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July 8, 2012 Updates

Petrie could not discuss contract specifics, per league rules. But it is believed to be a multiyear deal that will pay Thompson about $6 million in the first season, approximately $1.5 million more than he would have earned if he played under his one-year qualifying offer. Sacramento Bee

July 2, 2012 Updates
July 1, 2012 Updates

But, interestingly, while most of the more intriguing free agents are restricted - meaning their current teams can match any offer - Petrie sounded as if the Kings planned to be aggressive. (They love Portland's small forward Nicholas Batum, for example, but who doesn't?) "Initially our thoughts are on Jason," he said. "We'll try to get an early feel on that. Then look around. There are a lot of players out there, a lot of restricted free agents. I think it will be a process over a number of days." Sacramento Bee

Petrie reiterated that the organization's goal was to re-sign restricted free agent Jason Thompson. Teams were expected to begin making calls at 12:01 a.m, EST). The parties can reach verbal agreements, and begin signing contracts on July 11. Sacramento Bee

June 29, 2012 Updates

According to Kings president Geoff Petrie, Thompson is top priority when free agency begins Sunday. “Our primary focus initially is going to be with Jason,” said Petrie following the conclusion of this year’s draft. ”We still have other needs obviously. We weren’t going to fill every need with one player, at least where we were picking.” Cowbell Kingdom

June 27, 2012 Updates
June 26, 2012 Updates

Contacts inside Evans camp say that the word is mum. They have not been approached by the franchise about an impending deal. In fact, Evans has been holding private workouts with Kings President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie while coach Keith Smart was out of town checking in on other players. Cowbell Kingdom

The Kings certainly aren't acting like a team trying to trade Tyreke Evans. Unlike last season when Evans spent much of the summer in Southern California working out, Evans has been in Sacramento working out with basketball president Geoff Petrie and other Kings staff. Sacramento Bee

May 16, 2012 Updates
May 7, 2012 Updates

Once in control of the Kings' direction, Petrie seemingly now is steering with his hands tied. With little freedom to make the bold moves he once did, Petrie is trying to rebuild the Kings with a bunch of one-and-done lottery picks and clearance-rack free agents. The results are annual last-place finishes, lottery picks and fired coaches. Relocation seems more possible than the playoffs. The Blazers, meanwhile, are owned by Paul Allen, one of the world's richest men. Petrie has one year left on his contract, and he seems like the kind of man who likes to fulfill his obligations. His loyalty to the Maloofs is unquestioned. But enough's enough. If the Trail Blazers receive permission to call Petrie, he should answer the phone. Sacramento Bee

May 6, 2012 Updates

Yet despite the limitations, Petrie has played a significant part in the team's drastic decline and sources close to him say he believes his once-sterling reputation has taken a serious beating, in large part, because of the ownership situation. With one season left on his contract, there continues to be conflicting signs about his future with the team, and while co-owner Joe Maloof told SI.com on Saturday that Portland has not requested permission to speak with Petrie, he said he would allow him to pursue the opportunity if that was his wish. "We'd love to keep him, but we aren't going to hold him back if he did get another offer," Joe Maloof said. "It's whatever he decides." SI.com

May 5, 2012 Updates

Q: What was Keith Smart able to get out of this group that you were looking for after taking over? Geoff Petrie: Every coach, with the lockout and no practice time to speak of, it was tough on anybody and affected change. He certainly changed us offensively from where we were, a very low place to start with. And he found ways to try and get guys going and get his best guys on the floor like Tyreke at small forward. John (Salmons) had about 20 what I would call John Salmons game after the first 20 because Keith started giving him the ball and let him run the offense and that got him going. And certainly making a decision to put Isaiah out there, those were all things he was trying to find a way to use people and find what combinations are going to work best together. And we were in a lot of games. It's not like we were getting blown out all the time. But we've got to start winning more the goes. Sacramento Bee

You have one year left on your contract. How much longer do you want to stay in this business? Geoff Petrie: I honestly don't think about that. I think about next year and what we do. Whatever the future holds after that, personally or collectively, I really don't spend much time pondering that. I would really like to see the team get on an upward trajectory, regardless of whether I keep doing this or doing something else. Sacramento Bee

April 16, 2012 Updates
March 23, 2012 Updates

Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie is still held in high regard by Kings ownership, but a contract extension is not imminent. The New York Post reported Petrie was close to signing a new deal. That's not the case, said Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof. "He still has another year and all I would say is we're happy with the direction of the team," Maloof said. "We feel what (head coach) Keith Smart is doing with the team is unbelievable and Geoff is orchestrating the whole thing." Sacramento Bee

Word has it Kings president Geoff Petrie is about to sign a new deal. Wonder if the Maloof Brothers know he claimed Travis Outlaw (32- 104, including 6-35 from deep) off the amnesty wire for $3.5 million. New York Post

March 20, 2012 Updates

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