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September 18, 2011 Updates

If everyone competed like Lowry, there would be no griping about the quality of play. Much like he did last season with the Rockets, the bulldog of a point guard took charge every time out and played with a controlled aggression on both ends that always seems to wear down opponents. His teams went 4-0 for the week, including a Wednesday faceoff with John Wall in which the Wizards' point guard won the individual battle (42 points, nine rebounds, eight assists), but Lowry was his stellar self (25 points, 14 assists). He set the high scoring mark for the week Thursday, with 49 points on 13-of-18 shooting (5-of-9 from three-point range). Lowry has trained at Impact since his days at Villanova, and he was quick to use his seniority to his advantage during his game Tuesday. When Lowry noticed that the length of quarters had been changed from 10 minutes to eight, he insisted that the change be reversed. When Impact officials resisted and said other players had requested shorter games, he clearly didn't care. "I've been here longer than anyone here," Lowry barked. "Ten minutes." SI.com

September 16, 2011 Updates

Melvin Ely, who is reportedly heading to China, crumpled to the ground after taking a blow to his face. In some fairly serious pain, Ely was escorted to a training area away from the court, where he was attended to by medical personnel. On his way there, though, he took a quick detour to upend a large gatorade bucket in frustration, crashing the contents behind one of the team's benches. Players chuckled and media members raised their eyebrows. CBSSports.com

Daye found himself arguing a call while waiting to rebound a free throw attempt. Jones, who was in the backcourt, piped up to let Daye know that he was "soft" and that he should end his argument. Daye, an exceptionally skinny man for an NBA player, took real exception to Jones' label, raising his arms up to gesture towards the media section located behind the basket. "You've got the worst game in here, ask any of them," Daye told Jones twice. Jones responded by mocking Daye's arm motions and sarcastically mimicking his aggravated tone. Play eventually resumed. 'When you work out with guys for three or four months," Dudley explained, "they get under your skin. You're tired, you want to go home." CBSSports.com

September 15, 2011 Updates

Marreese Speights has averaged 28 points and 9 rebounds in three games, shooting around 70 percent from the field (the stats are unofficial for the record; check out the scorecards that are used via Ben from Blazer's Edge). His jumper is as wet as I've ever seen it, and he's been handing out posterizations like they're free candy. Below is a video of him dunking on the lengthy JaVale McGee twice in the same game. I caught up with Speights for a minute and he told me he's been focusing on his conditioning and his body this summer. He also said he keeps in touch with some of his teammates and plays with Louis Williams. LibertyBallers.com

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