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February 22, 2011 Updates

You know I'm desperate when I report this rumor: I hear the Cavs have a mild interest in Hasheem Thabeet, the No. 2 pick in the 2009 draft who has been a major disappointment for Memphis. The UConn product is 7-3, 270 pounds and extremely raw on offense. But he can block shots and perhaps can be a factor on defense. Memphis wants to dump his contract, which is worth about $5 million annually over the next three years. Cleveland Plain Dealer

February 17, 2011 Updates

The player the Grizzlies have been peddling the most is Thabeet, the former No. 2 pick who has been a bust. "He's got no value, in my opinion," an NBA personnel scout said. "But it only takes one team to like him." SI.com

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February 2, 2011 Updates

The Griz continue to comb the league for a deal involving Hasheem Thabeet. They aren't getting any offers compelling enough to give away the 7-3 project center. Right now, it's J-will or bust. The Griz aren't planning to to sign any players to a 10-day contract. Memphis Commercial Appeal

He may have been the second-overall pick of the 2009 NBA Draft, but Thabeet almost seems unwanted. Just don't tell that to him. "I'm definitely getting better," Thabeet told HOOPSWORLD. "I'm doing all of the little things the coaches want me to do. I'm getting better every day." HoopsWorld

The biggest area for improvement in Thabeet's game is undoubtedly offense. He hasn't been able to use his 9-5 standing reach near the hoop, and, as a result, Thabeet has shot only 44% from the field this season. To remedy this problem, Lionel Hollins' staff is pushing the second-year center to get the ball as high as possible. "The hook shot," Thabeet said. "That's my go-to move. I've been working on it for better timing. "It's way better," he continued. "I'm at it every day. Every year I've progressed. Mostly [I'm shooting] right-handed, but a lot of times I'll shoot it with my left hand. At my best though, I'm shooting it with my right." HoopsWorld

January 27, 2011 Updates

Chris Vernon: also heard there is possible interest in Thabeet (amazing!). OKC still would take him/ others too- return would obviously be small Twitter

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December 23, 2010 Updates

To that end, 7-3 center Hasheem Thabeet is no longer unavailable. The Griz had resisted offers for the second-year player. But Thabeet is now being viewed as an asset most likely to be traded in order to augment the Grizzlies. Memphis Commercial Appeal

December 21, 2010 Updates

"It's really difficult,'' Thabeet said about living up to expectations of being the No. 2 pick. "I'm here working out. The team knows where they are with me. I'm just doing my job. I don't really have an explanation about the question I get every day. I put myself in this situation so I got to deal with it. But to be part (of the NBA) is special, and I'm happy to be here.'' FanHouse.com

Now, Thabeet said he would accept it willingly if the Grizzlies decided again to send him to the D-League. He's eligible since teams can dispatch players in such a manner during their first two seasons. "I wouldn't have a problem,'' Thabeet said about going back to the D-League. "I just want to play ... I don't want to be the guy that's hanging around. I want to play. So if they call me out there, I'll go out there. Now, I'm here so I've just got to do my work.'' FanHouse.com

December 17, 2010 Updates

Sam: Chris Richard always seems a possibility. As Gar Forman suggested Thursday, they’ll go with what they have now with the idea they weren’t playing Thomas, so that’s like an addition to the front line. With Boozer, Gibson, Asik and Thomas and Deng playing four on occasion, they figure for now there aren’t minutes, anyway, for someone else, and hardly anyone who would be good enough to play ahead of whom they already have. But I’ve got plenty of associate GMs on my emailing staff and some of the names suggested in trades or pickups include Craig Smith, Aaron Gray, Ryan Hollins, Derrick Brown, Joey Dorsey, Marressee Speights and Hasheem Thabeet. You’d probably have to give up J.J. in a deal, and, frankly, I’d rather keep him and get him some time before I give up on him. NBA.com

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December 13, 2010 Updates

Right now, teams are making their due diligence calls, but no signficant offers. But one mame that is eminently available is Memphis's Hasheem Thabeet, who isn't one of the '10 free agent signees but is getting shopped hard by the Grizzlies, who have their center of the future in Marc Gasol. So the Grizz are looking to cut bait with the second pick in the '09 Draft, who's already had an NBA D-League stint, as soon as possible. NBA.com

October 29, 2010 Updates

The Memphis Grizzlies say they have exercised contract options on guard O.J. Mayo, forward Darrell Arthur and center Hasheem Thabeet. The team said Thursday it exercised the fourth year option on Mayo, who has averaged nearly 18 points per game since being the third overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft. It also exercised the fourth year option on Arthur, a reserve forward. Memphis acquired his draft rights during the 2008 draft. ESPN.com

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