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February 23, 2012 Updates

Svetislav Pesic says he won't call up Dirk Nowitzki this summer, rips German Federation for depending too much on him. “Everyone depended a bit on him, the Federation and the other players of the NT. The hided behind him. Nowitzki is great, but he always was the problem solver. Too often they thought ‘Dirk will take care of it’. TalkBasket

February 17, 2012 Updates

Dirk Nowitzki heard the news that the Dallas Mavericks will play two preseason games in Europe next October, one in Berlin in his native Germany and another in Barcelona, but sounded as if he might not actually believe it until owner Mark Cuban personally tells him so. The Mavericks and the league have not yet made it official and dates are not set, but a source has confirmed the trip. Nowitzki, who has long hoped for the team to be included in the NBA's international preseason schedule, has been left disappointed because Cuban has always declined the league's overtures to play overseas. "If that's really the case, I think it's awesome. I think it's been long overdue," Nowitzki said. "A couple years ago there was a game in Kolnarena [in Cologne, Germany] where Phoenix played Philly and everyone was like, 'Where are the Mavs at?' So it's been disappointing to see all these teams go over there and play and we were never a part of it. I think it's going to be great." ESPN.com

"I asked him, why are we never a part of it?," said Nowitzki, now in his 14th NBA season. "He said he doesn't like the travel and he loses a preseason game, basically. Those were his reasons and I understood." But now Cuban doesn't have the option to decline. The league changed the rules and so Nowitzki will finally play a game, albeit a preseason one, in a Mavs uniform in front of family and friends on his home soil. "Obviously, the travel always sucks, especially if you're only over there for a week and it usually takes a couple of days to adjust and the next thing you know you're leaving again," Nowitzki said. "But I think it's going to be an experience for all the guys to see something new and get out of the hotel some and see a different country. Berlin is a fun city. Barcelona, to me, is one of the best cities in Europe, so if that's going to happen then I think it's going to be a great trip." Said Cuban: "I could pass on the trip. I just wanted to do it for Dirk." ESPN.com

January 24, 2012 Updates

Having seen promising young guard Rodrigue Beaubois go down playing for France and now seeing face of the franchise Dirk Nowitzki nursing an injury and out of Dallas' lineup after playing for Germany, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he will continue the uphill battle to make international basketball off limits to handsomely paid NBA players. Cuban has argued that NBA owners should not be saddled with the full risk of their players suiting up for their countries in the offseason, and he said other owners agree with him but aren't as vocal in their opposition. ESPN.com

December 19, 2011 Updates

Tas Melas: Dirk Nowitzki wins "German Athlete of the Year" and produces a very Dirk-esque photo: http://bit.ly/virmum Twitter

November 24, 2011 Updates
November 21, 2011 Updates
November 20, 2011 Updates
November 19, 2011 Updates

Three German teams have emerged as the strongest contenders to sign Nowitzki should the lockout drag on: Reigning champions Bamberg, big-spending newcomers Bayern Munich and ALBA Berlin. Bamberg is the only team of the three to be playing in the Euroleague this season with Real Madrid and the other top clubs on the continent. World soccer power Bayern Munich is relatively new to the basketball scene in Germany, but Nowitzki's national team coach, Dirk Bauermann, is also Bayern's coach and Nowitzki is close with some of Bayern's soccer stars, such as Bastian Schweinsteiger. Another potential lure for staying home: Kevin Durant's ongoing negotiations with German club BBC Bayreuth raise the previously unfathomable possibility of Durant and Nowitzki -- last seen dueling in the Western Conference finals -- rekindling their rivalry on Nowitzki's turf. "In this situation," Nowitzki said, "you've got to look at every option." ESPN.com

November 18, 2011 Updates

Emiliano Carchia: Heyder, manager of @BroseBaskets, said that a return to Germany of Dirk Nowitzki is very realistic. 'If we reach Top16 there will be more chances for us to get Dirk (if the NBA season will be fully cancelled)'. Bamberg has already checked the financial details of signing him. Twitter

November 15, 2011 Updates

SPOX: How was the contact? Schöttner: Amazingly, Aaron Goodwin has called our manager Uli Eichbau directly on the phone. We were completely surprised them, that an NBA agent wanted to talk to us little Bayreuthers. Uli first thought that it was a joke, but in the course of the conversation it became clear that it is serious. Since the conversations are fair and objective, and those are professionals. SPOX.com

November 14, 2011 Updates

While Monday’s ongoing NBA lockout negotiations will shed much light on Durant’s future playing basketball abroad if a work stoppage jeopardizes the rest of the season, management for BBC Bayreuth has said “serious negotiations” are being conducted between the two parties. "With the delicacy with which we have been negotiating with the agent for Kevin Durant, it's only once over. The fact is that we have been about three weeks in serious negotiations with the agent for Kevin Durant, Aaron Goodwin, and its partners in Europe, "says Manfred Schöttner, BBC’s managing director, told the northern Bavarian Courier. Beyond The Beat

Negotiations have been ongoing for the past three weeks. "Currently, one can classify the negotiation status so that an agreement on financial matters is very possible. Furthermore, it was already staked out the potential for a period engagement… "We are also working intensively on the biggest challenge of a possible short exposures of Kevin Durant: The organization of the mandatory wage loss insurance," explained Schöttner. Beyond The Beat

November 13, 2011 Updates

If the labor impasse isn’t resolved, Durant said he could sign a contract next week to play overseas. He’s weighing offers from Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel, Valencia in Spain and BBC Bayreuth in Germany. Any deal Durant signs would include an opt-out clause that allows him to return to the NBA as soon as the lockout ends. Yahoo! Sports

October 6, 2011 Updates

Dubi Pick: Ike Diogu's undergoing intensive negotiations w/Bayern Muenchen, sources estimate a 50-50 % chance he'd sign but admit there's intense talk Twitter

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