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December 20, 2012 Updates

Bobcat rookie Jeff Taylor has played well this year, leading many to speculate on what the Bobcats will do with Gerald Henderson. The cats’ stance on Henderson is that they will re-sign him, but he continues to be doubt on how committed Charlotte is to that concept. The Bobcats opted to not extend both Henderson and Byron Mullens, mainly because the Bobcats want to have salary cap flexibility in July. That does not mean they don’t want to re-sign both players this summer, they are just keeping their options open. HoopsWorld

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He articulated the usual "change the culture" mantra for a losing team. The burn rate for new, young, hyper-intense coaches is pretty high, and it's hard to keep pushing that hard before players start to tune you out. But these players didn't have a choice, given the record. "I knew the first day I met him that things were going to change," Henderson said. "Coach is just a different guy. He's not anything that NBA guys are used to. But for this particular group, he works well, in terms of just staying on everybody, keep holding everybody accountable. And we're a young group, too, so I think guys responded to him." NBA.com

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Gerald Henderson and Matt Carroll have been named captains of the Charlotte Bobcats this season. They’re among the longest-tenured players on the roster (technically, reserve center Gana Diop has the longest tenure). Also Henderson and Carroll were among the most committed players to the off-season workout program new coach Mike Dunlap has emphasized. Henderson appreciated that Dunlap consulted with him about this, rather than just announce captains. “He asked me if I wanted to be captain. He wanted me to take it on,’’ said Henderson, last season’s leading scorer at 15.1 points per game. “I don’t like just being called a captain. I wanted to earn it.’’ Charlotte Observer

September 29, 2012 Updates

Another player who looks good is 7-0 Desagana Diop. When I say he looks good, I mean he’s lost a lot of weight. It’s as if he and Thomas made a trade. Diop no longer is 350 pounds or 330 or whatever he played at last season. He’s less than 300. He can run down court without pausing to rest. Guard Gerald Henderson is the best player in the scrimmage, and he plays as if he knows it. He is especially effective in the lane, freeing himself with a quick step or a sudden stop. Charlotte Observer

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