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September 19, 2012 Updates

One of the silver linings in last year’s injury-filled Nets season was their ability to mine talent from the D-League. But besides the most obvious example in Gerald Green, who became one of the league’s biggest surprises last season after getting called up, the Nets also used their own affiliate, the Springfield Armor, to supply them with guard Jerry Smith and forward Dennis Horner. That synergy between the Nets and their D-League affiliate will continue this weekend, when the Armor hold an open tryout at the Nets’ practice facility. “The idea is that the Springfield Armor are part of the Nets,” said Milton Lee, the Nets’ General Manager of Minor League Operations. “We’re trying to use it on many different platforms, the most important being developing our Nets players. “Secondly, it’s developing players we have in Springfield and identifying D-League candidates for the NBA. And, thirdly, it’s searching outside of people already in the league for potential D-League caliber and maybe even NBA caliber players.” New York Post

August 21, 2012 Updates

But he could dazzle. Green won the 2007 NBA dunk contest during All-Star weekend and finished runner-up a year later after simultaneously slamming the ball and blowing out a candle on a cupcake that sat above the rim. Thirteen months later, he was out of the league, relegated to playing professionally in Russia. Then he was in China. Then, the NBA Development League. "I didn't grow up playing in my backyard dreaming of playing in Russia," Green said. Indianapolis Star

July 12, 2012 Updates

The Indiana Pacers announced Thursday they have signed free agent guard/forward Gerald Green ( Photo Gallery » ) to a contract. Per club policy terms of the contract were not released. Green, 6-8, 200 lbs., is a five-year veteran who has played for five teams in the NBA. Most recently, he finished the 2011-12 season with the New Jersey Nets, where he averaged 12.9 points and 3.5 rebounds per game. In his career, he has averaged 8.3 ppg and 2.2 rpg. NBA.com

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Green was in the sixth grade when a freak accident left him with half of his ring finger. Wearing his mother's class ring, the 2007 NBA Slam Dunk champion tried to jam on a makeshift hoop attached to a doorway. The ring caught on a nail and his finger was ripped to the bone. Amputation was the only option. "All you saw was nothing but white bone, like a skeleton," Green said. "They said my tendons, all my ligaments were ripped out." New York Daily News

He's also more comfortable with himself and his finger, a product of growing up. When Deron Williams - the locker-room king of busting chops - made a crack about Green's finger, it was embraced with a response much different from his youth. "It moves like a Rottweiler tail," Green said while shaking his finger. "It's something that you do regret in my life that happened to me," he later said. "At the same time I can't sit there and dwell on that and keep pushing forward and move on. I think that's the story of me period. When things just get bad you can't quit, you just have to keep fighting." New York Daily News

April 20, 2012 Updates

His story is littered with the typical warning signs that plague a basketball prodigy who was awarded way too much way too soon. He is now straying away from that usual narrative into the sustainable career he once dreamed about. The Nets will fail to make the playoffs for a fifth straight season. The organization is already steered to the summer, to moving to Brooklyn, to its attempt at retaining Deron Williams. These last few games are also the most important of Green's life because they will help determine where he goes next year. "I never would think that I would be back here in the NBA," Green said. "I just would have never thought. I knew I was never going to stop trying. I just thought I blew my chance. A lot of times you get a good opportunity and it never comes again. And I got a second chance." Green looked down at his socks. They bore the silhouette of Jerry West, the NBA's logo. "I can't even tell you, man, how good it is just to be wearing these socks right now," he said. Grantland

Billy King (Nets general manager): "You never know why [Green was out the league for so long]. Sometimes, it's the player. They change. But a lot of times it's just the situation they're put in and the environment, whether it's Jeremy Lin getting to New York and Mike [D'Antoni] just finally putting him into the game. Same thing with Gerald." Grantland

Still, the Celtics traded Green after two seasons with a package that included Al Jefferson and Sebastian Telfair — two other prep-to-pro players — for Kevin Garnett. Green conceded that the trade from Boston shook his confidence. "But at the time, we wasn't winning," he said. "Paul [Pierce] and a lot of players — not to a point a finger — but a lot of players were just going through the motions, just trying to get through this game and get to the next game. When you're winning, you worry about every day, every day just trying to get better. When you're losing, it's 'OK, Let's just hurry up and get through this and get out of here.' When you're winning, it's a whole different atmosphere. I didn't understand a winning atmosphere until I got to Dallas. When I got to Dallas, that's when I understood, 'Wow. We've got to really take things seriously. These people don't play.' Because it's going to build up until you get to around this time and playoffs hit and you've got to be right. You've got to be ready. You can't be asking the same questions in April that you asked in November." Grantland

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