract to $2.6 million, the school announced Friday. “I’d love to end my career here,” Hoiberg said in a phone interview with the Ames Tribune. “I’ve got something special in Ames. My kids get to see their grandparents every day if they want to and that’s stuff you can’t replace. To look up in the crowd (during games) and there’s my parents, my in-laws, my brother, my sister-in-law, my other brother drives over from Omaha a lot, just to have that family support, you can’t replace that. “I’m very happy here. My kids love it. I’d love to spend the rest of my career here.” Ames Tribune

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There is also another textbook candidate out there for Minnesota to chase with longstanding Wolves ties: Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg. Widely regarded as the most NBA-ready college coach in the game, Hoiberg was a Wolves executive for four years before leaving the pros to coach the Cyclones. ESPN.com

It should be noted that Saunders is close with Michigan State's Tom Izzo as well, but the rumbles out of 'Sota are getting louder that the Wolves are going to court Hoiberg hard should they, as expected, have an opening. ESPN.com

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