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May 18, 2015 Updates

The New Orleans Pelicans have ‎been granted permission to interview Golden State Warriors assistant coach Alvin Gentry for their coaching vacancy, according to league sources. Sources told ESPN.com that Gentry has emerged as one of the leading candidates for the position alongside Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, who is widely expected to part company with the Bulls this offseason. ESPN.com

The Warriors, when asked about Gentry, declined comment Monday. It was not immediately clear how soon the interview will take place with the Warriors in the midst of a playoff run that pits them against the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals Tuesday night. ESPN.com

Ron Adams: Steph in his own way can and has. And I want more from him in that regard. I mentioned to him the other day in defensive drills, he’s quite good about always doing his share. He’s a good practice guy. Both Klay and Steph are good practice players. And as the two flagship players, that filters down to everyone else; it’s important. But I just told him after a defensive sequence, I said, ‘You always do a good job in these drills; you take it seriously, you go through it well. But I’d like you lead more in them. I’d like you to be more exuberant.’ San Jose Mercury-News

-Q: More vocal? -ADAMS: Vocal. And physically. I said, ‘Because what you do is a barometer for the rest of the team, without any question.’ Now, I wasn’t down on how he was practicing; I think he’s a good practice player. But I want him to see and continually see what his affect on others is. And he understands that. He has a lot on his plate. And I’m careful about that, too, because I don’t think the public understands the pressure on people who can score the ball and if you don’t score the ball it’s like the end of the world. And it’s not the end of the world. San Jose Mercury-News

Steph does a lot of great things to help this team win aside from the scoring. The scoring is pivotal obviously, but he does a lot of great things. His defense has really, really improved. He knows when he doesn’t do well defensively this is important. He wants to do better, he works on getting better. That’s just an instance of leadership and you’re always trying to prod people to lead more. San Jose Mercury-News

"I don't think we all came together just to get to the Western Conference finals," Dwight Howard said. "All of us are in pursuit of that ring. We're happy, but none of us are satisfied. We just have that focus about us, and we want to win. It's not going to be easy, and we don't want it to be. We want to fight for it — for what we think is ours." James Harden scored 31 points, Howard had 16 points and 15 rebounds and the Rockets never trailed in a 113-100 victory over the Clippers on Sunday to punch their ticket to the conference finals. It's the ninth time in NBA history that a team has overcome a 3-1 series deficit to win a playoff series. USA Today Sports

Morey did not comment when asked about overcoming those doubts, but did say a point was made by the Rockets players, who “rallied around” the predictions that the Clippers would win Game 7. “I was happy all out guys played well so they can all enjoy tonight and get ready to get on the flight tomorrow,” Morey said. “I think they’ll all know tonight pretty much everybody stepped up. “I think they were upset people were mostly picking the Clippers to win on our home floor. I think that was something that rallied our guys. I think we’ll be underdogs the next round, too. So, hopefully, we keep shocking the world, too.” Houston Chronicle

Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander said his team has a good chance to beat the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference finals, which starts Tuesday in Oakland. "They had the most wins in the league," Alexander said after Sunday's series-clinching victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. "A great shooting team, but we have a competitive fire and a competitive spirit. We have two superstars [Dwight Howard and James Harden]. We play really good defense. We hit the boards. We got a good chance." ESPN.com

May 17, 2015 Updates
May 16, 2015 Updates

The end result was that the Warriors defeated Memphis 108-95 to clinch this second-round series in six games, keyed by Curry's 32 points (including eight 3-pointers) and 10 assists. But it was one super-sized 3-pointer that underlined everything and spelled out exactly where Curry is headed. And where he is taking the Warriors. "Just chuck it up, and it looked good the whole way," Curry described it. "So it was kind of fun to see that one go in. "The whole momentum changed, go up eight going into the fourth quarter and take it from there." Oakland Tribune

Stephen Curry says he takes no satisfaction in closing out a Grizzlies team that declined to draft him, saying that he never thinks about it. The Grizzlies had the second pick in the 2009 draft and selected center Hasheem Thabeet. After spending time with six teams, Thabeet now plays in the D-league with little hope of returning to the NBA. Asked how the draft would turn out if it were to be redone today, Curry took a long pause and quipped, "They might still think I'm too small." San Jose Mercury-News

Lee didn’t play a single minute in the Warriors’ first-round sweep of the New Orleans Pelicans; he played only nine total minutes through the first three games of this second-round series against the Memphis Grizzlies. So when Curry told Lee during the first round that the power forward’s time would come, the 32-year-old wasn’t buying it. “There were a couple times I yelled back at him,” Lee said. “Even in the New Orleans series I was like, ‘Man, you’re playing great’ or ‘Great job.’ And he’s like, ‘Look man, you’re not out of this thing, we’re going to really need you.’ “I’m just like, ‘All right, all right, I appreciate it — politician Steph.” Sportal



Wilt Chamberlain never won a championship with the Warriors, but his monstrous stats make him the clear pick for No. 1 player in franchise history.


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