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February 20, 2014 Updates

You’re doing some announcing work, TNT, NBA TV, bringing back “Inside Stuff” – which, as a child of the 90s, I’m very excited about. Do you see yourself as an announcing “lifer”? There’s a lot of talk you could work at a front office, you could get into coaching, maybe even politics. There’s so many paths you could choose. Do you have an idea what you’ll be doing five years from now? Grant Hill: You know, I don’t have an idea. I’m doing the broadcasting. I’m enjoying that. I’m doing “Inside Stuff,” do some work on NBA TV. I do TNT “Inside the NBA” from time to time. So, I enjoy that. I get a chance to stay around the game, get a chance to talk about the great talent and bring my perspective and analyzing and breaking down what’s happening on the court. I also, in a whole other world, I’m a partner in a mezzanine private equity fund. And so, I’m kind of doing the world of finance and the world of broadcasting. But, that’s been quite enjoyable – we have a great team, great partners, great analysts. I’m busy running around and worrying, but also working in that world. So, I have a lot of interests, a lot of things that I enjoy. And, I’ve been fortunate to be very busy since I retired this past summer. Lost Lettermen

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Q: What was behind your decision to leave the game? Grant Hill: "I was under contract for another year. And obviously, things for us as a team didn’t go great, or as we had hoped. It was a good regular season but obviously the postseason didn’t go well. I kind of got hurt in training camp or preseason and I was out for three months. At 40, when you’re out for that long and try to come back midseason, it’s hard to get some traction. I never really got it last year. I didn’t play much. The team wanted me back but it was time. I got to the point where I just knew that, okay, it was time to move on, time to do something different. And I had not felt that way at any other point prior." Washington Post

Q: I know you were never keen on playing at home for the Wizards? Why not? Grant Hill: "I did at different points. I think it just was a matter of when I was a free agent, where things were. I think in 2000, there were some uncertainty. I think they were in a transitional period as a franchise. I can’t remember. That may have been an opportunity to go and at the end of my career, there were other factors, like medical staffs and thing like that – not knocking anyone’s medical staff there – and that played a big role in me going [to Phoenix]. I did a lot of research and talked to a number of guys who had some injuries and had some success there. They exceed my expectation when I was there, with what they were capable of doing. I always felt that at some point I would play there, that I would move back there." Washington Post

Q: Do you see yourself in a front office or anything else down the road? Grant Hill: "I had some opportunities to do that, and even some coaching things. I’d say no. But I also know I can be indecisive and change my mind. I’ve learned to never rule anything out entirely. I will say this, if I had been interested, if it was something I really would want to do. I’d feel like I’d need a little bit to get away from it and decompress. It’s been a roller coaster for 20 years, but who knows? Who knows how I’m going to be feeling in five years? But right now? No." Washington Post

September 24, 2013 Updates

"NBA Inside Stuff" is coming back to TV, with recently retired Grant Hill serving as a co-host. The program, consisting of highlights and features about players and teams, will debut on NBA TV on Nov. 2 and run weekly throughout the season. The original series ran from 1990-2005. Hill, who made multiple appearances as a player, says the idea of "taking what was very, very successful and redoing it years later was very exciting." USA Today Sports

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I am not sure Grant (Hill) is in the Magic’s future. I do know the Suns went after him pretty aggressively and I do know that Grant has expressed some interest in a front office life after basketball. The problem is I don’t think Grant has interest in a token “for-the-fans” role, so that likely leaving him out of the equation in Orlando. HoopsWorld

August 18, 2013 Updates

Grant Hill retired from the NBA after 19 seasons in June, but even two months later, it seems he’s having a hard time separating himself from the bench — the piano bench, that is. On Saturday, Hill’s wife, Tamia, a respected R&B singer, posted this video of herself singing Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You” with her husband tickling the ivories alongside her. FOXSports.com

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According to an involved source, it was Grant Hill who made the case for the Clippers, the team with which he spent his final season this past year. Hill, whose injuries threw a wrench in his and Rivers' hopes when the two were with the Magic, told Doc to forget his old notions about the Clippers. "He raved about how things were being run and how they were treating their players," said the source. "He talked about the new practice facility they have out there and the guys on the team, and he thought this could be a really good situation. What he said made a real difference." Boston Herald

June 20, 2013 Updates

"That's really the story of my career," McGrady said, not with regret or resignation, but with clarity. "What if. What if Grant Hill was healthy when we were in Orlando and what if the Magic would have signed Timmy as well? What if I was healthy when Yao was healthy and when we played a Game 7 against the Lakers in the second round? What-ifs. That's what you can put on my career. 'What If: Tracy McGrady's Career.'" Grantland

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