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May 26, 2012 Updates
April 27, 2012 Updates

“Once again, no decision has been made,” Bird said by phone Thursday evening. “I’ll sit down with my owner at the end of the season and we’ll talk about things.” Bird, who has a year-to-year handshake agreement with Simon, made a similar comment last month after a story in the New York Post came out. He also said something along those lines to The Star’s Bob Kravitz last week. “Honestly, it’s not even a debate around my house,” Bird told Kravitz. “I’ll sit down with Herbie (team owner Herb Simon) when it’s all done and we’ll move from there. Herbie will ask me about it every once in a while, but I don’t want to be a distraction. Right now, it’s the furthest thing from my mind.” Indianapolis Star

April 18, 2012 Updates
December 29, 2011 Updates

A nanny and chauffeur who lost their suit against Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon and his wife have lost even more. A Los Angeles judge ordered them Wednesday to pay $122,000 in attorney’s fees to the Simons. The judge ruled in September that the employment suit was groundless, holding that the billionaire and his former beauty queen wife, Bui, were extremely generous with nanny Claudia Leite (lye-TAY’) and chauffeur Robert Young. Indianapolis Star

October 26, 2011 Updates

The authors of the letter were Paul Allen of Portland, Herb Simon on Indiana, Bob Johnson of Charlotte, George Shinn of New Orleans, Larry Miller of Utah, Michael Heisley of Memphis, Glen Taylor of Minnesota and Herb Kohl of Milwaukee. Johnson and Shinn have since sold their teams and Miller has passed away, giving way to his son, Greg. But the situations in those markets haven’t changed. In essence, that letter is the root of the current lockout. And, it is turning out, perhaps a core reason the owners can’t make a deal with the players after more than two years of negotiations. ESPN.com

October 19, 2011 Updates
September 14, 2011 Updates

Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon and his Miss Universe wife were totally right to fire two of the most UNGRATEFUL employees on the planet ... so says an L.A. judge. Simon just scored a huge victory over his former nanny and his former driver -- who both accused the NBA owner and his wife Bui of treating them like crap and cheating them out of a TON of cash. Today, the court tentatively found that the Simons were not only in the right -- but the judge implied they are the most GENEROUS bosses ever ... who showered their former nanny with gifts like diamonds, iPods, Prada sandals, cash and even a MERCEDES ... out of the goodness of their hearts. TMZ.com

September 9, 2011 Updates
August 25, 2011 Updates

A judge has suggested she will dismiss key portions of a lawsuit by a nanny who claimed she was fired by billionaire Herb Simon and his wife because the employee became pregnant. Superior Court Judge Amy Hogue said Wednesday she didn’t find nanny Claudia Leite (LEYE’-tay) to be a credible witness. The judge described Simon’s wife, Bui (BOO’-ee), as kind and generous toward her household employees. She says it’s inconceivable Bui Simon, who has four children and runs a foundation for orphans, would discriminate against someone for becoming pregnant. Washington Times

August 21, 2011 Updates

Miller may eventually become president of the Pacers one of these days, but if Simon has his choice at the moment he’d rather have Bird stay in his current position as long as possible. When asked via email if he or anybody else has talked to people, including Donnie Walsh, to get their thoughts about Miller in the Pacers front office, Simon said, “No..hoping Larry stays as long as he wants.” Indianapolis Star

Miller has spent the past six years working in television, not learning how to run a team. I agree with Wojnarowski that Walsh would be a good person for Miller to learn from. Having Miller return will likely bridge the gap between some of the “old” Pacers and the current group. Miller hasn’t been seen much around Conseco Fieldhouse since he retired, according to sources. I’ve only seen Miller at the fieldhouse three times since he walked off the court in May 2005. Once for a TNT game, his jersey retirement and during his documentary premiere. Indianapolis Star

August 18, 2011 Updates

Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon has heeded Larry Bird’s private and public proclamations that Bird is working his final year as the team’s president, that his staying through the lockout had been a favor to his boss. As Simon investigates possible succession plans, there’s one candidate emerging over everyone else: Pacers legend Reggie Miller. Yahoo! Sports

Simon has been canvassing people he respects – including his longtime former general manager Donnie Walsh – for opinions about how they believe Miller would do with the transition from television to management. Several people with longstanding ties to Miller and the Pacers are pushing Miller to pursue the job, and as one tells Yahoo! Sports: “He’s going to look hard at this, if it’s presented in the right way.” Simon has considered this possibility for several years, sources said, and thinks the timing could be right to groom Miller to run his basketball operations. This is likely Miller’s one chance to ever run a team. And where else would he rather do it, but in the city, the state, where he became basketball royalty? Yahoo! Sports

And the reason Simon could bring Miller, with no executive experience, to the Pacers is the same reason he brought Bird and Thomas to Indianapolis: the chance for Walsh to mentor Miller. “Herb really wants that to happen,” says a league official with close ties to Miller and Walsh. Yahoo! Sports

Walsh is extremely fond of Miller, and sources say Simon believes Miller could evolve into a good basketball executive. The possibility of teaching him the trade, the craft, and eventually handing the Pacers over to Miller is intriguing to Walsh too, sources said. Miller isn’t the only choice, because there’s one more ex-Pacer that the owner and Walsh have a fondness for: Chris Mullin. Walsh wanted to hire Mullin with the Knicks, but ownership wouldn’t allow it. Still, Reggie is Reggie in Indiana. There’s no more magical pro basketball name there. Yahoo! Sports

August 2, 2011 Updates

The wife of Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon testified Tuesday that she knew nothing about violence in the past of a nanny who worked for her and said she would not have hired her if she had known. Bui Simon said that she never heard of that allegation against Claudia Liete until after she had fired her in a dispute and the nanny sued the couple for wrongful dismissal. Oklahoman

A nanny who worked for Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon and his wife testified in a wrongful-firing case Monday that the couple knew of her tumultuous life, court cases against her and a brief stint in jail but decided to keep her on their staff. Claudia Liete claims the Simons fired her in February 2010 when they found out she was pregnant and they failed to pay wages that were due to her. She's seeking compensatory and punitive damages but has not specified an amount. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Simons contend they fired Liete because she was in conflict with another member of the household staff and caused dissension in the home, according to their attorney. They claim they never knew about her history of violent episodes until she sued. Liete testified that Simon's wife, Bui, said she didn't care about problems the nanny was having with boyfriends and a husband, and that Herb Simon once told her during a conversation about the problems: "Bad boyfriends, bad boyfriends, Claudia." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

February 28, 2011 Updates

LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the Heat. Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks. Deron Williams to the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets. Dwight Howard threatening to leave Orlando. Leaving Cleveland, Toronto, Denver, Utah and Orlando to wonder how they can compete -- much less survive -- in a league that gets top-heavier each passing month. "I'm a little concerned about the gravitation away from the smaller teams,'' Simon said. "If Green Bay can win (an NFL) championship with 100,000 population, then we should be able to win a championship, too.'' Indianapolis Star

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