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February 18, 2014 Updates
February 10, 2014 Updates

Greg Oden, naturally, has an appetite for opportunities after missing more than four seasons due to knee injuries. But that's not why he licks his fingers on just about every offensive possession, and often more than once. "My hands get very dry," Oden said. "Them balls are made for people with sweaty hands, and I got dry hands, so sometimes I can hardly palm the ball." Bleacher Report

February 3, 2014 Updates

Miami had discussions with Bynum before he signed with Indiana, a source said. It would have been odd for the Heat to have Bynum and Greg Oden. Yahoo! Sports

February 2, 2014 Updates

Does he think the Pacers got Bynum, at least in part with him in mind? "I think they got a lot of people in mind," Oden said. "You know, to get to where this team has been, you've got to pass a lot of people. It's not just us. I think they're just adding weapons, to try to help themselves. When that time comes, it's a hard road. You know, I've never been through it before, so it's going to be hard for me also." And the Pacers like to play big. "And hey, they just added size," Oden said. Bleacher Report

January 29, 2014 Updates

Q: What do you think about what Greg Oden is doing here in Miami, and how eager are you to see the progress that he’s making? Kevin Durant: As a friend, I’m excited that he’s back in the league and he’s overcome a lot in his career. It’s a great story that he has: five knee surgeries, he was thinking about retiring before the age of 25, but he came back and he’s out there playing extremely well. It’s fun to see him back. He’s a good friend, somebody I’ve known since high school. I’m excited for him. Oklahoman

Q: Did you talk to Greg Oden over the years when he was out with injury at all? Kevin Durant: Nah, I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. But when he signed with the Heat, I texted him and just told him congrats and I’m happy for him. I know that’s big for him trying to get back into the league, and I’m happy that he’s back. Oklahoman

Now, though, Oden is finally back in the league. And of late, his role has increased, playing a combined 23 minutes the past few games for Miami. “I'm happy for Greg, man,” Durant said. “It's just been so tough for him the last few years with injuries. No doubt in my mind he would have been a dominant center in this league if he didn't get hurt. “Of course it's going to take him some time to get back in the swing of things,” Durant continued. “I'm just glad to see him back on the court, just having been linked together since high school.” Oklahoman

January 26, 2014 Updates

Center Greg Oden did not practice Saturday but Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said he is expected to be available Sunday. Oden was held out after playing a season-high 10 minutes Thursday against the Los Angeles Lakers. "He was able to do some conditioning," Spoelstra said. "He did some individual work before practice. I'll evaluate him [Sunday]. Everything's been good." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

January 24, 2014 Updates

Greg Oden admits it: He considered retiring before he turned 25. He, too, wondered if his ongoing knee problems would allow him to play basketball again. But there was Oden on Thursday night, back on the floor, playing for the Miami Heat in a victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, his fourth game this season after a four-year layoff. "It was a long four years," Oden said. "But now I'm back, I'm healthy and I'm just happy to be doing it. Yahoo! Sports

January 17, 2014 Updates

Miami is bringing Oden along slowly, hoping to mostly keep him encased in bubble wrap until they need the 7-foot bruiser in the playoffs to contend with Indiana’s Roy Hibbert in the Eastern Conference finals or possibly San Antonio’s Tim Duncan if they get together for an NBA Finals rematch. With the image of Oden’s last appearance still fresh in his memory, Webster is happy to see Oden back jumping again – and landing on both feet. “To see him come back from that is amazing,” Webster said. “That kid’s like a little brother to me. I’m very happy and proud of that kid, for making his entry back into the NBA. I felt he always should’ve been here and at the top. And the fact that he’s back and he looks healthy – he’s a step slow, but with time that’ll all come back – just in itself, through all the injuries and everything he’s gone through in life, just the fact that he’s out there and showing glimpses of the old Greg, hopefully, he can get it back on track.” Washington Post

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January 9, 2014 Updates
December 28, 2013 Updates

Oden, traveling with the Miami Heat on their West Coast road trip, has been expanding his pregame workouts. Friday, prior to the Heat's game with Sacramento, the center spent about 20 minutes working with Heat assistant coaches Juwan Howard and Dan Craig, storming out of the paint for closeouts, and running sprints. Sweating profusely, and clearly exhausted—he held himself up by the net at several stages—he did not seem to be in any pain. Bleacher Report

Oden played four minutes in the preseason, but has not played in a regular season contest since Dec. 5, 2009. "Our discipline with that to this point has been the most important thing, and just thinking big picture with him," Spoelstra said. Nor will we hear from Oden in the near future. Oden, honoring the wishes of the organization, hasn't spoken to the media since training camp, and that is not expected to change when he encounters the Portland media he knows quite well. Bleacher Report

December 21, 2013 Updates

Still, Wade’s tone seemed to acknowledge the widely held belief that Oden is still a long way from being cleared to play. “His attitude has been great,” Wade said. “I’m sure at times he has gotten down and got a little frustrated, but he’s giving himself a chance. He is listening to the guys who know the bodies very well — way more than us athletes. “He is doing everything they ask him to do, so it’s giving him an opportunity to get back on the court whenever that time comes. He’s not rushing it, so as someone who has been through injuries before, I’m proud of him being patient and I know he’s frustrated because he wants to get out there and play with us. I know if he keeps doing what he’s doing, his time will come.” Miami Herald

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