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Bet you never thought you’d watch a video where Ian Mahinmi walks around in a plush hotel robe. And then think it was pretty cool. The Mavericks big man from France is a bit of a hipster, plus has a good sense of humor about himself. Or so we learned from this video, which he put on YouTube. He teamed up with French production company One Million Dollar Film to make this, and it is oddly awesome. And a real introduction to that guy we’ve started to notice can play a little center this year. NBCSports.com

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Haywood and Mahinmi are combining to average 13.6 points, 11.6 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game, numbers that aren’t far off those produced by the Chandler-Haywood duo last season. “We have a good tag team just because we offer two contrasting styles of basketball,” said Haywood, who had 10 points and six rebounds in 19 minutes against the Suns. “We’re both confident in what we can do. It’s worked out pretty well for us so far. Hopefully, we can keep it going.” Haywood is the traditional paint-protecting, glass-cleaning big man. Mahinmi, who had 17 points, nine rebounds and three blocks in 29 minutes off the bench against the Suns, is more athletic and has more finesse to his game. “It’s Super Bowl time. It’s like the Giants,” said Haywood, the biggest football fan in the Mavs’ locker room. “You’ve got Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. Guess which one I am.” ESPN.com

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Vincent Collet, Strasbourg's head coach thinks about Mahnimi as a replacement for the injured Nicolas de Jong. Collet, also head coach of the French National Team (who did not select Mahinmi) says he views him as an "attractive option" but stated he has no idea if the player wants to sign there. In any case, no decision will be made before October 1. Le Figaro

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Bouna Ndiaye, the agent for Mavs center Ian Mahinmi, is not exploring overseas opportunities for his client right now, he told HoopsHype. “We’re going to wait until October 1,” Ndiaye said. “If training camps are not in sight in the NBA then, I will look for deals for him in Europe.” HoopsHype

According to Ndiaye, teams from France and Spain have already inquired about Mahinmi, but he’s not offering him to any club at the moment. That will likely change in a couple of weeks. “He’s under contract with the Mavericks, so any deal would have to include an NBA out with a zero buyout,” Ndiaye said. “We’re not signing if teams require a buyout.” HoopsHype

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