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April 20, 2014 Updates

The biggest personnel decision figures to involve Monroe, who made just more than $5 million this year, and figures to see that more than doubled in free agency, though the Pistons can match any offer. If Monroe receives an offer the Pistons deem excessive, they must try to muster and sign-and-trade deal with another team, or let him go without compensation. It generally is believed the Pistons will not choose the latter option. Booth Newspapers

Monroe said he is looking forward to the "mini-recruiting process," and is expected to receive four-year offers upwards of $12 million per year. "There will be a lot of changes, a lot of personnel changes, on this team," Monroe said last week. "A lot of guys' contracts are up. So you will see some changes." Booth Newspapers

April 19, 2014 Updates

Monroe’s agent David Falk is likely going to ask for a max contract, which will be somewhere in the neighborhood of four years and $60 million. Falk is most famous for being the agent of Michael Jordan and is a master negotiator. Two years ago, Falk was able to convince Portland to sign restricted free agent Roy Hibbert to a four-year, $58 million deal after the Pacers didn’t offer what he wanted. Indiana matched, but the key is Falk got the number he wanted for his client. The Oakland Press

April 17, 2014 Updates

After slowly and steadily becoming more vocal over the past two years, he’s become more guarded, reclusive and admitted it was by design this season — the one where the expectations were highest and the team fell flat on its face. “I’ve censored myself, just because of the whole, so much speculation and so much stuff going on,” Monroe said. “I just tried to make sure I was as productive as possible. That I kept a straight head and kept it as positive as possible.” Detroit News

Monroe is one of a few in the locker room who wouldn’t rock the boat publicly, and with seeing a coaching change after 50 games, along with the man who drafted him stepping aside, speaking out wasn’t going to be viewed as a positive. “I just think that, looking at all the stuff that may have been said, all the stuff that’s happened, with a little bit of change with me, I didn’t want it to sound like I was speaking from frustration,” Monroe said. Being a good character guy can work against players, but his production has been steady this season. He knows character only takes him so far. “In this league, it’s about production,” Monroe said. “Being a good character guy is a plus, I don’t want to say it’s not a good thing but if you’re producing, that’s what really matters. If you’re not producing it doesn’t really matter.” Detroit News

March 31, 2014 Updates

While the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks are still trying to catch the Atlanta Hawks for the eighth and final playoff spot — with the Cavs pulling to 2½ games of the Hawks without All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving — the Pistons are owners of the eighth-worst record in the NBA. “It’s tough. It’s really tough. It definitely hurts after how we played last night,” said Pistons forward Greg Monroe, who scored 20 points and 10 rebounds in the streak-breaking 123-98 loss to the 76ers in Philly on Saturday night. “To play like that two nights in a row is something I’d say I’m disappointed in. Yeah. I mean, there was no effort tonight. Absolutely no effort.” Detroit News

March 10, 2014 Updates

Our friends at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are once again teaming with the NBA for Hoops For St. Jude's Week, which runs through Thursday. As you probably know by now, St. Jude's treats children with cancer, sickle cell anemia and other deadly diseases, and doesn't charge the kids or their families a dime for the procedures, operations, travel, housing or food they get and use while at the hospital. St. Jude's does this through the contributions, great and small, of individuals and corporations. It costs $1.9 million per day for the hospital to do all the works it performs. This year's NBA Ambassadors for St. Jude's are Mike Conley, Pau and Marc Gasol, David Lee, Kevin Love and Greg Monroe, along with coaches Mike Brown, Rick Carlisle and Monty Williams. You can help by visiting the website and making a donation, or checking out St. Jude's Twitter and Facebook pages. It's well worth your time. NBA.com

February 26, 2014 Updates

The source said at this point, five teams—most in the Eastern Conference—"want to make a play" for Monroe this summer. "It will just come down to money in the end," the source said. "I think it will happen pretty quickly after July 1." Bleacher Report

February 19, 2014 Updates

What's the price? A young player who can help contribute to the team right now -- especially someone who can give them some much-needed depth on their front line. They'd love to get their hands on Kevin Love. But the Wolves would want much more than Barnes. The Pistons' Greg Monroe, the Sixers' Thaddeus Young, the Cavs' Tristan Thompson, the Nuggets Kenneth Faried, the Bucks' John Henson and the Raptors' Amir Johnson all intrigue the Warriors. Whether any of those teams are willing to give up that much to acquire Barnes remains to be seen. ESPN.com

February 16, 2014 Updates

The trade deadline is 3 p.m. Thursday, less than 24 hours after the Charlotte back-to-back. The Pistons have several potential trade pieces with Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva approaching unrestricted free agency, and Greg Monroe restricted free agency this summer. They have rebuffed Monroe talks and need Stuckey for the stretch. Villanueva could have value if the Pistons are willing to take on a longer-term contract. It's more likely that the Pistons don't make a major deal and Loyer said he made it clear that the postseason objective remains unchanged during his first meeting with the team after replacing Cheeks last weekend. Booth Newspapers

February 12, 2014 Updates

That said, Hollins sees Detroit as an attractive situation. “Well, I think the kid, [Andre] Drummond, can be an outstanding defensive center. He needs to obviously develop offensively but defensively and rebounding – which is a core of being a good team is being able to rebound – he’s coming along really well. [Greg] Monroe has shown that he can score and he’s a decent passer, good team player. They went and picked up Josh Smith. I think sometimes the three-headed monster is tough to play together but there’s ways to work around that. But I like Josh Smith. I like Brandon Jennings as a dynamic point guard who can put up a lot of points. I think they need to learn how to win. I think they need to learn how to play together on a consistent basis and play hard, but they’ve got some intriguing pieces that make me say, ‘Wow, there’s possibilities there.’” NBCSports.com

February 11, 2014 Updates

The Pistons will continue to listen to offers for Greg Monroe, or at least offers of offers for Monroe, who’ll be a restricted free agent this summer. But it doesn’t sound as if they’re actively shopping him, and they’ve made it clear to other teams they’re not trading him for expiring contracts or picks. Then again, there’s a decent chance Monroe’s agent, David Falk, will find another team willing to force their hand with an offer sheet for a max-level contract in July. So what if there’s a blockbuster deal to be made that could bring back, say, Arron Afflalo from Orlando? Detroit News

February 10, 2014 Updates

Everyone is wondering about Monroe and even asking the Pistons about him. Detroit has been unresponsive so far, per sources around the league, and that’s the right move. The Pistons are right in their belief that Monroe is not worthy of a max contract, not even of the smaller “max” players get after their rookie deals expire. Grantland

February 8, 2014 Updates

The next few weeks will tell this tale, but this much is agreed upon around the league: Dumars would be more than willing to trade forward Josh Smith. Yet the reality of Smith's contract signed last summer (four years, $54 million) means he's likely going nowhere, which brings us to the question of what happens with big man Greg Monroe. USA Today Sports

Monroe's agent, David Falk, is known to have taken a max-contract-or-no-deal stance last summer when an extension was not agreed upon between the two sides, and there were strong signs even before Monroe's production declined that Dumars didn't see him as a max player. Yet anyone who saw Falk's deft handling of the Roy Hibbert situation two summers ago should know better than to doubt his ability to find a max offer for Monroe in restricted free agency this summer: The Indiana Pacers had no plans of paying Hibbert max money, but the Portland Trail Blazers did to force Indiana to match. USA Today Sports

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