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Everybody in the NBA wants top get their hands on the next Hassan Whiteside — a late bloomer who been a force in the middle for the Miami Heat. The guy who may fit that profile is Eli Holman, formerly of the University of Detroit and now playing in China where he finished one assist shy of a triple-double in Game 1 of his team’s first-round playoff series. There are some remarkable similarities between their stories. But whether Holman jumps to the NBA after the Chinese playoffs or remains overseas remains an open question. For now, I have heard that there are three NBA teams interested, but that number should grow after Holman’s near triple-double of 15 points, 16 rebounds, and nine assists in Game 1 of the Guangsha-Liaonang series. Holman is 25, like Whiteside, and other similarities are remarkably coincidental, to say the least. SheridanHoops

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"It's amazing," Whiteside told USA TODAY Sports. "It still feels kind of surreal to me, you know? I don't know when it's going to really feel normal. But on the court, it feels normal. All the other stuff doesn't — coming in with the nice hotels and stuff. It's just great, man. It's great." USA Today Sports

But concerns about his acumen and arrogance scared executives who feared wasting a first-round pick on such an unpredictable player. And despite some early projections that he would be a lottery pick, he was eventually taken in the second round (33rd overall) by the Sacramento Kings. His former agent, Andre Buck, said on that draft night in 2010 that Whiteside's refusal to take his medication for attention deficit disorder was to blame for the slide. At that time, Whiteside denied he even had ADD. Either way, Buck said something then that stands true to this day. USA Today Sports

"He did have spurts where he would really turn it on, and his numbers for shot blocking were incredible," Musselman recalls. "But it was just a matter of him not embracing being a part of the team, which is hard to do for NBA guys — especially when they know that it's (temporary). "The D-League is temporary for everybody involved, but you add in the fact that you're getting paid by your NBA team, you have your NBA per diem, and you kind of have one foot in and one foot out anyhow. ... Hassan just had two feet out instead of one in and one out." USA Today Sports

"The question was desire and focus," Musselman said. "When he was paired next to Danny Green on the same roster, or Jeremy Lin, he was so focused on one thing and one thing only: 'How do I get out of here to be at the next level?' And Jeremy's focus was, 'How do I get better as a player?' And so not everybody has the same focus when they're in the minor leagues or trying to find their niche in the NBA, but you've got to have a focus. "But with Hassan, at that particular stage because he was so young, his whole mindset was, 'Why am I here? Why do I have to be (here)? I don't like it here, and I don't want to be here.' And so that's why it probably took him longer for this to happen. To his credit, he did stick with it. He did go play in some obscure places around the world. ... I think all these experiences have molded him, and you're seeing a guy who's now starting to reach his potential." USA Today Sports

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With 41 seconds left and the Timberwolves up one, Norris Cole inbounded the ball to Whiteside, Whiteside passed it back to him, then Cole sent Whiteside back out of bounds and handed him the ball to inbound it again. If anyone wants an explanation for why that took place, they will not be getting it from the Heat locker room. Whiteside: “I don’t really know. I don’t really know what the mix-up was. But that play don’t even matter because they didn’t score on it.” Cole: “I’m not really sure, but they didn’t score off of it, so it let me rest my mind easier. That’s not the reason we lost the game.” Palm Beach Post

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A free agent, Whiteside had one of his first workouts with Miami. In 2010, the Heat had strongly considered drafting Whiteside; they wanted to give him a second look. The workout didn’t go well. The Heat, said Whiteside’s former agent, Brian Samuels, didn’t think Whiteside was totally invested in becoming an NBA player. According to Samuels, Pat Riley suggested Whiteside take a year off, get his head on straight, and decide what he wanted to do. “This kid has always had an immense amount of talent,” Samuels said. “He just needed to wrap his head around the idea that this was a full-time job. Back then, I don’t think he was there yet.” Sports Illustrated

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In locking up Whiteside to a two-year deal that includes a non-guaranteed 2015-16 season at the NBA minimum, the Heat put themselves in position where they will have no choice but to allow the emerging center to become an unrestricted free agent in July 2016. Under NBA rules, contracts shorter than three years in length, such as Whiteside's, cannot be extended. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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What can he be, after averaging 13 points, 10.6 rebounds and 3.4 blocks in 23.6 minutes in January? "I don't know," Whiteside said. "I really can't tell you the future. I couldn't have called this year, though. I don't know, man. I'm just going to try to keep building, just try to win every game. I'm going to try to do my best to put us in a winning situation." Bleacher Report

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