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During his acceptance speech, Budenholzer got choked up when talking about Popovich, who he coached under in San Antonio. “It seems appropriate to finish with the real Coach of the Year, Gregg Popovich. This award has a permanent spot on his desk in San Antonio. He just shares it around every couple years and lets us take a picture of it. I might be able to sneak back into his office and put it back down. I was very, very fortunate to be so close to a coach who’s done so much for the league, done so much for so many coaches, and has shared so much with me. And I can’t even begin to articulate how thankful I am and all the things I’ve learned. For The Win

Tiago Splitter and his recalcitrant right calf logged a little less than 10 minutes in the Spurs’ series-opening loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday. That was by coach Gregg Popovich’s orders. Having emerged unscathed from his first live action since April 3, the Spurs’ starting center expects to see his involvement rise in Game 2 on Wednesday. “I feel like at least least it didn’t get worse,” said Splitter, who had four points and three rebounds in his Game 1 cameo. “I got some minutes. That’s good. Even in the practices, I didn’t go hard. So it was good to feel myself in the game and running.” San Antonio Express-News

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Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs dropped Game 1 of their first round series to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday night, 107-92. After the game, Coach Pop was his usual sunny self as he gave reporters the most trite and obvious answers he could [barely] think of. How much did DeAndre Jordan affect things? A lot. Does he think of things? He does. Does his team need to be better to win the next game? Yes. The Big Lead

The play registered as just one fleeting moment in the San Antonio Spurs' 107-92 loss Sunday to the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 1 of the Western Conference playoffs, but it epitomized the out-of-character night experienced by the defending NBA champions. That's not to take away credit from the Clippers. "The game was their defense was better than our offense. That's the bottom line," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "Their aggressiveness, their physicality, their athleticism really hurt us offensively." ESPN.com

So people were asking me all week why your style was considered any different than Marshawn’s. I’ve got my own opinion, but how do you see it? Gregg Popovich: The only time I’m uncooperative is the end of the first or third quarter. Other than that, I do interviews and laugh it up with everybody all the time. I just have a philosophical difference with the NBA, and I let them know it every time. But that’s like 1% of the interviews that I do. For The Win

Have you argued to have those after-quarter interviews eliminated? Gregg Popovich: Oh, Sure. Hell, I bring it up every year at the head coaches meeting in Chicago, when all the head coaches are there and TNT and ESPN and all the representatives. I raise my hand every year, and I say, “Well guys, you know what I’m going to say. I don’t understand why we have to do this, to subject the coaches and the questioners to this little period of idiocy. They (the TV people) are in our timeouts the entire game. They have cameras in our timeouts. They hear everything we say. They have microphones and they can use anything they want — you know, we trust them. So if they have total access like that, this end of first and third quarter actually takes us away from our job.” And that’s my philosophical difference with them. For The Win

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