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March 12, 2015 Updates

Dwight Howard, who hasn't played since Jan. 30 because of edema in his right knee, expects to be back in two weeks, he told ESPN's Lisa Salters on Wednesday. Howard worked out on the floor after the Houston Rockets' shootaround Wednesday morning in Portland, doing one-on-one work for the first time since a bone marrow aspirate injection in early February. It was his first one-on-one work against a defender, although he's entering his second week of on-court activities. ESPN.com

March 10, 2015 Updates

Harden has gone from an All-Star famous for his facial hair and inconsistent defensive effort, to a legit MVP candidate and the best shooting guard in the NBA. He is second in the league in scoring (27.1 points per game), fifth in made three-pointers (161) and tenth in assists (7.1 a game). "He's a big time scorer. He makes his team better in every way," Portland forward LaMarcus Aldridge said of Harden following Blazers practice on Tuesday. "So just trying to make his looks tough. Just try to make everything difficult for him." Oregonian

Dwight Howard said he was already more “explosive” than at any time this season as he continues his rest and recovery from knee problems “Every workout has been super tough,” Howard said. “They have been trying to push me to the extreme so that I will be better than being in game shape. I will be in better shape than that. they are trying to test my limits to see how far I can go each day. “I won’t let anything hold me back. I’ve been injured before. I’ve had worse injuries than this. I’m going to continue to work hard. I just look forward to getting back on the floor to dominate.” Houston Chronicle

March 9, 2015 Updates

Rockets center Dwight Howard has begun on-court rehabilitation, considered the important next step in coming back from his knee edema. “He’s got to get on the floor and get some up-and-down on the floor,” Rockets coach Kevin McHale said. “I’m not talking with the team; I’m just talking with himself. He just started doing a little of that. We have to see how his knee tolerates that. He ran on the treadmill (at full body weight) for a few days and that felt pretty good. Houston Chronicle

While there was plenty of blame to go around, the bottom line is that when the relationship breaks, things go into the crapper at warp speed and there is little chance of fixing it. For the Nuggets, it seems likely that major changes will result from this. Good chemistry is almost impossible to pull from a bad situation like this one. A new coach will naturally want to remake the roster, so look for the Nuggets to be bad for a while. It’s a shame for a team that was so close to getting over the hump. The team didn’t contend again in LA until they reworked the roster after getting Shaq and Kobe. In Orlando, the Magic weren’t good again until they gutted the roster and built around Dwight Howard. SheridanHoops

But Morey disagrees with the idea that there's a chance for Stepford Wives thinking within and between teams because of the similarities in front offices. "I think there are massive variances, driven by ownership," he says. "Short-term versus long-term is just one example. The dominance of the point guard, you could say we've got to have a point guard or we have no chance to win. Or you could run an offensive system where the point guard is minimized. Or you could have a lot of like-sized players that just switch a lot like Golden State. I think the opposite is happening. I think there's a lot of interesting thought going on in the league." NBA.com

"If everyone looks at things the same way you'll absolutely wind up not leading," Morey says. "If every general manager says 'I need a center with post up ability,' then the center with post up ability will be overvalued. That's why Atlanta is an interesting team right now. They're obviously well coached and the pieces obviously fit together, but there aren't the obvious superstar plus players there. I think it's exciting for the league right now. I think there's lots of teams doing some great things out there." NBA.com

March 8, 2015 Updates
March 7, 2015 Updates
March 6, 2015 Updates

Smith will be facing his former team tonight for the second time since the Pistons shocked the NBA by releasing their highest-paid player Dec. 21 with about $36 million remaining on his contract. The Rockets have already faced the Pistons once since then - Smith had seven points and was booed often in a 114-101 loss Jan. 31 at The Palace - so tonight's game isn't that big a deal as far as he's concerned. "It's water under the bridge," Smith said after this morning's shoot around at the Toyota Center. "We're focusing on something big here and I just want to be able to focus on ... continuing to gradually incline in the standings and not necessarily focus on who the opponent is." Booth Newspapers

When the Rockets dealt big guard Alexey Shved and two future second-rounders for point guard Pablo Prigioni at the trade deadline, the club did so believing the Russian likely is planning a return to Europe next season, according to an NBA source. New York Post



Average height of the main three players is 6-foot-10. It's truly a big man franchise.


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