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Messina, who is also a very decorated basketball coach, described how he views Pop’s coaching and managerial style now that he is working side-by-side with him on his personal blog. Here is what Messina had to say. What’s interesting is that he always pushes his coaching staff to argue with him. Sometimes he reminds me one of those Greek philosophers, the sophists, who tried to find the truth through arguments. He really encourages discussion and variety of opinions, seeing them as a means to improve as a unit. ProjectSpurs.com

Although Popovich appears to dread dealing with the media, he adores his job. He just signed a long-term extension in the offseason and took a two-game break to undergo a medical procedure, not appearing the least bit enthusiastic about leaving the profession. “Sure, I don’t know what else I would do,” he said. “It’s winter. Plants don’t grow. I’m having a fight about books right now because I decided at my age that there’s so many things you want to read, you can’t do it. So, do you just give up and read nothing? Or do you go into high gear and read everything you can find? I just wanted to throw that out there. When you’re out long, that’s what your mind does, you start thinking about weird things.” Boston Globe

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But they are also old school in that they have retained their core talent in a way that predates free agency, back to when players had no choice, back to when Red Auerbach, the Boston patriarch, would respond to a player’s plea for a raise by asking, “How would you like a trade to Cincinnati?” “All these guys, the core guys, they’ve made less money in San Antonio than counterparts all across the league — people who will say they gave up that, they gave up this,” Popovich said. “But these guys have given up real money with every new contract to stay together. These guys care about quality of life, and it falls into the way they play.” New York Times

They let down their guard in the closing seconds of Game 6 against the Heat two years ago, gave up a pair of offensive rebounds, 3-point shots and a 6-point lead, and lost the title under the most devastating circumstances. There wasn’t a day last season that Popovich wasn’t haunted by it, he said. When did he finally let it go? “I’ve just sort of begun to do so, to be honest with you,” he said. New York Times

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But Popovich just ... wouldn't ... leave ... the Sagers ... alone. "He called me four or five times in the next month to check on me and my dad," said Junior, and remember, Pop and the Spurs were in the heat of the playoff run. Pop's timing was downright surreal, too. "He called the day of my sister Krista's graduation from the University of Georgia, because my dad couldn't make it," said Junior. "And this was before a game against Portland." NBA.com

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