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November 18, 2014 Updates

Stephenson has already pictured the worst-case scenario for when his new team plays his former team ... and he's nervous. "Honestly," he says. "I think I'm going to get booed." Indianapolis Star

"I seen 'em boo Jermaine O'Neal. I've seen 'em boo Ron Artest, of course, but I don't know. I'm interested to see what will happen," Lance Stephenson Sr. says. "I know the fans want to win in Indianapolis, so I wouldn't be surprised if they boo. Like I'm going to be booing when they come here. If they're like me, they're going to be booing because they want that win." Indianapolis Star

November 17, 2014 Updates

I have a list of all the players you've blocked in your career and how many times you blocked them. Your job is to guess who you've blocked the most. Hint: Think Central Division. Roy Hibbert: Ohh. Maybe somebody on Chicago? I was thinking maybe Luol when he was over there. TH: Nah. You've only blocked Luol Deng seven times. This guy you've blocked 18 times. Roy Hibbert: Hmm ... Wait, was it Carlos? Yeah, it's definitely Carlos. TH: Yup, Carlos Boozer. Why is he so easy to block? ESPN.com

The Indiana Pacers announced Monday they have been granted a second injury hardship relief exception from the NBA due to their current status with injured players, and A.J. Price will remain with the team. NBA.com

As good as Price and third-stringer-turned-starter Donald Sloan have both played this year, Hill and Watson are both proven commodities, and it would make little sense to keep four point guards on the 15-man roster once everyone is healthy. But for now, Price is still a member of the Pacers. And as long as he's here, he's going to contribute. NBA.com

Favorite super hero – check. Favorite sushi place – check. Favorite TV shows, C.J.? “I like ‘The Bridge,’ I like ‘Scandal’ – I watch that all the time – ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘Orange is the New Black.’ I watch shows for a little bit of everything: good writing, I like to see the plot and what may happen in the next episode – maybe I can guess what may happen – but mostly just for the entertainment.” NBA.com

“I like to go to boutiques and find new designer stuff. Every year I like to add new pieces to my closet. For me, it’s fun.” Mahinmi has turned that passion into a business. “I own my own clothing line, so I like to go to places to see what’s going on out there,” Mahinmi said. “For me it’s something that’s very interesting. I enjoy going to (fashion) shows and stuff.” NBA.com

"They were very aware they had a big hole to dig out of," current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, then President of NBA Entertainment, said of the Pacers. "They committed enormous additional resources to doing that. I think there is no magic formula for undoing the kind of damage that the brawl did. "In part, there were concrete steps they could take but I think there was also a realization that a certain amount of time needed to go by, almost as in any mourning process before people were ready to turn the corner." USA Today Sports

The NBA also revised arena guidelines that restricted "the size (24 ounces) and number (two) of alcoholic beverages sold per individual customer" and also banned the sale of alcohol during the fourth quarter. In addition, the NBA defined a nine-point code of conduct for fans that still is displayed throughout arenas and announced before games. "This was certainly one of the most difficult events that we encountered," said Russ Granik, the former NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer. "We had never seen anything like this. We realized immediately that it's going to have a very large impact on the league and it would require a very significant response. I don't think there was any doubt about that." USA Today Sports

Also, 10 years later, the NBA has not experienced another event as devastating as the brawl — a credit to the league's response. "Out of a horrible incident like this," said Stu Jackson, former NBA Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations, "some positive changes came about. As bad as the incident was, it was also an opportunity to define who we were as a league, as teams and players, and make a statement that this type of incident wouldn't be tolerated. I think all we could expect of ourselves at the time was that we address the situation appropriately and move forward." USA Today Sports

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November 11, 2014 Updates

Should the Pacers be unable to keep him, Price will have options. Performances like Monday's catch the eye of other NBA teams who might be in need of a point guard, and he has an offer to play in China, where so many other ex-NBA players migrate. NBA.com

“I'm playing for my life. I'm staying till they tell me to go or tell me to stay longer, either/or,” Price said Monday, moments after coming off the bench to score 22 points in helping the Pacers to their second victory of the season, 97-86 over Utah. NBA.com



Three of the top four players are from the team's ABA era. All but the dead-eye shooter at No. 1.


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