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Wolves center Greg Stiemsma wasn't in much of a better mood before Thursday's game than he was after Wednesday's, when he fouled out in eight minutes and marched straight to the locker room late in the 106-84 loss to the Jazz. Adelman said he didn't see Stiemsma walk off but didn't have an issue with it, either, after Steimsma fouled out. "I was not real happy with those officials anyway," Adelman said. "He was upset. If I could have, I might have walked off, too. If I noticed, I might have followed him." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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He internalized his problems to cope. When his parents asked how school was going, he kept the conversation short. When they asked how he was doing, he smiled and tried to appear happy. It couldn’t have been farther from the truth. “It’s kind of a weird feeling,” Stiemsma said. “You’re kind of in a funk, kind of not really motivated. I didn’t really do much with my teammates at the time, who were great. Some of my best friends now were even some of my teammates from then. But it was kind of laying around, sleeping a lot. If I didn’t have to go to practice, I probably wouldn’t leave my bedroom. I’d just go get something to eat and that’s about it.” CSNNE.com

These changes in mood didn’t go unnoticed, though, especially by the team’s trainer, Perez-Guerra. As part of the team for more than 20 years, Perez-Guerra views his job as more than treatment and taping before a game. He uses his time with the players to talk to them, see how things are going in their lives, and help however he can. In Stiemsma’s case, he could sense something was wrong. “Between [academics] and basketball not going as well as he wanted to on the floor, he started becoming more and more withdrawn, sad, almost to the point where he really didn’t care about basketball,” Perez-Guerra told CSNNE.com in a telephone interview. “He was looking more towards, why was he feeling this way -- ‘Why am I here? I’m not sure I really need to be here or I don’t deserve to be here.’ There were a lot of complicated issues that he was dealing with.” CSNNE.com

And then there was that 3am visit, which both men brought it up as a significant moment in their relationship. “I knew that he was having a really, really rough day that day and I was really concerned,“ Perez-Guerra recalled. “Obviously in these cases you can’t rule out anything and I just wanted to make sure he was ok. I feel that that’s part of what I do as an athletic trainer beyond treatment, rehabilitation, but also being there for people who may have a mental issue going on. “I honestly felt a little uncomfortable and I just wanted to go and make sure he was alright, and that’s what I did. … I believe we talked for about two or three hours, and I think that’s where he took the next step and decided that he had a problem and he wanted to get better.” CSNNE.com

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In the third quarter of Saturday night's Minnesota Timberwolves/Golden State Warriors tilt, Love found himself caught in the air and with a whole lot of teammates surrounding him with heads turned. Instead of chucking a shot, firing a pass in hopes that someone would turn around, or tossing it off the backboard Kobe Bryant-style, Love tossed the ball off of teammate Greg Steimsma's back. The ball, now legally cleared, bounced back into Love's hands as he then used those same impressive skills to bait Warriors forward Carl Landry into a foul. Watch: Yahoo! Sports

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Stiemsma signed a two-year contract (the first season and $2.575 million are guaranteed), and four years after the University of Wisconsin graduate began his world tour of basketball, he's almost as close to home as he could possibly be in the NBA. (Only Milwaukee and Chicago boast closer NBA teams to Randolph, a small town in southeastern Wisconsin where Stiemsma grew up.) After Boston fell through, Minneapolis was where he wanted to land, and two weeks into the preseason, Stiemsma is already finding a sense of comfort. "It's awesome," Stiemsma said. "It's the most fun I've had playing in a long time. It's the most comfortable I've been on the floor without always looking over my shoulder and being worried about I'm going to be cut, if I'm going to stay, all that stuff." Fox Sports North

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Darren Wolfson: I'm told Stiemsma (right foot) is fine. #Twolves just being cautious holding him out of 5-on-5 ahead of a long season. Still worth watching. Twitter @DarrenWolfson

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