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April 30, 2013 Updates

President of basketball operations David Kahn is scouting in Europe, according to Taylor. Asked if it was OK to make a leap on Kahn's future based on him continuing to work, Taylor said no. When pressed if the NBA.com report about Flip Saunders taking over Kahn's duties was accurate, all Taylor would say is that no decision has been made yet. But in the same breath, Taylor said a decision would come by the end of the month. 1500 ESPN

April 28, 2013 Updates

The 12 owners on the NBA's relocation/finance committee will make the recommendation on the future of the Kings: • Peter Holt, Spurs (chairman of the board of governors) • Micky Arison, Heat • Clay Bennett, Thunder • Jeanie Buss, Lakers • James Dolan, Knicks • Wyc Grousbeck, Celtics • Ted Leonsis, Wizards • Greg Miller, Jazz • Robert Sarver, Suns • Herb Simon, Pacers • Larry Tanenbaum, Raptors • Glen Taylor, Timberwolves Sacramento Bee

April 27, 2013 Updates
April 26, 2013 Updates

David Kahn just sent me a text after I called him seeking comment on today's NBA.com report that Glen Taylor is negotiating a five-year deal with Flip Saunders to replace Kahn as president of basketball operations. This is what the text said: "First, I wake up every day knowing it's a privilege to have this job, and not a right. Speculation about our jobs is part of this business, especially when you strip the emotion out of it. Speculation is especially understandable now, as we have a deep and talented team, with several cornerstone players, and will be poised for big success once it regains its health. "Glen and I have an understanding that we will meet at an appropriate time to discuss my contractual status, but only after we have clarification on Coach Adelman's status and Glen has all the information he needs. It is no different than when we make decisions on players who have options. We wait for the process to unfold. In the meantime, Glen and I have been having conversations about the staff, free agency and other plans. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

April 19, 2013 Updates

Kahn's contract expires at the conclusion of the NBA Finals in June, wrapping up four losing seasons with the Wolves. The team went 31-51 this season. Kahn said he's "under the impression" he will be back for a fifth season, but Wolves owner Glen Taylor told the Pioneer Press last week that he "hasn't come to the time to make a decision" on Kahn. St. Paul Pioneer Press

April 14, 2013 Updates
April 12, 2013 Updates

PP: Are you expecting a tough negotiation with Pekovic, who could command as much as $14 million a year in the free agent market? Glen Taylor: I want him to stay, and he has told me he wants to stay. It's to our advantage to try and work something out with him. We know and he knows he's able to test the market. When he tells me he wants to stay, I take him for his word, but agents play a big role in all of this. PP: Will you personally get involved in Pekovic's negotiations if necessary? GT: It's not the way we would start out, but if it means getting a quicker and fairer deal done, I would. This is a very important deal for us. St. Paul Pioneer Press

PP: Are you concerned with skeptics who feel Roy should not have been signed? He has not played since Nov. 9. Glen Taylor: It's fair criticism ... for me and David. We did take a risk, and it was proven to be a wrong risk. There were other players out there with some experience who we could have gotten, who would have helped us at a position (shooting guard) where we needed help. We're out of the money this year (approximately $5 million), but based on the contract we have, we don't have to pay him next year if he doesn't play. St. Paul Pioneer Press

PP: How will you handle Adelman's situation? He has indicated he might retire if his wife continues to be affected by seizures. Glen Taylor: When the season is over, Rick will have more time to think about Mary Kay's health. He hasn't said anything to me about his future and I haven't asked him or pushed him on that. Mary Kay will be his priority, and I understand that. We'll talk about it at the appropriate time. It's on him rather than me, but I told him I will give him all the support he needs. We're hopeful that Mary Kay continues to make progress. We're planning as if he will be back next year. St. Paul Pioneer Press

PP: David Kahn's contract expires this summer. Have you thought much about whether you want to retain him as the team's president of basketball operations? GT: I haven't come to the time to make a decision on that. Let's finish the season first. I want to find out about my coach first. I don't have a time frame to address David's situation. He and I have been talking about the draft and other things as we go into the offseason. At some point, I know I need to make a decision. St. Paul Pioneer Press

PP: What's the latest on your attempts to sell the team? GT: I haven't come up with anybody who meets all the needs. One of my problems is that I haven't found anybody who lives in Minnesota or has a Minnesota background. The interest has come from people outside the state. I'm interested in a local person buying the team on a limited partner basis. Right now, I don't have a strong feeling that I want to get rid of the team. I still enjoy it. I was thinking of a long run to try to find a successor, but I might keep things the way they are. St. Paul Pioneer Press

March 31, 2013 Updates
March 30, 2013 Updates
March 22, 2013 Updates
March 16, 2013 Updates

The Minnesota Wild were not the only local professional sports team pining the last few years for realignment -- a request that was finally granted officially on Thursday. In a conversation with 1500ESPN.com, Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor acknowledged he would like to see his team in the Eastern Conference. "It makes sense," he said. But Taylor was quick to point out Memphis and New Orleans, two other Western Conference teams headquartered in the Central time zone, also want change.In other words, Taylor -- who has as much intimate knowledge as anyone from his years as the chairman of the NBA's board of governors -- said it's not happening for any of the three franchises anytime soon. He didn't say whether San Antonio, Houston, Dallas or Oklahoma City also would push for such a switch. They play in the Central time zone, too. 1500 ESPN

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