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Sam: I’ve always had a soft spot for Horace, so I go with him as well, though also because he was a more well rounded and disciplined player than Noah. Maybe Noah eventually becomes that. Everyone loves his effort, which is great, but already he is missing way more games than Horace ever missed and there were times fans accused Horace of being a malingered. In Horace’s first six seasons with the Bulls he missed combined 16 games. NBA.com

March 10, 2011 Updates

Now there’s a lot of uncertainty with a potential lockout for next season. You suffered one as a player in 1999. Which advice would you give to the Players’ Union and the owners in order to avoid a second and surely hurtful lockout? Horace Grant: I think the Players’ Union and the owners got to come to some type of agreement. It’s not just about the players and the owners, they have people depending on the NBA for their livelihoods. You have small markets like Indiana, Cleveland, New Orleans, maybe Memphis… Those people in those communities need the NBA to survive. There’s so much to share. How much is it enough for both sides? HoopsHype

December 24, 2010 Updates

As you can see from the chart below, the top individual season doesn't belong to either of the famous Celtics trios, nor a couple other ballyhooed triumvirates. Rather, it's the 1991-92 Bulls with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant. How? Well, Jordan won the MVP award and was the league's best player, all three had PERs in the 20s and they played more than 9,000 minutes between them. If you think this was just a case of Jordan's greatness lifting the overall average, you couldn't be more wrong. Actually, Jordan is the "weak" link here. As a great third banana, Grant brought up the average substantially -- his 1991-92 season had an EWA of 12.9, tying with Tony Parker in 2007 for the best mark of any third wheel. Pippen also had the best EWA of any No. 2 performer that season. The Bulls would have ranked even higher except that Jordan had something of an off year by his own ridiculously lofty standards. ESPN.com

November 19, 2010 Updates

Speaking exclusively to MVP, Grant – who won three titles with the legendary Chicago team of the 90s – said the Londoner deserved a place at the All-Star Game. “Most definitely,” he insisted. “I have always liked Luol’s game. He’s a slasher, he’s a scorer – and plus he can play defence.“After signing that big contract, he just had a down year and a half – and many guys go through that. But right now I think he’s definitely redeemed himself, in terms of coming out this year and just playing some great basketball. And he does have a legitimate shot to make the All-Star team”. MVP 24/7

November 2, 2010 Updates

Ex-NBA star Horace Grant has filed a $3 million securities arbitration claim against Morgan Keegan & Co. regarding losses in mutual funds that supposedly had interests in collateralized debt obligations, according to a Dow Jones Newswires story this morning. At the same time, ProPublica is reporting that the SEC is investigating whether JPMorgan (JPM) allowed a hedge fund to improperly pick assets for a $1.1 billion deal backed by subprime mortgages. barrons.com

July 5, 2010 Updates

A California judge said Morgan Keegan has to pay up. The Memphis based company was trying to appeal the $1.5 million awarded to retired NBA star, Horace Grant during arbitration. The four-time NBA champ said that's the amount of money he lost on investments made by Morgan Keegan he said weren't in his best interest. My FOX Memphis

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