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They also want to add a third point guard to give them the option of starting a two-point-guard-alignment of Raymond Felton and Prigioni. Their latest failure was trying to woo Gary Neal, a source said. New York Post

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Ultimately, the Splitter and Ginobili deals may be seen as shrewd roster management. A few hours after Ginobili's salary hit the Internet, some of the league's smartest basketball executives marveled at Buford's masterful manipulation of the rules that govern roster building. “It's pretty clear what they're doing,” said one league executive who has been building rosters for most of the past 15 seasons. “With these two contracts, they're going to be just under the (projected salary) cap. Then they'll sign back Gary Neal, go just over the cap and, presto! They've qualified for the full mid-level cap exception, a little more than $5 million. That's going to make them a player for some good free agents who will be looking for jobs.” San Antonio Express-News

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As he bombarded the Miami Heat with one 3-pointer after another, goose bumps surfaced some 1,600 miles away just as they had that February night in 2000 when the entire town of tiny Aberdeen, Md., roared as one for the amazing Gary Neal. “On my way to work today I checked my Facebook and saw that he [Neal] had just updated his page and so I sent him a post,” said Neal’s Aberdeen High School basketball coach Richard Hart, who still coaches there today. ”I wrote, ‘Gary Neal comes through when the spotlight is on. Anyone surprised? Not me.’ NBA.com

"The ball movement was great today," Neal told USA Today Sports. "Especially after the way we performed in Game 2. They were able to make us play in a crowd. They were extremely aggressive, extremely physical. We knew coming into Game 3, we knew we had to move the ball. We were able to move it, get open shots and be able to get our feet set. "I give Tony and Manu (Ginobili) a whole bunch of credit. They are the dominant ball-handlers in the system. They did a great job of facilitating tonight. And me and Danny were the recipients of good ball movement." USA Today Sports

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No one expects Cory Joseph, Nando DeColo or Gary Neal to do what Parker does. But the difference is obvious, especially when the shot clock winds down. "Tony's the ultimate playmaker," forward Danny Green said, "and we're the ultimate bailout guys for him. Right now, the playmaking part is where we're lacking. We don't have a guy who can dribble around and around, get easy layups [and] floaters in the paint, and run the offense the way he did. Cory's doing a great job, Gary's doing a great job as well. But it's different what Tony brings." NBA.com

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