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September 18, 2013 Updates

While Olajuwon's role is mainly to work with the team's big men, he said he is not just limited to the bigs and Lin really caught his attention. "In Aspen I worked with Jeremy Lin a little bit in the post and I was very impressed," Olajuwon said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. "He has a nice post move. I said 'how come you are not using that in a game.' He said 'I played like that in college' and Olajuwon pointed out to Lin 'If you catch those little guys in the game that guard you, your advantage should be in the post.' "I was told Jeremy's very, very strong. If he's stronger than a guy, take him in the post. The post is not just for big men. The post is for anybody that can take advantage of their size. Take him down in the post." FOX 26 Sports

September 11, 2013 Updates
September 9, 2013 Updates

Kevin Durant is in Barcelona, the last stage of his European Tour after Paris, Milan and Rome. At a press conference held in the only House of Hoops store in Spain, I asked 'Durantula' about Hakeem Olajuwon's wish to help him improve his post game, as said in an interview with NiceKicks.com. This was his answer. "I don't know. At this point there's only one Hakeem Olajuwon. I don't know how much he can really help me but of course I watched him as a kid and I watch films of him now. I just try to take some stuff out of his game and put it to mine's, but it's so hard to try to be like Hakeem Olajuwon. But I'm up for anything. I'm looking forward to learning from anybody, so... We'll see". Will KD team up with The Dream? Sounds good. Sulia

September 8, 2013 Updates
September 7, 2013 Updates

With so many players having come to him for advice, Olajuwon was asked if there’s a particular player he’d like to work with. While he mentioned Kevin Durant, it was Blake Griffin whom Olajuwon seemed to think could benefit the most from his teachings. From George Kiel III of Nice Kicks: “I don’t know that I would like to, but a player that needs [my help] is Blake Griffin. If you look at Blake, he’s very explosive, but he needs the moves that can get him in that position where he can finish. [...] So he would be an ideal guy to where, when I watch him play and I see how explosive he is, I’d give him all of these moves to take him to a whole different level.” NBCSports.com

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August 16, 2013 Updates
August 13, 2013 Updates

“Having these guys in my backyard and have them pushing me to the limit is just going to make me better,” said Howard after his 90-minute workout wrapped up. “It’s not about emulating Dream. That’s the thing. We get caught up in comparing players, trying to do what this guys does just because you work with him. The thing is, when you workout with a guy like Hakeem or Kevin McHale, you take away certain things. You don’t try to do everything they can do. I could workout with Michael Jordan, but I’m not going to be able to shoot the fadeaway like Michael Jordan. NBA.com

This is the arsenal these legends are offering. This is the mindset they want to instill. And they come equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience so encyclopedic and expansive that even Olajuwon himself appeared somewhat awestruck by what had just taken place on an otherwise uneventful Monday afternoon. “Standing there with Coach McHale, for me as a big guy, it was incredible to listen to what he was teaching and to see the look in his eyes, realizing his basketball IQ and understanding of the game,” Olajuwon said. “I was just thinking, ‘Wow, how lucky (Howard) is to be with two Hall of Famers, adding true value to his development.’ “As good as he is right now, he’s still very raw. But he has all the tools so I’m like a kid in a candy store. That’s why we give him the fundamentals of these moves. There’s a rhythm. And once he sees it, then it’s easier to emulate and then incorporate with power. He has the power. Now we’re adding finesse to the power. “The best big men in the game - they’re game-changers. That’s what he is. And he’s in the right situation where the coach understands it, he demands it, and Dwight can give it.” NBA.com

August 5, 2013 Updates

While fasting and having taken on no fluids for more than 12 hours ahead of game time, when tip-off arrived, his statistics would go up rather than down. In February 1995, he was named NBA Player of the Month, despite Ramadan having started on February 1. In a 1997 report, the New York Times described a fasting Olajuwon as "depleted" and "dominant" in a match against Jordan's Chicago Bulls. "I always felt bad for him," Robert Horry, a teammate of Olajuwon's from 1992 to 1996, said recently. "I don't mean for that to come across wrong, but when you are playing an NBA game, you gotta have massive reserves of energy. "There are 48 minutes to a game and for you to play 42 minutes of that 48 and not even be able to take a sip of water, that is just phenomenal." The National Newspaper

August 3, 2013 Updates

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