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September 13, 2011 Updates

Now a forward with the Phoenix Suns, Warrick said he had no trouble finding players to take part in the game, as he quickly assembled a Team Philly roster of Marcus and Markieff Morris, John Salmons and Wayne Ellington among others. The Philadelphia roster is set, Warrick said, but the team has yet to appoint a coach. “I didn’t have to sell it at all, it came to a point where I was hoping that some people would turn me down because we we’re getting too many people,” said Warrick. “It wasn’t a tough sell to go out there and play for your city. For a lot of these guys that grew up in the Philadelphia-area, basketball is a big thing, and you don’t want to get embarrassed.” Philadelphia Inquirer

September 6, 2011 Updates

Suns forward Hakim Warrick is also playing general manager this summer, trying to organize a team of fellow Philadelphians to play Carmelo Anthony's Baltimore crew. Following the buzz of last week's game between Washington, D.C.-based Goodman League and Baltimore-based Melo League, Warrick tweeted, "I got my team ready to go #teamphilly . . . we got now we dont care who got next . . . lets make it happen." Arizona Republic

September 1, 2011 Updates

Warrick told ESPN.com that he and Anthony, former college teammates at Syracuse, spoke Wednesday and have tentatively arranged to stage an exhibition game in Philadelphia before the end of September. "I was trying to do a Philly and Baltimore game awhile ago," Warrick said. "Then when I saw Drew League vs. Goodman League and Team Melo vs. Goodman [on Tuesday night], I was like, 'Man, let me go ahead and set this up.' "I told [Anthony] that we want to play them next and they have to come up to Philly. And he said he's with it." ESPN.com

Warrick says he'll try to recruit Philadelphia-reared stalwarts such as Sacramento's Tyreke Evans, Orlando's Jameer Nelson and Detroit's Richard Hamilton to play on the Philly squad. Other players Warrick expects to play include Houston's Kyle Lowry, Sacramento's John Salmons, Minnesota's Wayne Ellington, Charlotte's Gerald Henderson, veteran NBA guard Ronald Murray (who finished last season in Turkey) and recent draftees Markieff and Marcus Morris, who were selected in the first round in June by Phoenix and Houston, respectively. ESPN.com

July 28, 2011 Updates

With the NFL lockout officially over, the NBA is the only league in limbo. And unsurprisingly, players have been keeping up with the progress that the NFL made over the last few weeks, culminating with the end of the lockout. Phoenix Suns forward and former Friends Central standout Hakim Warrick is one of those players. Warrick, who is in the area playing in the Delco Pro-Am Summer League, said he hopes the NBA owners are taking notes from the NBA on how to compromise. ”I hope so,” Warrick said on Wednesday after wrapping up a league game playing with the Friends’ Central Alumni team. “We just got to take it one step at a time, realize that they [the NFL] went through it a little longer than we actually did. We’re just really getting started and really didn’t get back into negotiations. … We’re supposed to be doing that soon.” CSNPhilly.com

December 18, 2010 Updates
November 9, 2010 Updates

Griz owner Michael Heisley, who attended Monday's game, was counting on Darrell Arthur to fill Warrick's shoes. Heisley later admitted regret over the decision, and it's apparent that Warrick is missed. "He brings a lot of juice to practice every day," Hollins said. "He loves to play. He loves to compete. No matter how down everybody is when practice starts, Hakim is ready to go. He loves to talk trash. If he blocks a shot or scores on you, you're going to hear about it the rest of practice. If he beats you in a shooting game, you're going to hear about it. Those kinds of guys are great to have around." Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 29, 2010 Updates
October 24, 2010 Updates
September 20, 2010 Updates

“I didn’t want him coming in and thinking he needed to be Amare,” Gentry told Sporting News. “Amare is a unique player and no one guy is going to fill his shoes. I wanted Hakim to understand that we just want him to do what he does and not worry about trying to be someone else.” For Warrick, the message was well-received. “That is something I know coming in,” Warrick told Sporting News. “I know just because the way it happened, because I signed right after Amare left that there are some people who might make that comparison. But I know I am not coming here to replace Amare. He is an All-NBA, All-Star player, but it is going to be a team effort in terms of making up for his loss.” Sporting News

August 25, 2010 Updates
August 23, 2010 Updates
July 28, 2010 Updates

Hakim Warrick: Just woke up 2 some horrible news... Thoughts and prayers go out 2 Lorenzen Wright's family. Twitter

July 12, 2010 Updates
July 9, 2010 Updates
July 2, 2010 Updates

A person with knowledge of the negotiations with the Suns confirmed to CBSSports.com that the team had to renounce his rights to sign power forward Hakim Warrick -- a sure sign that Stoudemire is gone. As a result of renouncing his rights, Phoenix can no longer sign-and-trade Stoudemire. The issue for Stoudemire and other second-tier free agents like Joe Johnson has been their concern over being the only star player who winds up going to New York. With no other All-Stars on a roster that was gutted for a run at James, Wade and/or Bosh, a Knicks team with Stoudemire as the only star would put immense pressure on him to fill the shoes of the superstars who went elsewhere. CBSSports.com

Since Nash returned to the Suns, no rotation player but for a backup (Marcus Banks) has come to Phoenix and not benefitted statistically from playing alongside the two-time Most Valuable Player. Warrick said half of NBA players want to play in the Suns' system with Nash. "I know he's going to take my game to a whole other level," Warrick said. Arizona Republic

The Phoenix Suns have reached agreement with forward Hakim Warrick on a four-year, $18 million contract, a deal that likely foreshadows the departure of All-Star Amar’e Stoudemire, league sources said. Yahoo! Sports

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