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December 24, 2012 Updates

Telekom Baskets Bonn is signing Marqus Blakely, a source told Sportando. The forward will replace Patrick Ewing jr in the German team. Blakely spent last season in D-League finishing the year in the Philippines with B-Meg Llamados with whom he averaged 22.4ppg, 13.4rpg and 4.2apg. Sportando

December 4, 2012 Updates

Dirk Nowitzki said that he will likely miss Eurobasket 2013 next September. The German forward did not play last summer to with German National Team. Nowitzki, who is still out after the knee surgery, thinks that Mark Cuban won't allow him to play Eurobasket. "It will be very hard for me to be in Slovenia" said Nowitzki to Sport1.de. Sportando

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October 11, 2012 Updates

Will you support the national team at the European championship in Slovenia next year? Nowitzki: It's still too early to make a final decision about that. But you know how I feel. Supporting the team is very near and dear to me. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the Olympics in London. If I can use my experience to help the next basketball generation get to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, I'll give it some careful thought. It's an appealing idea. Is that enough for now? Der Spiegel

August 2, 2012 Updates

Out of season, Nowitzki is candid, especially when asked about carrying Germany's flag in the Beijing Olympics. "That was probably one of my proudest moments of my life that day, leading my nation into the stadium -- 80 to 90,000 people in the stadium. I remember walking in there, and everything was a blur," Nowitzki said in a rare, sit-down interview on the Mavericks practice court. His German team finished 10th, but just being in the Olympic Village made the trip, he said. "The life, to me, in the village was unbelievable," he said. "You can sit and have lunch with your team and sit next to a Chinese wrestler or a Portuguese runner. It was just an unbelievable experience. I made it to beach volleyball one day, that was fun." nbcdfw.com

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May 20, 2012 Updates

Will Dirk Nowitzki be in the roster? Svetislav Pesic (Germany's head coach): “Nowitzki needs rest from everything, after the end of the season for Dallas Mavericks. We will have a meeting, if I am in Germany in June, about the possibility of him playing with us, this summer. We talked and we said we will be in touch in June. I will call him and we will meet to discuss, what he needs to do, if he is going to play with the national team or not”. EuroHoops.net

March 3, 2012 Updates

heinnews: One of the goals of the German Bundesliga is to become the number one domestic league in Europe, overtaking Spain. You have seen Germany now a bit and know the Spanish ACB from your years there. What do you think about this goal? Maceiras: It’s a very good question. When I was coming to the gym, I was thinking Germany is really the biggest hope for European basketball, if not the latest hope. I think the organization here is great. The teams are real professional organizations and very consistent. And this is the biggest market in Europe. And also the ethics of the German people is great for basketball. The combination is excellent. It’s just a matter of keeping the development that the German basketball started some years ago. I think the league is getting better all the time. The teams are good and the organization of the games is good. The attendance is good. And I think this Bayern Munich project is something that can really push not just German but European basketball. So in my opinion they are going in the right way. And if they keep going how they are going then they have all the tools to become the best domestic league in Europe. HeinNews.com

March 1, 2012 Updates

Germany will need to finish in the top two of their group, or as one of the four best third-place teams in the six groups. "I'm thrilled because of this new opportunity,” Pesic said. “For years, Germany put just too much emphasis on (Dirk) Nowitzki, but there is young talent that can create something new, yet - successful like in Dirk's most brilliant seasons.” Does Nowitzki figure into Pesic's plans? "I believe that Nowitzki isn't expecting my call," Pesic said. FIBA.com

"He needs peace, a summer vacation. He has to think about his future. But, of course, we'll discuss his plans. "Germany lived on Dirk's glory for long time. Since the bronze in Indianapolis, silver at the FIBA European Championship in 2005, up to these days. "Because of the magnitude of his personality and basketball qualities, many other players were just - other players. "That wasn't bad, it was normal back in those days as Nowitzki is a true leader on the court, but I think that there is a new wave of players in Germany that can help to build new future." FIBA.com

February 23, 2012 Updates

Svetislav Pesic says he won't call up Dirk Nowitzki this summer, rips German Federation for depending too much on him. “Everyone depended a bit on him, the Federation and the other players of the NT. The hided behind him. Nowitzki is great, but he always was the problem solver. Too often they thought ‘Dirk will take care of it’. TalkBasket

February 17, 2012 Updates

Dirk Nowitzki heard the news that the Dallas Mavericks will play two preseason games in Europe next October, one in Berlin in his native Germany and another in Barcelona, but sounded as if he might not actually believe it until owner Mark Cuban personally tells him so. The Mavericks and the league have not yet made it official and dates are not set, but a source has confirmed the trip. Nowitzki, who has long hoped for the team to be included in the NBA's international preseason schedule, has been left disappointed because Cuban has always declined the league's overtures to play overseas. "If that's really the case, I think it's awesome. I think it's been long overdue," Nowitzki said. "A couple years ago there was a game in Kolnarena [in Cologne, Germany] where Phoenix played Philly and everyone was like, 'Where are the Mavs at?' So it's been disappointing to see all these teams go over there and play and we were never a part of it. I think it's going to be great." ESPN.com

"I asked him, why are we never a part of it?," said Nowitzki, now in his 14th NBA season. "He said he doesn't like the travel and he loses a preseason game, basically. Those were his reasons and I understood." But now Cuban doesn't have the option to decline. The league changed the rules and so Nowitzki will finally play a game, albeit a preseason one, in a Mavs uniform in front of family and friends on his home soil. "Obviously, the travel always sucks, especially if you're only over there for a week and it usually takes a couple of days to adjust and the next thing you know you're leaving again," Nowitzki said. "But I think it's going to be an experience for all the guys to see something new and get out of the hotel some and see a different country. Berlin is a fun city. Barcelona, to me, is one of the best cities in Europe, so if that's going to happen then I think it's going to be a great trip." Said Cuban: "I could pass on the trip. I just wanted to do it for Dirk." ESPN.com

January 24, 2012 Updates

Having seen promising young guard Rodrigue Beaubois go down playing for France and now seeing face of the franchise Dirk Nowitzki nursing an injury and out of Dallas' lineup after playing for Germany, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he will continue the uphill battle to make international basketball off limits to handsomely paid NBA players. Cuban has argued that NBA owners should not be saddled with the full risk of their players suiting up for their countries in the offseason, and he said other owners agree with him but aren't as vocal in their opposition. ESPN.com

December 19, 2011 Updates

Tas Melas: Dirk Nowitzki wins "German Athlete of the Year" and produces a very Dirk-esque photo: http://bit.ly/virmum Twitter

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