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June 18, 2012 Updates

The New Orleans Hornets, who formally came under the domain of owner Tom Benson on Friday, will not retain president Hugh Weber, the man who helped guide the team through 17 months of league ownership and helped steer the franchise toward Benson's purchase and its stability through 2024 with a renegotiated lease agreement. New Orleans Times-Picayune

January 29, 2012 Updates

The league office apparently approved a four-year contract extension for Gordon in the neighborhood of $50 million. By rejecting that, and waiting to become a restricted free agent at season’s end, Gordon can solicit four-year offers from other teams that will likely be higher or he could sign a five-year extension with the Hornets for closer to maximum money. “I think the facts are with Eric that are getting lost on people is that we would have loved to have Eric part of a committed relationship now, but the fact is if Eric was to sign anything less than a full max deal, he could only do it for four years,” Weber said. “This summer, potentially we could do it for five years, which is really what Eric in his communication with us said, ‘You know, I like it here. I like the coaching staff, I like the direction of the team, I like the city, and I want to be able to put an anchor down and say I’m going to be here for the long haul.’ New Orleans Times-Picayune

“So it wasn’t about a lack of commitment. It was about an extended commitment. You saw a lot of guys around the league who didn’t get deals done, like (Portland’s Nicolas) Batum. It’s OK. With the new collective bargaining agreement, the rules are a little bit different. As Eric said in his statement, business is business. Sometimes you do things that seem counter to it, but it’s the right business decision, and you move on.” New Orleans Times-Picayune

But until a new owner is found, the Hornets, correctly or not, will continue to be viewed as a franchise in disarray. “What has it been, six months or a year that we’ve been talking about this time line of late January, early February, and guess what, we’re here,” said Weber. “We’re talking. And in a matter of weeks, our goal is to consummate a deal with local ownership to be able to stand up with the mayor and the governor and the new local owner and say we’re locally owned and operated and this team is here for generations to come. “That’s what this commitment is all about. Our concern now, our fans’ concern, is, ‘Is this my team or not? I don’t know.’ That kind of uncertainty we’ve been living with for three or four years. We want to put an end to it and say, ‘This is your team.’ ” New Orleans Times-Picayune

January 20, 2012 Updates

When the NBA assumed ownership of the team, Jac Sperling was appointed governor of the team by the league and was paired with team president Hugh Weber. The two set out to prove that not only were the Hornets a valuable and viable franchise, but that NBA business could be conducted in New Orleans on a much bigger scale. “When we started, the commissioner’s vision was to give New Orleans a chance to show what it could do in establishing itself as an NBA city for the long term,” Sperling explained to HOOPSWORLD. “That was our goal and our vision and we took it seriously from the very beginning. “There’s a great staff here. The governor and the mayor have been really supportive. Our fans are great. We just put our shoulders to the wheel from day one and came up with some ideas about what we needed to do to change.” HoopsWorld

November 30, 2011 Updates

Team President Hugh Weber said Tuesday that calls to the club’s offices Monday would indicate another surge in season-ticket sales —the Hornets entered the day just 377 short of their goal of 10,000 — in the next week or so. “I think that when people, fans have something tangible now that they can see, which is a potential opening night that is just weeks away, and maybe start to talk more about our players, maybe sitting around the water cooler, definitely we see a pickup in interest,” Weber said. “And we had a lot of people who didn’t renew their tickets yet or didn’t buy yet and told us, ‘When you guys get a deal done, call me back.’ New Orleans Times-Picayune

November 29, 2011 Updates

Having already sold 9,623 season tickets, word this past weekend of a new NBA collective bargaining agreement has meant an increase in interest for potential buyers of New Orleans Hornets season tickets. Team president Hugh Weber said Tuesday he feels that the 10,000-ticket goal the team set before the end of the last regular season should be surpassed in the coming days. "I think that when people, fans have something tangible now that they can see which is a potential opening night that is just weeks away and maybe start to talk about more about our players, maybe sitting around the water cooler, definitely we see a pickup in interest," said Weber. "And we had a lot of people who didn't renew their tickets yet or didn't buy yet and told us 'When you guys get a deal done, call me back.' New Orleans Times-Picayune

August 15, 2011 Updates

The New Orleans Hornets announced Monday that Entergy has joined existing Cox Communications, 7-UP and Ochsner Health System as a top-level Crescent City Champion sponsor for the franchise. “Building strong corporate support for the Hornets in New Orleans is fundamental to our mission to keep the team in this great city, and to ultimately find local ownership to ensure the long-term stability of this franchise,” said Hornets President Hugh Weber in a statement. “We’re grateful to have partners like Entergy and our other Crescent City Champions to establish the foundation required to make this happen.” New Orleans Times-Picayune

