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Out of nowhere, it happened. Jazz CEO Greg Miller and Hall of Fame forward Karl Malone met late Monday inside EnergySolutions Arena, talked for about an hour and 15 minutes, then emerged from their private session to meet the media. Once their closed-door conference was over, there was only more silence. “We talked, and it’s between me and Greg,” Malone said. Miller declined comment. Salt Lake Tribune

But, as Malone conversed with a couple of fans just outside the entrance to the Jazz locker room, Greg Miller walked by — close enough to exchange a high-five with The Mailman — and didn't even acknowledge the franchise's greatest player. Instead, Miller glanced briefly at Malone, looked down as he walked by, and then headed toward his own courtside seat located adjacent to the Jazz bench to watch the second half of Monday night's 106-102 loss to the Spurs. After the game, however, Malone and Miller met briefly courtside and went into the Jazz coaches' office together. Behind closed doors, they talked for almost an hour before Malone exited first. "We talked," The Mailman said. "It's between me and Greg." Deseret News

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In an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, the NBA commissioner said he wants a public spat between the two, played out over the past week and a half in local media and Miller's blog, "put to rest." "I'm looking forward to the next meeting between Greg and Karl," Stern told the newspaper at the league's headquarters in New York before the Jazz's Monday night game against the Knicks. "Not for the sparks that I expect will fly, but for the calming that I think will and should occur," Stern said. "Because [Malone has] meant so much to the franchise and the city over the years and to the Miller family, and the Miller family has meant so much to the franchise and the city for so many years." ESPN.com

Less than three days after Miller used Twitter to call Malone a liar and then wrote a lengthy blog post ripping the first-ballot Hall of Famer, Stern acknowledged it’s been painful to watch their fiery standoff from afar. The commissioner wants their public dispute to end, and hopes they will unite in the future and find common ground. “I’m looking forward to the next meeting between Greg and Karl,” said Stern, during an exclusive, wide-ranging interview with The Salt Lake Tribune at the league office. “Not for the sparks that I expect will fly, but for the calming that I think will and should occur. Because [Malone’s] meant so much to the franchise and the city over the years and to the Miller family, and the Miller family has meant so much to the franchise and the city for so many years.” Salt Lake Tribune

February 5, 2012 Updates

Reached by phone Saturday, Karl Malone was asked whether Sloan lacked support from management that night in the locker room in 2011. "The only thing I can tell you is that's great. But there's nothing that can be said or done to hurt my relationship with Jerry Sloan," Malone said. "That's just the way it is. That's awesome. But when I feel a certain way about a friend, Jerry and Karl is a friendship to the end, not just lip service." Deseret News

Corbin said he hoped his players wouldn't let the well-publicized dispute bother them. "It's a part of our family. It's a part of who we are. You just deal with it and move forward," Corbin said. "Hopefully, they get past it as soon as they can so we can go back and play ball. … It could be a distraction. Hopefully, we won't let it be." Corbin said Miller didn't pressure or advise him to avoid hiring Malone as an assistant coach — something the Mailman has said he'd consider. "It had nothing to do with it," said Corbin, who added Sidney Lowe (assistant) and Michael Sanders (player development) to his staff in the offseason. Deseret News

After Karl Malone responded defiantly Saturday to a scathing blog post by Utah Jazz CEO Greg Miller, fellow Hall of Famer John Stockton suggested the two need to call a quick truce. If the verbal sparring continues, Stockton feared it might “tarnish” what the organization accomplished during the Jazz’s decade of championship contention in the 1990s. “I’ve certainly been in disputes with people as close to me as my brother,” Stockton said from his home in Spokane, Wash. “You get after it and say a lot of things. “But I have never seen one [disagreement] that couldn’t be resolved by sitting down and talking to a person face to face. It has always worked for me.” Salt Lake Tribune

With Malone and Stockton as the foundation, the Jazz reached two NBA Finals and three Western Conference finals between 1992 and 1998. Malone remains the No. 2 scorer in league history. Stockton is the all-time leader in assists and steals. “What we all shared is so special,” Stockton said. “I just hope this can be resolved, because it was a special time for me and for everyone. I’d hate to see anything outside the lines … ever come back and tarnish it.” Salt Lake Tribune

February 4, 2012 Updates

But in the statement, Sloan said that was not how it occurred. “I would like to set the record straight regarding my retirement from the Utah Jazz ,” he said. “I had the unwavering support of the Miller family during my 23 seasons as head coach with the franchise and I left on my own volition. It is not true that the Millers undermined my authority as head coach. I had their complete backing to run the team as I wished and was assured that no player could ever overrule my decisions. “The Millers encouraged me to stay with the team and gave me multiple opportunities to do so. They felt strongly that I should wait at least until the end of the season to resign and did everything they could to keep me coaching. Deseret News

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