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September 10, 2011 Updates
September 9, 2011 Updates

Gary Forbes: I have to be honest with you guys. Team Panama is struggling on the court due to behind the scenes issues. Our team is the only team not backed by our government and probably the only team without any sponsors. Our president, who I will not name, has put the team in a lose/lose situation in my eyes. Our practice facilities are subpar, practicing on 9-foot baskets, as your regulation baskets are 10 feet. Panama has a facility, “Roberto Duran” Coliseum, which we can’t use because it is a government owned facility. There are two federations in Panama and basically we are a private club team. Crazy, huh? SLAM

Gary Forbes: Our President booked our tickets home for September 4th because he didn’t believe we’d make it to the second round. Along with that, we have one coach, no staff, no trainers, and once again no backing or support from our country. I was in a meeting before I left Panama with the Pan Deportes President who said that we don’t represent Panama when we play in these international tournaments, FIBA recognizes us but not the government. I had no clue of these conditions before I came to represent my country. SLAM

Gary Forbes: Another factor that amazed me was how we had yellow practice jerseys, mind you the Panamanian flag colors are red, white, and blue. Due to the fact that we are unable to represent our country, we don’t wear the colors inside of the country. I have seen other teams here at the FIBA Americas tournament have scouting reports, film, and a game plan for the opposing teams, which we have none of. Like I said, we only have 1 coach. There have been players in the locker room taping themselves due to the lack of trainers on hand. I’ve always known that what you put out is what you get and I must say I am disappointed in the lack of effort from the team’s President. It has been a humbling experience just finishing my first NBA season and then to come here and deal with this. SLAM

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July 17, 2011 Updates

Forbes, 26, spent a few years playing in the Philippines, Venezuela, Israel, and Italy, and is not against returning to international basketball if the lockout lingers. Forbes will receive added exposure playing in the FIBA Americas next month. “I’m pretty much used to [playing overseas], I’ve been there before and it would be nothing different for me,’’ he said. “I thought about it. My agent is working on some good situations and hopefully if the lockout ends before that I will be getting ready to put on a Denver Nuggets jersey next year. As far as next year goes, it will be different just having the whole year without having any distractions.’’ Boston Globe

Forbes, the Atlantic 10 Player of the Year in 2007-08, appeared in 63 games for Denver last season, averaging 5.2 points and 12.6 minutes per game. Because of the Anthony shake-up, Forbes’s playing time fluctuated; he played just two minutes in the first-round playoff series against Oklahoma City. But he is a valuable commodity because he comes inexpensive and can play defense. “I definitely didn’t have a normal rookie year, so many ups and downs starting with the trade rumors,’’ he said. “One thing I did learn, we did focus on handling the task at hand and we didn’t let all the outside distractions [in]. Going on to my next season in the NBA, I know how to deal with the outside pressures.’’ Boston Globe

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June 21, 2011 Updates

Afflalo, a shooting guard, and Chandler, a small forward, received qualifying offers of about $3 million, two sources confirmed. If the NBA is shut down by a lockout, it's possible the players will seek long-term contracts once the lockout ends. The Nuggets and Afflalo's management have expressed mutual interest in working out a deal. Denver Post

April 1, 2011 Updates

Gary Forbes wakes up and starts almost every morning with a tweet: "Thanking God for another day alive . . . #Blessed." Living is something Forbes no longer takes for granted. Each day after his GForbz3 tweet, Forbes takes two insulin shots. There is another shot before lunch and one or two more before he goes to bed. The Nuggets small forward has lived with Type 1 diabetes since he was diagnosed in 2005 when he was 19. "I'm pretty much used to it by now," Forbes said. "It doesn't bother me. It doesn't affect me. I'm still out here running up and down like everybody else." Denver Post

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January 4, 2011 Updates

In what will go down as one of the more creative rookie hazings in NBA history, Gary Forbes was made to sing "Happy Birthday" to Nuggets teammate Kenyon Martin. The video is entitled "The Rookie Sings to K-Mart". Martin turned 33 on December 30th and was serenaded by rookie forward Gary Forbes as teammates took video with their cell phones. Coach George Karl can be seen giggling in the background. Examiner

December 13, 2010 Updates

Before the Knicks beat Forbes' Nuggets, 129-125, Spike Lee, the denizen of all things Brooklyn, admitted to the Daily News that he had never heard of Forbes, who starred at Banneker High in Fort Greene. Maybe he should have known him since Forbes' team lost to Sebastian Telfair and Lincoln in the 2003 PSAL city championship game at the Garden. Lee famously chronicled Coney Island's Lincoln High in his film, "He Got Game." While Telfair jumped from Lincoln to the NBA, Forbes took a meandering journey to the pros, through a pair of high schools, two colleges, Italy, Israel, the NBA Development league and finally to the Denver Nuggets this season. His performance Sunday (six points), may not have drawn Lee's attention, but if the famous director ever needs a subject for a new film, he may want to draw on Forbes' inspiring story. "Gary is someone who's always had to deal with obstacles," said Wendell Saunders, who coached Forbes at Banneker. "It's never really come easy for him. He's had to stay confident and keep his head on straight." New York Daily News

December 5, 2010 Updates

Forbes has played with Type 1 diabetes since being diagnosed with the condition five years ago, a testament to his desire to reach the highest level. And that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Karl, a brutally honest coach who can be tough on rookies. “Gary has gotten some opportunity because of the situation and I think he’s done great,’’ Karl said on the team’s website. “His confidence for a young player is pretty impressive. He thinks he belongs out there. He plays with a lot more confidence and consistency than most young players.’’ Boston Globe

November 28, 2010 Updates
November 15, 2010 Updates

Forbes and teammate Al Harrington took part in a youth basketball clinic Saturday for about 40 boys and girls with diabetes. The clinic was suggested by Forbes after he made Denver’s roster as a training-came invitee in October. “I don’t think everybody’s that well-educated on diabetes,” Forbes said. “Hopefully, with these things that other athletes are doing, we can spread the message so people can be aware that it’s definitely a manageable disease.” NBA.com

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