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July 24, 2013 Updates

Following USA Basketball practice Tuesday, Monroe didn’t look or sound like a player who was headed immediately for the trading block. Indeed, he told SI.com that rumors and speculation involving him are “foolish” and that he is looking forward to enjoying the fruits of what was “by far the biggest summer” of his professional career, headlined by the Smith signing. “I have a very close relationship, as do most players who play for the Pistons, with the front office,” Monroe said. “They communicate with us very well. … There’s always going to be speculation, people are going to make up stuff, they’re going to hear stuff, they’re going to write it. I don’t worry about it. I’m very happy being a Piston and I hope they’re very happy with me. As far as I know, they like me.” SI.com

“I think neither of us want a change,” Monroe said of his standing with the Pistons. “People are going to write stuff. I just laugh at it most of the time, because it’s foolish. That’s how people get paid nowadays. Guys like us have to live with it because we can’t comment on it. It’s going to happen. As long as I know the truth, I’m fine with it.” SI.com

July 16, 2013 Updates

Being enamored with Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo isn’t anything new for the Pistons, but the two sides aren’t likely to embark on a trade any time soon. The Boston Globe reported the Pistons offered guard Brandon Knight and an expiring contract — either Rodney Stuckey or Charlie Villanueva, as cap relief — for Rondo, who’s recovering from an ACL tear. The Celtics would want Andre Drummond, who’s obviously not available and won’t be, and the Pistons want to see how the frontcourt of Drummond, Greg Monroe and Josh Smith play together before making any deals to drastically alter their foundation. Detroit News

July 5, 2013 Updates
June 13, 2013 Updates

Pistons big men Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe are among the players invited to USA Basketball’s July minicamp. The organization announced the 27-man roster this afternoon that includes the past two rookies of the year in point guards Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard. The invite is considered a possible steppingstone for players to represent the U.S. at the 2014 World Cup in Madrid and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. “It’s an honor to be invited to participate in the Team USA camp along with this group of great young players,” Drummond said in the team release. “I’m looking forward to the experience and hope to learn from it.” Detroit Free Press

April 15, 2013 Updates
April 10, 2013 Updates

With the media speculating on Pistons coach Lawrence Frank’s future with the organization, one player offered some support this morning. Greg Monroe, nearing the end of his third season, said after this morning’s shoot-around that Frank has “done a good job” and deserves to return. “Yeah, I think he’s done a good job here,” Monroe said before tonight’s game against the Cavs. “There are a lot guys that have been in and out and new players here. I think once he gets a group of guys, a core that you know will be here, I think it’ll be easier for him.” Detroit Free Press

March 16, 2013 Updates

He doesn't get involved in personnel matters but, unsolicited, he went to the front office during the college basketball season and asked the Pistons to take a long hard look at Andre Drummond. "I mean, there's always somebody every year who can help your team," Monroe said. "I'm not sure of everyone who's a (free agent) but there's someone who can help us." Detroit News

March 1, 2013 Updates

As for Monroe's future, contract talks with the Pistons could begin after his third year, which would be this summer, but Falk said the sides will put things off until July 2014, when Monroe will become a restricted free agent. "Greg isn't gonna go backwards between his third and fourth year," Falk said. "I don't think I've ever done an extension after a third year. In the 90's you maxed out a guy after his second, but the (CBA) rules are different now." "When I evaluate things, with a player of Greg's stature: Take the money out of the equation. I can get it from five different teams. 'Are there players I want to play with? A coach I want to play for? A city I want to live in?' My job is to make the money as insignificant as possible (relatively)." Detroit News

Only time will tell what road the Pistons and their big man are headed down. "What incentive does a player have to do an extension after his third year? For me personally, it's difficult to do that," Falk said. "Larry (Bird) offered a significant extension. The structure of the CBA, for me, I can't speak for others, I question why that makes sense. "Do you want to play in a warm-weather market? A big city? For Roy Hibbert he was comfortable in a small market. Some players feel the opposite." Detroit News

January 9, 2013 Updates

Chad Ford: Nope. I'm told Monroe is untouchable. They do like Cousins, but won't give up Monroe and given Drummond's strong play, there's an increasing feeling in Detroit that they can't trade him either. ESPN.com

January 2, 2013 Updates
December 10, 2012 Updates

Being a player who can consistently be depended upon for 16 and 10 every night, it would be understandable if Monroe started to press a little — something he vehemently denies. But he intimated his lack of offensive flow stems from being used differently than usual. "I'm not fighting anything, I'm doing what I can when I can," Monroe said after Friday night's 108-104 loss to the Bulls. "If I had an off game, it might've been one (recently). That was on me. I'm not in positions I'm normally in to be successful. "Games where I might've had a good game or you guys might call it a good game, I wasn't in those positions as I've been in the past few games." Detroit News

It sometimes takes a while for young big men to find their way in the NBA, and that has been the case with Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe. Selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Georgetown product is starting to come into his own as an NBA big man. “You just have to come out and work, let the game come to you,” Monroe tells HOOPSWORLD of his approach. “My coaches and my teammates have put me in a lot of good positions to be successful, so I just try to execute and try to follow through with the plans and do what I know I can do within myself. At the end of the day, I just want to make sure I’m making plays and I’m willing to do anything to help my team win.” HoopsWorld

November 20, 2012 Updates

Throw out the first three games, in fact, and Monroe’s averages for the season would be 19.1 points. 10. 9 rebounds and 4.0 assists. He shot 40 percent in the first three games, 52.2 percent since and 61.5 percent over the last three. “Just got into a better rhythm,” he said after Tuesday’s practice before the Pistons departed for Orlando and their Thanksgiving eve game with the Magic. “The game becomes a little bit easier. I feel like I’m in a good place right now, but it’s more importantly about the whole team and not about me individually. I’m trying to do whatever I can to help my team win.” NBA.com

November 7, 2012 Updates

Monroe has faced a lack of attention since he was drafted, with temperamenal but explosive big man DeMarcus Cousins always getting more of the attention. Monroe, for his part, thinks that the only way he's going to wind up getting the attention he probably deserves is if he improves and the team starts winning. "I have to continue to improve. Winning takes the front end of any sport. You won't ever get that attention until you become a good player on a winning team. So I focus on winning and trying to improve." CBSSports.com

Monroe's left-handed hook is his go-to, something he learned at arguably the best big-man school in the country, Georgetown. "[The hook] is something that I've been able to use my whole life, basically," Monroe said. "It's something I really improved on at Georgetown, working on it so much. I'll never go away from it, it's something I'll always count on." So what makes for a great hook? "Just positioning. Positioning your body, full extension, the things you read about. It may sound crazy, but it's the simple things, just being fundamental with it." CBSSports.com

October 22, 2012 Updates
October 14, 2012 Updates

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