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Andrew Perna: Also told that #Kings are open to dealing Isaiah Thomas, which has been reported previously. Twitter @Andrew_Perna

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National Basketball Association (NBA) point guard Isaiah Thomas of the Sacramento Kings arrived in Mumbai on Friday for a week-long tour to promote the game of basketball and to enhance NBA`s fan base in the country. On his first trip to India, Thomas will travel across Mumbai and Chennai, participating in a wide range of activities, coaching children and interacting with local celebrities. ZeeNews

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Q: How high does Sacramento rank on your list? Isaiah Thomas: I would love to stay. I don’t like change of scenery. I don’t like change, so I would love to stay. I’ve been here for three years, and it would be great to be here for a while. You never know what will happen. Cowbell Kingdom

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“With Isaiah, he’s had an incredible year. He’ll be facing restricted free agency this offseason, and he’s just been so good this year. The way he is with our fans and with his teammates, we just think the world of him. Again, this is a business decision that these men have to make in this League, and we’re going to engage Isaiah’s agents as well. We look forward to making this team better.” NBA.com

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D'Alessandro admitted he has already has a number in his head for how much he's willing to pay Thomas. "Isaiah obviously wants to be here, but the business is the business," D'Alessandro said. "The great part about Isaiah and his agent is that we'll kind of navigate that together as a group. He's got to do what's right for him, and we've got to do what's right for us and hopefully those two things merge and become one. "At the end of the day, we do know it's a business and he had a phenomenal year, so we'll see where that goes." news10.net

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Thomas said he’s tried to stay “locked in the moment” and not worry about the offseason. “I definitely want to be around when it does turn around,” Thomas said. “I was drafted here. I’ve been welcomed with open arms by the Sacramento community. It just feels like a second home. I can’t control it, though. At the same time, I’m going to do whatever’s possible to be around. That’s all I can do.” Sacramento Bee

Thomas has hit playing-time markers that will allow the Kings to make him a restricted free agent. They could negotiate a deal with him that figures to be a significant upgrade from his $884,293 salary or match any offer he receives from another team. Sacramento has more than $47 million in salary committed to next season without Gay’s option. The Kings believe in their short time together the trio has shown it can make up the core of what could become a good team. Sacramento is 19-21 when all three play and 8-3 when the three each score at least 20 points. “We’ve shown the ability to be competitive and beat a lot of the best teams in the NBA when all three of those guys are playing,” coach Michael Malone said. “And when they play at a high level, three 20-point scorers, we become very hard to guard because you have a low-post force (Cousins), a wing with the versatility and athleticism that Rudy has, and a point guard in a Isaiah who can score, get to the foul line and make plays for his teammates.” Sacramento Bee

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Everybody knows your dad was a Laker fan, but you were in Seattle. How did that work? Were you a Laker fan? Isaiah Thomas: I was a little brainwashed. My dad's from LA, so growing up in his house, I was a Laker fan. But I loved the Sonics, I loved Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp. The Glove and the Reign Man, those were my two favorite players. But growing up, like I said, I was in a Laker household and got brainwashed. My favorite player is Kobe Bryant. I like the Lakers. It sucks. I mean, it doesn't suck I got drafted by the Kings, but that's their biggest rival, so you gotta watch what you say about the Lakers around Sacramento. SB Nation

Lots of guards in this league have trouble finishing at the rim. What is it that allows you to be able to finish so much better than a lot of guys who are 6 and 7 inches taller than you? Isaiah Thomas: I think it's just a skill. I don't know what it is. I've always been short, so it's not like I'm making adjustments. It's just something I've learned to do since I was a little boy. I'm always going in there and finishing around the giants. It's something that I gotta do as a small guard, though. Like, I gotta be able to finish around them and make adjustments and things like that. But it's definitely a skill. I mean, people ask me that a lot and I can't really tell ‘em how I do it. I just go in there and try to make adjustments in the air and get away from the shot blockers. SB Nation

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