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May 20, 2013 Updates

And what of the head-coaching position? The hot names that are out there have been said over and over and over again - from Mike Malone to Fred Hoiberg to Kelvin Sampson to Nate McMillan to Larry Drew to Michael Curry and everyone in between. Said yet another league executive: "I hear the coaching search isn't at the top of their list right now. I hear they're concentrating on other areas and will address the coaching vacancy after a couple of weeks." Philadelphia Inquirer

May 7, 2013 Updates

It would cost Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg $2 million to leave the Cyclones for another Division I school under a new contract signed last week and made public Tuesday. Hoiberg agreed to a new 10-year, $20 million deal in March after leading Iowa State to back-to-back NCAA tournament appearances. Hoiberg would essentially owe a year's salary to Iowa State if he leaves for another school. Hoiberg's buyout will be just $500,000 if he accepts a job as a head coach or general manager in the NBA. wibw.com

March 29, 2013 Updates
March 24, 2013 Updates

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg has emerged as an intriguing NBA head-coaching candidate, multiple front-office executives told Yahoo! Sports. After resurrecting the Cyclones program and nearly pushing them into the Sweet 16 of the 2013 NCAA tournament, Hoiberg's college coaching success, combined with his pro pedigree, has convinced league officials he's the ideal college coach to make the transition to pro basketball. "If I had to make a hire this year, [Hoiberg] would be one of the first calls I'd make," one NBA general manager told Yahoo! Sports on Sunday. "He is a natural for our league." Yahoo! Sports

January 8, 2013 Updates

Royce White: It has become something bigger, I think. It was never my intention for it to become a big political thing or a social type of issue. I really didn’t intend for that to happen. I think it happened because the mental illness community by default is one that is (a) very quiet, and I am very unique to that group in that I’m not quiet. And (b), it’s just something that we’ve been avoiding for years and years. I mean we have players that are actually in the NBA right now with mental health issues probably even on my team. And there’s no protocol in place. So that just tells you there’s an issue out there that’s being talked about but it’s never being acted on. Now, talking about Iowa State, I think is very tough in terms of support, right? Because, you can’t even compare the two, and the reason why is because in college, the coach is the head honcho. OK, what Fred Hoiberg says at Iowa State goes. And what Kevin McHale says here in Houston is, it’s kind of neither here nor there, you know, when you’re talking about front office issues. Coach Hoiberg doesn’t really have a boss. The AD, yeah. But the AD really gives all the power back to him. I think at the end of the day, you’re never going to see the same kind of support on a professional team that you would at a college team just because there’s not the money factor involved for the players, and that adds a different dynamic, and (b) is just because the structure is set up different. Slate Magazine

June 14, 2012 Updates

Fred “The Mayor’’ Hoiberg willing to lend (or sell) nickname to Heat's Udonis Haslem, who wants to be Miami mayor. “I’ve had this nickname since 1990. I’d be glad to lend it to him. Or maybe it can be one of situations where a player pays another for his jersey number,’’ Hoiberg said with a laugh. Hoiberg, Iowa State’s coach and a former Iowa State and NBA player, got the nickname when he apparently received some write-in votes in an Ames, Iowa, mayoral election. Sulia

Unlike Turiaf and Thomas and expected to be unlike Green, Hoiberg did not return to the NBA following his heart surgery. He said he could have come back but didn’t because he was the father of four young children and didn't want to take any chances. FOXSports Florida

December 19, 2011 Updates

Former NBA guard Fred Hoiberg, one of four previous NBA players to suffer the same heart condition Green has -- an aortic aneurysm -- is confident Green will return. At full strength. Even though Hoiberg never did. At all. "He can definitely come back and play," Hoiberg says. "I had every intention of coming back, too, but I had a lot of complications." ESPN.com

Hoiberg says the abnormal valve now requires more surgery, so for the time being he is limited in the kind of exercise he can do. But he remains convinced that the only permanent impact on Green will be a change in his outlook on life. Green has only thanked everyone, via his Twitter account, for their concern and good wishes, but has not spoken publicly since the Celtics announced he would be undergoing surgery. "It definitely changes your perspective on what's important," Hoiberg says. ESPN.com

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