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December 27, 2013 Updates

“The word ‘legend’ doesn’t appropriately describe Harvey,” NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver tells JTA. “He’s really the heart and soul of the 76ers, a walking encyclopedia of NBA history and a testament to the family nature of this league.” Pollack, vigorous at 91, remains a Philadelphia courtside fixture, scrupulously keeping each game’s statistics without so much as eyeglasses to assist. Pollack, in fact, predates the NBA, going back to the Warriors’ Basketball Association of America debut in 1946. Jewish Daily Forward

He long ago developed an intricate code to convey information to a colleague across the court for input into a desktop computer. The colleague recording the data for statistical posterity? His 67-year-old son, Ron, who has worked with dad since 1962. On the night of Chamberlain’s wondrous game in Hershey, Pa., it was Ron who ran copy to the Western Union desk for transmittal to the wire services. Ron’s son Brian, 40, works nearly every game with them from near the basket, calling out turnovers and substitutions. Not even the elder Pollack can monitor everything. Jewish Daily Forward

The term “triple-double” for a player netting 10 or more points, rebounds and assists in a game — Pollack’s doing. These days he even charts which NBA players sport tattoos. Pollack is the Philadelphia 76ers’ director of statistical information, a paltry title for the unofficial historian of all things throughout the National Basketball Association’s existence. Jewish Daily Forward

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Sixers Director of Statistical Information Harvey “Super Stat” Pollack has recorded several stunning figures over the course of his 65-year career. Although the NBA Hall of Famer is best known for writing the “100” sign held by Wilt Chamberlain after his landmark 100-point game, Pollack’s notoriety for a very different number is boosting his profile, too. 3000. Then 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, and as of today, 3005. Pollack has worn exactly 3005 T-shirts over the course of the last nine years – a different shirt every day – in his quest to be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. NBA.com

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