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A fiercely proud man played for Great Britain, a country he believes saved him. If Deng reinjures his wrist in this tournament and it affects next season or his career with the Bulls, as some of us fear, we’ll deal with that then. But on this night, as he carried the torch for basketball in this country and for the idea of rebirth in general, you would have had to be made of stone not to get goose bumps. ‘‘This is why I chose to do it,’’ he said after Great Britain’s 95-75 loss to Russia. ‘‘It’s just an experience that, for the rest of my life, can never, ever be taken away, just walking out into that stadium. ‘‘A lot of people were talking about [getting] the wrist surgery or not. And I could have done that, but I’d never, ever get a chance to do this again. . . . The Olympics is not something that’s given.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

This gym is where Luol Deng spent several of his formative years. It's where, despite being limited to just two weekly practice sessions in the multipurpose gym, basketball replaced soccer as his true athletic passion. It's where, after Great Britain granted his family political asylum from war-torn Sudan, he began calculating a debt he is bent on repaying despite entering these Games with a torn ligament in his left wrist. The face of this country's growing basketball movement hasn't let injury prevent his incumbency. "It's a bloody miracle he made it," Jimmy Rogers says. "England is a third-world country for basketball." Chicago Tribune

Brixton has produced other fairly accomplished players, some of whom have earned basketball scholarships in the U.S. But nobody has reached Deng's heights. The bond between teacher and pupil remains strong. "Jimmy is everything," Deng says. "I'm very lucky to have someone who knew basketball as well as he did. ... I'm just lucky I fell into his hands and to have someone teach me the game who has such a high IQ." "Luol had this crazy work ethic," Rogers says. "My colleague, Kassim Gabbar, was the first one who actually spotted the talent. My earliest memories are of a young man who was really focused and had a maturity for that focus which was way beyond anything I had seen for a kid 11 years of age." Chicago Tribune

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Ian Whittell: joel Freeland has returned to London 4 tests on knee prob. GB being ultra cautious, hopefully wont hav any effect on olympics but not ideal Twitter

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Team USA were ruthless in Manchester on Thursday night, as they defeated Great Britain 118-78. Great Britain can take a little comfort in the fact that they matched the Olympic gold medal favourites for the first seven minutes of the contest, but a Carmelo Anthony inspired 14-0 run which included two three-pointers from the New York Knicks superstar ended the fantasy. Anthony led Team USA with 19 points, matched by team-mate Deron Williams, who also hit 19. The Brooklyn Net drilled four straight triples to push Team USA's lead to 28 in the third quarter. "I thought it was a great game from us," Williams said afterwards. "We're using these warm-up games to find our rhythm, to find some chemistry as we have only been together for a short amount of time. All these practices and all these games will do a lot to build that chemistry and finding our roles within the team." TalkBasket

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But the NBA is full of flashy people; how does that sit with him? "I respect that, I love flashy people!" he says, laughing. "It's who you are, it's your style. I don't blame anyone for being flashy, or not being flashy. You are who you are. I've got a lot of friends who are flashy and I love them." BBC

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Jorge Sierra: British NT manager angrily told HoopsHype this wasn't true. http://bit.ly/vRPjbQ Said Deng was just stretching and was not in pain. Not what I saw. Deng finished practice early, put his hand on his back for a moment, had a pained look in his face and lied on the floor a few minutes while getting treatment. Then he walked out of practice OK. Deng played 33 minutes in a loss vs. Spain. He shot 3 of 14 from the field. Twitter

How's Luol Deng doing? Joel Freeland: A player like him, he doesn't need to be at 100 percent to play great. He's a player that can bring different things to the court all the time. With his experience, he's always helping other people. He does all the things we need him to do. Even if he's not at 100 percent physically, it doesn't show. When he's playing you can't tell if he's not 100 percent. HoopsHype

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