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December 17, 2013 Updates

Boston has not found much interest in (Gerald) Wallace, while multiple league sources contacted on Monday told CSNNE.com that the Celtics aren't going to get any "legitimate" offers for Rondo until he returns to playing. CSNNE.com

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“Really, I felt like Nicolas was going to be a good player and a talented player. Again, he was drafted with that in mind, with being a part of the future. Probably the one thing when I look back on my time in Portland that I regret was the decision to take Nicolas out of that lineup and starting Gerald Wallace,” McMillan admitted. “That was something that I was battling with the time I was there. CSNNW.com

“I knew that Nic was going to be the future. I knew Wesley [Matthews] was going to be the future. Those were the two best wings for us. But bringing in a veteran such as Gerald Wallace and trying to convince him to come off the bench and he did for about a week or two. He felt like he needed to be in the starting lineup. I went against what I really believed was right which was Nicolas and Wesley playing with LaMarcus because they defended and they shot the ball at the two and three positions. But we gave him as much as I felt like he could handle at the time.” CSNNW.com

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What went on yesterday with the league was quick. “They read to me what I said,” Wallace said, “and then just told me, ‘OK then, well, we understand you’re having a rough season. Hope your season gets better,’ and hung up the phone.” According to the veteran, there was really no room for rebuttal. “Nah, they ain’t hearing that,” said Wallace before the C’s 104-93 loss to the Spurs last night. “They called to confirm, make sure ‘Is this what you said? OK, cool.’ They didn’t call me back five minutes later, like, ‘Oh, my bad, I got the wrong number.’?” Boston Herald

Wallace, who by the end of this season will have made more than $80 million in his career, didn’t seem fazed by the penalty. “Depends on who you are and what happens, so just deal with it and move on,” he said. “It does (bother him), but the thing about it is about this league ain’t nothing you can do about it. So ain’t no need to howl about it. You’ve just got to move on and watch what you say. Lesson learned, huh? “Hopefully I won’t have to say nothing else like that no more because we’re playing better.” Boston Herald

November 20, 2013 Updates

But the key to the whole Knicks-Celtics negotiation is Wallace, who Boston is "desperate to trade," according to the source close to the Celtics. The source added, "That's the only way the Celtics take Amar'e." With the Celtics in rebuilding mode, they'd like to wipe Wallace's more than $10 million salary through 2016 off of their books. Bleacher Report

Interestingly, according to a source familiar with the Knicks' previous free-agency plans, they and the Celtics actually explored trading Wallace, Humphries and Courtney Lee for Stoudemire and Shumpert over the offseason. Now that the Celtics envision Avery Bradley as their shooting guard for the future—"They like him at $6 million a year," the source close to the Celtics said—they don't have a need for Shumpert. Bleacher Report

Wallace only played 11 minutes in the bloodbath. “It was bad because you see it and you want to help, and you try to tell the guys what’s going on in the situation,” he said. “I think it’s just the fact that they’re not getting it. You look up at the scoreboard and you’re getting your butts kicked every night. And these are pretty good teams that take advantage of that situation. We’ve got to understand, this is a long season. We’re only (12 games) into the season. We’ve got about 60 more of these. If you’re going to look up and you’re down 30 or you’re giving up 40 points in the first quarter for the next 60 games, that’s going to be a long season. Sh--.” Booth Newspapers

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