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Jackson has been coy about how he'll replace Lee in the starting lineup and overall, but I've got to believe the Warriors are leaning towards going small (with Harrison Barnes moving to the 4 and Jarrett Jack into the starting lineup) for most of the game, whether that's to start the game or not. It's just the best way to get his better, faster players on the floor at the same time, and then Jackson can pinpoint when he wants to get Carl Landry in for some post scoring... and I'd think Jackson will have a quick trigger on Landry and Bogut playing together, since they don't seem like a real fit and they didn't play much in tandem this season. Contra Costa Times

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The GSWs really only have one reliable dribble-play-maker, and that’s Jarrett Jack, and when he’s off, it doesn’t look pretty. They’re hoping Harrison Barnes can develop into a dynamic wing play-maker, and he has shown that ability in spots, but so far that has been hit and miss and mostly from the top of the key… and not as a passer. I’ve been told a few times by team sources that the Warriors know they could use an explosive offensive player, and that’s one of the reasons the Warriors were interested in Dion Waiters the last draft; Waiters is an erratic shooter, certainly not at the same level as Curry or Thompson, but he can get into the lane on his own and he’s dynamic with the ball. San Jose Mercury-News

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Have the Warriors given you any one thing to focus on this season? Harrison Barnes: Coach just keeps telling me to be aggressive. I remember one game, I was at the scorer's table, checking in, and Coach came up and said, "Go out there and be aggressive." And I was like, "OK coach, I got you." And he said, "Be aggressive. I'm not going to cuss you out." It's interesting to have a coach with that much confidence, that much belief in you, just telling you go out there and just play. I've been surprised at how well you guys have played this season. I think most people thought it would take you guys another year or two to come together, but you guys are a six-seed in the West right now. Harrison Barnes: Other than the little slide we had just before All-Star, it's been great to just be involved with it. I think if we can just continue to chip away, continue to improve, we'll be all right. You know, if someone told us we would lose five straight games and still be sixth in the West, that's unbelievable. We had an edge early on, and then it kind of weighed on us a little bit. We kind of got complacent, didn't play much defense these last five games. So this will be a good time for us to regroup and get back to what we were doing. GQ.com

What do you do when you have some time off? I've been watching a little bit of soccer. Been watching more of that, actually. What's your team? I'm Barca for La Liga, and then also Man United. But really I've been watching "Being Liverpool." Have you see that? The TV show with Clive Owen narrating? That show is great. Crazy good. I'm also a TV show addict. Reality TV? (disappointed) Not reality. "Homeland," "Breaking Bad," "Scandal," "Boardwalk Empire." We take so many flights that it's easy to watch an entire season in a few days. GQ.com

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