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July 18, 2012 Updates
July 14, 2012 Updates

The Rockets sent representatives to the Knicks practice on Friday and to the game on Saturday but could not find Knicks general manager Glen Grunwald. The offer sheet was FedExed to the Knicks’ New York office and will have the receipt forwarded to the league office, but league officials said that until it can be shown that the Knicks have the offer sheet in hand, the clock on the Knicks’ three-day period to match would not begin. Houston Chronicle

July 13, 2012 Updates
July 12, 2012 Updates

Mike Woodson was asked today whether the Knicks would match the offer sheet the Raptors gave Landry Fields and it didn't sound like they would at this point. "That’s a Glen Grunwald question in terms of where we’re going to go with that," Woodson said. "But as it stands right now it’s all about the guys that we’ve already made the commitment to in terms of getting them where they need to be." The Knicks have until Saturday to match it. #Knicks Sulia

“I’ve been talking to [Knicks general manager Glen] Grunwald about four, five years about him,’’ Bass said. “This is the year it got done. He’s been very persistent checking in about Pablo. He’s a very big fan. He’ll bring leadership and will be there to help Jeremy a little bit.’’ New York Post

July 11, 2012 Updates

The Lin offer sheet should be a priority because no other move they will make has the ability to spur season-ticket sales than signing “17.’’ The Knicks also will officially sign Jason Kidd, Steve Novak, J.R. Smith, James White and formally execute the sign-and-trade for Marcus Camby. It’s a busy day for general manager Glen Grunwald, who probably won’t match Landry Fields’ three-year, $18.5 million offer sheet from the Raptors, with Smith now aboard. New York Post

July 10, 2012 Updates
July 4, 2012 Updates
July 3, 2012 Updates

Knicks GM Glen Grunwald said on the night of the NBA draft that his priority is re-signing not only Smith, but Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak and Landry Fields. "We want to keep both (Lin and Novak) and keep Landry and J.R.," Grunwald said on Thursday night. "They're all valuable players and we're going to try to keep all four of them. We have some (recruiting) plans. We've been in contact with our own free agents and they've expressed their desire to come back. They know we love them and want them. We'll do the negotiating and hopefully it all works out." ESPN.com

June 30, 2012 Updates

What is the market value for point guard Jeremy Lin? Knicks general manager Glen Grunwald can’t wait to find out now that Lin officially has his early Bird rights after the NBA dropped its appeal last night. According to people familiar with the Knicks’ strategy, Grunwald will be patient in the Lin negotiations and allow the market to set Lin’s price tag. Because Grunwald can match any offer, he can sit back and wait. Lin becomes a free agent tomorrow at 12:01 a.m. and Grunwald can offer him a maximum four-year deal starting at $5.5 million with 7 percent raises — a package worth $24.5 million. New York Post

June 29, 2012 Updates
June 14, 2012 Updates

“While it’s true we have Printezis’ rights, we are unsure at this time about his status”, Glen Grunwald New York’s GM said to Eurohoops.net. Knicks’ boss could not say something more, as he is really focused on the upcoming draft and also on the cases of Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak EuroHoops.net

Knicks have already approached Printezis, but still it’s difficult to present him an official offer. Not only because NBA “market” will “open” on the 1st of July, but mainly because they will need some time to resolve issues with Lin and Novak, in order to determine their available cap space. In case that they will not have cap flexibility to “get” him, then they will have to wait for the next opportunity to lure him EuroHoops.net

May 29, 2012 Updates

Jeremy Lin's future with the #Knicks (as well as Steve Novak's) will be decided by an arbitrator, who will hear arguments from the NBA and the NBPA over the transfer of Bird Rights, in about two weeks. Sounds like Knicks plan to keep Lin regardless of the results: “We can keep him if we want him," Knicks GM Glen Grunwald said on Friday, "and we do want to keep him. I believe that Jeremy had a great experience here, and I believe he wants to come back. So that’s where that is.” Sulia

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