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May 27, 2015 Updates

Cleveland will play either the Golden State Warriors or the Houston Rockets in the best of seven game NBA Finals, starting on June 4. Mark and Leanne are hoping to make the trip to the US to watch some of the series. “Hopefully (Andrew) Bogut (Golden State centre) gets to the NBA Finals as well, so that we’re guaranteed of an Aussie winning,’’ Mark said. Bendigo Advertiser

There was a moment in the Warriors’ locker room, almost an hour after Stephen Curry slammed his head against the floor, that he had passed every test and Game 4 was still going on. In fact, according to Warriors general manager Bob Myers, the team doctors made Curry duplicate the concussion protocols to be doubly sure. After that, Curry went into the hallway and ran back and forth a few times, which is not on any concussion protocol, but was common careful sense after such a scary fall. San Jose Mercury-News

Curry looked, sounded and tested fine on Monday night and there were no indications about any further problems, Myers said on Tuesday, before the Warriors departed their hotel to fly back to the Bay Area. “At the very, very end, when he passed the tests, then it became ‘there’s no reason he couldn’t play,’” Myers said. “So then it was, he passed the tests, passed them once, passed them twice… “At that moment, he looked at me, said, ‘Yeah, I’m ready to go.’” San Jose Mercury-News

May 26, 2015 Updates

“Teams are switching more,” says Danny Ainge, the Celtics GM. “And that means the post-up is still relevant.” Brutalize the switch, and a team may ditch the idea — unshackling the pick-and-roll again. Posting up against mismatches isn’t just for big guys, either. The Rockets know Terry can’t stick with Curry, but they can’t slide him over to Thompson or Harrison Barnes, either. Those guys aren’t high-volume post-up killers, but they’ve shown they’re just polished enough to do back-to-the-basket damage against shrimps. You don’t have to be great. You just have to be competent. That competence has been a crucial ingredient for Golden State in this series against Terry, and in past playoff series against Tony Parker and Ty Lawson. Grantland

Everything had been going so right in these playoffs, nothing could stop them, the path to a title was clear ... until Stephen Curry slammed to the floor in the second quarter. And everything stopped. Time froze. The march to a championship halted. The Warriors were already down by 19 points at the time -- and eventually would lose 128-115 in Game 4 -- but that was minor compared to the sight of Curry slamming his head against the hardwood and staying on the floor for several frightening minutes. "A lot goes through your mind," center Andrew Bogut said of Curry's fall. "First and foremost you don't want anyone to get hurt or anyone to go to the hospital. "He didn't, so that was a positive sign." Contra Costa Times

Curry returned to the game in the middle of the third quarter in Golden State's 128-115 loss in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals after it was determined he had suffered no more than a contusion to his head. "I feel pretty good," he said after the game. "It could have been a lot worse." San Jose Mercury-News

"I've had worse symptoms from getting hit in the head, but that was the scariest one," said Curry, who returned with 17:58 left in the second half. "Because you're in the air for a long time, not knowing how you're going to hit the floor, knowing it's going to happen. … The seconds after it is a scary feeling, hearing all those voices." Houston Chronicle

His father, Dell, joined the Golden State owners and general manager, Bob Myers, in the locker room. Dell kept texting his wife in the stands, offering Steph's mother, wife and mother-in-law updates on his condition. Hours earlier, the Curry family was a portrait of ease at a table inside the restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel. They were sitting with Kris Stone, the Under Armour shoe executive, and waiting until it was time for the short walk to the Toyota Center. Curry's wife is pregnant, the shoe executive has to offer a blockbuster new endorsement deal sooner than later, and basketball's hottest star is five victories away from claiming an MVP and an NBA championship in the same season. Yahoo! Sports

Curry's fall almost took away a lot more from the Warriors, putting everybody associated with the franchise through an emotional wringer. But Game 5 is another day, and Curry will be playing in it. "We just don't want to come back to Houston," Thompson said. "We want to go to the finals for the first time in 40 years or whatever. "It's not going to be easy; (the Rockets) are here for a reason. We have to come and play with more intensity and play together, and we'll win the game." Contra Costa Times

Marc Stein: Had chance to ask Steph Curry if he'll go out of his way to avoid replays of scary fall. "I've seen it once," he said, "and once was enough" Twitter @ESPNSteinLine

"When he was twisting his ankle (frequently earlier in his career) and having his ankle issues, that was aggravating," Sonya Curry told USA TODAY Sports. "But this was scary, because I didn't know for a while what was going on down there...I just kept telling (Steph's) wife that God wouldn't have it happen like this. It couldn't end like this. He's going to get up. He's going to be fine. So when he did get up, I was just praising God." USA Today Sports

"I was texting people at home, and asking them what they were saying on TV," Sonya said. "They were texting me, and telling me stuff they were saying on TV, that he was running in the hallways and everything. But these are strong men, and with the adrenaline they'll keep doing stuff just to get out there and to not disappoint their team. I'm still not convinced (that he's ok). I need to talk to him, and I need to just see where his head is. For one, just to assure him that we support him, but also (to tell him to) think long term." USA Today Sports



Wilt Chamberlain never won a championship with the Warriors, but his monstrous stats make him the clear pick for No. 1 player in franchise history.


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