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March 11, 2015 Updates

Asked what led to Monday’s incident, Whiteside said “it was a buildup of things, from getting elbowed in the face on the first play on my first block. A couple of shots to the face on the rebound. I let it get out of hand…I told Kelly I didn’t mean to hurt him. “I’ve got to take the hits and hope the refs just keep me safe out there. I’ve got to do better. I’m starting to realize I’m a bigger name in the NBA than what I was. [But] it’s kind of frustrating when random guys are hitting you in your face. People in the scouting report are probably saying, hit this guy with a couple of cheap shots and let’s see what he’ll do. I’ve got to just take it and hope the refs see it.” Miami Herald

March 10, 2015 Updates

As Hassan Whiteside awaits word from the NBA office on possible further consequences from his Flagrant 2 foul Monday night against Boston Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk for a two-handed shove to the back and subsequent ejection, the emerging Heat center already has incurred significant financial penalties for his on-court conduct this season. Based on his combination of technical fouls, ejections and his $15,000 league fine for last week's skirmish with Phoenix Suns center Alex Len, Whiteside, who earns $770,000 this season, has already been sanctioned $40,000 by the NBA prior to a ruling on the Olynyk incident. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Shortly after Whiteside’s ejection, Udonis Haslem (he was out with multiple injuries) stormed from the bench to the locker room. It is unknown why he went back there, but there is one obvious possibility. Palm Beach Post

Is Wade disappointed? “Very,” he said. “We all are. As a Heat fan you are. In this locker room we are. Everybody. He’s gonna have to learn and he’s gonna learn the hard way. He’s doing it his own way. Hopefully he changes his mentality pretty quick. “Players gotta understand how important they are to an organization and continue to understand that moment when you finally got that call-up, how you felt. You would’ve done anything to get that, just to be here. Sometimes you start feeling yourself a little too much. A lot of us are guilty of that. You’ve gotta humble yourself. Hopefully Hassan gets it.” Palm Beach Post

There, he watched Hassan Whiteside deliver an unprovoked cheap shot at Kelly Olynyk, which earned an easy ejection. A suspension is almost sure to follow for Whiteside, who rammed Olynyk from behind and sent the Celtics forward flying into the court-side photographers, dazed and certainly confused. What the heck? “I don’t even know what happened,” said Olynyk. NBA.com

March 9, 2015 Updates

Whiteside then got a tryout with the Lakers, but didn't get an invite to training camp. "They picked Wayne Ellington over me," he says. Then came an invite to go to the Grizzlies' camp. He played in five preseason games before getting cut -- again, no surprise, given Memphis's roster, with Marc Gasol an All-Star incumbent at center, Zach Randolph newly extended and Kosta Koufos set as the backup big man. "Chris Wallace (the Grizzlies' GM) told me to just go down and dominate the D-League, and I thought I could, too," Whiteside said. "They had a lot of bigs. Gasol was playing really well. Maybe they didn't need me. I found my own path." NBA.com

But can Miami sink $65 million or so into him in 2016? The Heat signed Whiteside to a two-year deal in November, which includes a club option for next season that the Heat will certainly exercise. But that's all Miami can do. The Heat can't give Whiteside an extension before his contract expires as contracts that are for four years or less can't be extended. So he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2016. NBA.com

"It's real," Wade said. "The only thing that you hope for with someone like that is, for one, he stays healthy, for two, he stays hungry, and he stays humble. If he does those things, it's real. It's a good start when you have a guy, unexpected like that, 25 years old, that can dominate the game the way he's able to do." Whiteside has made his biggest strides in his consistency with the Heat's development program. "That's all we've asked," Spoelstra said. "That hasn't changed from day one. It was never about how many minutes, how many shots, how many opportunities. It was about commitment to our player development program. And that hasn't changed since he's found more success on the court. We still expect him to work ...every day, pre-practice, post-practice and film sessions. And he hasn't formed a sense of entitlement from his play. He's been very committed to the work behind the scenes." NBA.com

Last summer, Whiteside played with the Raptors' Summer League team, along with Toronto's first-round pick, Bruno Cabolco. Whiteside played in three games, at 17 minutes per game, and averaged 10 rebounds per game. That's a Per 36 minutes average of ... 21.1 rpg. "You go get on a computer, and you look at per minute," Whiteside says, "all through my career, and you will see the numbers. It ain't, 'oh, what clicked? What clicked? What clicked?' Nothing clicked. I just never had a chance." NBA.com

March 7, 2015 Updates

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