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February 20, 2015 Updates

Not surprisingly, Green showed little interest in sharing his thoughts on his impending free agency. “I have an agent who gets a percentage of what I sign for, so you can call and ask him about it,” he said. “My focus is this team.” Asked about the process, Green replied, “I don’t know much about restricted free agency. If you sign an offer sheet, then the Warriors can match it in 72 hours. That’s about all I know. … And we’ve got the Spurs coming in here.” San Francisco Chronicle

Memphis has expressed interest in the best free-agent shooter languishing on a couch and remains interested in veteran Ray Allen. The veteran sharpshooter is expected to make a decision soon about whether he’ll return to the NBA this season. Allen has long spurned Memphis’ overtures. He isn’t short on options. Cleveland, the Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State, San Antonio, Chicago, Washington and Atlanta are among the contenders that have expressed interest in Allen. Memphis Commercial Appeal

February 19, 2015 Updates

"I didn't expect us to do anything, and I'm glad we didn't," Kerr said. "I'm thrilled that we stood pat. We've got a team that we like. We have the best record in the league. We have great chemistry, and there's no reason to disrupt that." Contra Costa Times

But Green said his focus for now is on the Warriors' season. "I'm in a position right now where we're 42-9," he said. "I'm on a great team, a great coaching staff, a great organization. Like I've said all along, I'll be doing myself a disservice to not enjoy what's going on right now. This is a special group that I'm playing with. I think we can make special things happen this year. "So for me to sit and worry, 'Oh, can I sign with the Pistons? Or can I do this or do that?' I'd be living wrong. I'd be not enjoying what there is to enjoy." San Jose Mercury-News

In a new ad set to debut during Friday’s Spurs-Warriors game, the NBA is honoring the Chinese New Year. The commercial features James Harden and Jeremy Lin visiting a fan’s house to honor the holiday, which begins this week. The commercial is colorful and entertaining but is also a bit strategic for the league — as they point out on their YouTube page, China has the largest international NBA fan base. Another video posted to the league’s YouTube page shows a variety of “bloopers” that happened in the filming of the ad, including Dwyane Wade and Steph Curry having a bit of trouble with their lines. For The Win

February 18, 2015 Updates

He is aware that, when he plays for other teams over the course of the year, they’re not just looking at him as an opponent but as a potential future employee. He is aware that his first NBA contract—three years, $2.5 million—will be dwarfed by his next contract. “I know I am a free agent,” Green told Sporting News. “Everyone knows it. But I can honestly say I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.” Sporting News

At the same time, the Warriors are determined not to let their second-round find get away. According to sources, the team had been expecting the price tag for Green to start in the $8-9 million range. But because there is a surplus of cap space, an impending boost coming from the NBA’s new TV deal and the stock rise that has come with Green’s improved output, the Warriors are resigned to the fact that Green will get a bigger offer, and that the team might have to go over the luxury tax for a year to keep Green. Team owner Joe Lacob has long said he’d be willing to pay the tax—if the team is winning. The length of the Warriors’ playoff run this spring, then, could have a significant impact on how high Golden State is willing to go to keep Green. Sporting News

NBA.com: What numbers do you care about? Kerr: I care about passes, how well we're moving the ball, any numbers that can show us passes per possession, how often turnovers happen within a certain number of passes, that sort of thing. NBA.com: What have you learned about your team from the numbers? Kerr: I've found that most of our turnovers happen in the first few passes, in possessions of two or fewer passes. People might think that if you move the ball a lot, you're more likely to turn it over. I don't look at it that way. NBA.com

Kerr: One of the keys to our defense is our ability to switch on the perimeter. We have a lot of like-sized guys. And Draymond [Green], to me, is the key to our defense. He's the key figure, because as the power forward, he's frequently involved in screen-and-rolls. And because he's quick enough and active enough to switch out onto a point guard, we're able to stifle a lot of the first options out of the opponent's attacks. And when that happens and the shot clock starts to wind down, we're able to stay in front of people and force a tough shot. NBA.com

NBA.com: But are you conscious of what teams you match up best with? Kerr: Yeah, we have a sense for certain teams that would maybe bother us more than others. But once you think about that, then it's like, "All right, so then what?". You can't avoid them and you can't manipulate matchups. You can't say, "All right, we're either going to win a few more or lose a few more." It's just going to be whatever it is. And there's going to be four great teams in the West that are out in the first round. That's just the way it is. NBA.com

Teams trying to move high-priced veterans like Prince, Andrea Bargnani (Knicks), Bass (Celtics), Kevin Martin (Timberwolves) and David Lee (Warriors) aren't likely to find any takers. All of the above, besides Lee, would then be headed for buyouts, sources say. CBSSports.com

February 17, 2015 Updates


Wilt Chamberlain never won a championship with the Warriors, but his monstrous stats make him the clear pick for No. 1 player in franchise history.


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