June 8, 2011 Updates

Hornets President Hugh Weber said Malone helped integrate the defensive system used by Williams. “We all talked about that Mike was going to have a strong future in this league,’’ Weber said. “So we’re not going to hold anybody back.’’ Weber said the Hornets have a plan in place and will be announcing soon whom Malone’s replacement will be. New Orleans Times-Picayune

May 5, 2011 Updates

Even though the Hornets had the benefit of playing three postseason games in the New Orleans Arena and keeping part of the revenue generated from those games, team president Hugh Weber said Wednesday it would not lessen the about $7 million in state aid the franchise will receive. The clause is part of the Hornets’ lease agreement with the state and gives the team assurances of reaching certain revenue benchmarks. “The revenue calculations were intended for the regular season,” said Weber. “There’s a whole series of pulleys and levers that say if you don’t make the number, or have maxed out the number, then there’s an application for after expenses. (Playoff earnings) has a very minimal effect on the revenue.” New Orleans Times-Picayune

April 17, 2011 Updates

Four months since assuming ownership of the New Orleans Hornets, the NBA continues to work toward resolving issues it hopes will make the franchise more attractive to a local buyer. Although the league has not had discussions with any potential local owner or groups, NBA Commissioner David Stern said during his annual pre-playoff conference call Friday they continue to receive inquires from people expressing interest. “When people call and express an interest,`we say ‘terrific, we’ll take you to a game, take you to a meal, and put you in the queue, so we can be ready to talk to you when we are ready for this asset to be sold,’ ’’ Stern said. “We’re not pursuing local ownership at this time. “The direction that Jac Sperling and Hugh Weber are taking is to make this team desirable for local ownership, or ownership that intends on keeping it in New Orleans.’’ New Orleans Times-Picayune

December 20, 2010 Updates

New Orleans Hornets president Hugh Weber is putting on a brave face. Nothing has changed, he insists. The embattled franchise is still able to operate as before. If there's a trade or signing to make, the Hornets can get it done. "We've been assured that if that's the scenario and there is a good rationale and it's part of our building the success of the franchise," Weber said, "we will have the ability to make those decisions." NBA.com

"The first commitment that the commissioner has told me is that it's not about the budget, but about the success," Weber said. "He's not asking me to make sure that we work within a pared down budget. We have a budget as a team, we traditionally operated under a budget and part of this transition wasn't about paring down our budget and trying to make this work. "He has told me that I will have every available resource, not only to continue to run the team in a successful way but to make it better any way that I can." NBA.com

October 14, 2010 Updates

New Orleans Hornets President Hugh Weber said the team is aggressively pursuing plans for an expansion project at the state-owned Alario Center that would change the design to better suit the team. Weber said they would continue to use the existing practice courts, and the expansion would involve space to house their weight room, training room, players’ lounge and office space for their basketball operations staff. New Orleans Times-Picayune

July 26, 2010 Updates

Sources with knowledge of New Orleans' thinking said over the weekend that the Hornets' stance is unlikely to change, at least in the short term, even if Paul himself tells the Hornets for the first time that he wants out. The Hornets' new basketball brain trust of general manager Dell Demps and coach Monty Williams -- with Demps hired by team president Hugh Weber only last Wednesday -- is expected to use their first face-to-face audience with the All-Star guard to urge Paul to give the fledging regime an opportunity to prove it can build a winning team around him. ESPN.com

July 23, 2010 Updates
July 19, 2010 Updates
July 17, 2010 Updates

New Orleans Hornets President Hugh Weber said Friday he’s aiming to have a general manager hired by the end of next week. “We’re not dilly-dallying around, ’’ Weber said. ”We’re well down the path of recruiting and finding the right candidate. I’ve literally had back-to-back meetings with agents of potential candidates. Progress is something we understand that needs to be done quickly, and I’m confident we can get this wrapped up quickly. I’ve had a full day every day since Tuesday.’’ Weber said the Hornets are holding off making any free agent signings or trades until the general manager is hired. Sources confirmed that Weber met with Kevin Pritchard’s agent, Warren LeGarie, on Thursday at the Las Vegas Summer League. New Orleans Times-Picayune

New Orleans hasn’t received permission from the Spurs to interview Demps, but they have not received permission yet from the Nuggets to interview Chapman, according to sources. The Hornets aren’t considering Joe Dumars, the Detroit Pistons’ president of basketball operations, who is a Louisiana native. The Hornets’ general manager’s job became vacant Tuesday when the franchise and Jeff Bower mutually agreed to part ways. “Anybody can have a nice interview and press clippings, but we need to make sure that this role, which is going to be very important in moving is filled by someone is part of the mission of what this team is going to accomplish, ’’ Weber said. New Orleans Times-Picayune

The New Orleans Hornets’ transfer of ownership remains stalled because co-owners George Shinn and Gary Chouest are $24 million to $30 million apart in negotiations, according to two sources. Chouest’s unwillingness to agree to Shinn’s estimated value of the team is why he is seeking outside investors, sources close to the situation said. New Orleans Times-Picayune

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