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May 25, 2013 Updates

Dancing across a stage is nothing new for Isiah Thomas, but when he picked up his Master of Education degree from the University of California, it was the first time Thomas was able to do so in person. The last time his name was called at a commencement, he was slightly busy, dancing down the lane of the Pontiac Silverdome, hitting a running, game-winning layup against the Atlanta Hawks in Game 4 of the 1987 Eastern Conference semifinals, putting the Pistons a game away from their first trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. On that day, his mother, Mary Thomas, took the place of her then-26-year old son to accept his bachelor's degree at Indiana University. It's cause for pause and reflection for the 52-year-old Thomas, as the accomplishment of higher education brings about memories of his journey. "As a kid, you think of winning the NBA championship and stuff like that," said Thomas, owner of two championship rings as a player. "To me, this is the equivalent. Being a champion on the floor and in the classroom as a student, it's very gratifying to me." Detroit News

May 17, 2013 Updates
May 7, 2013 Updates

Isiah Thomas watches the news coming out of the Pistons’ camp with great interest. A color analyst for NBATV, Thomas still would like to be a part of the Pistons’ organization. If owner Tom Gores invited him to interview for the vacant head coaching job, the Hall of Famer would gladly accept. “I love the Pistons, and I have and will always help them anyway I can,” Thomas said last week. Detroit Free Press

April 24, 2013 Updates

This week, former Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas appeared on NBA TV and said that Mike Woodson deserves the Coach of the Year Award. But that's not on Woodson's mind. "That's good, but I'm not in this for Coach of the Year," he said. "I'm in it to try and see if we can get this team to the championship round and try and win a title. If it happens, it happens. I'm not sitting here holding my breath about a Coach of the Year Award." ESPN.com

April 23, 2013 Updates

This week, former Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas appeared on NBA TV and said that Mike Woodson deserves the Coach of the Year Award. But that's not on Woodson's mind. "That's good, but I'm not in this for Coach of the Year," he said. "I'm in it to try and see if we can get this team to the championship round and try and win a title. If it happens, it happens. I'm not sitting here holding my breath about a Coach of the Year Award." ESPN.com

February 19, 2013 Updates

Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas said Tuesday the debate over whether LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan hinges on a few things, but as far as who is the better athlete, Thomas said it's probably James. "They're both great players, and they're both great in their eras," Thomas said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "In my era, we hadn't seen an athlete quite like Michael Jordan. He jumped higher than everyone else. He was a little faster than everyone else and he was just the best athlete. "LeBron James is the best athlete of today, and he's probably a better athlete than Michael Jordan was. He's bigger, he's faster, he's stronger." ESPN.com

January 15, 2013 Updates
December 30, 2012 Updates

Former WFAN host Sid Rosenberg, who has a radio show in South Florida, had Thomas as guest Friday and asked the former Knicks general manager/coach if he would be interested in the Nets’ coaching job. Thomas answered the query in a serious manner, though the fledgling Brooklyn franchise hiring Thomas would go down as among the worst public-relations moves in sports history. Thomas, fired from his Florida International gig last spring, is an NBA TV analyst. “Being in a position where I was president of a team and general manager, their jobs are hard enough,’’ Thomas said. “You don’t interject yourself into that conversation. You understand the sensitivity of what you might say. That’ll be a no comment.’’ New York Post

December 19, 2012 Updates

Isiah Thomas is going to be back on your television as a studio analyst for NBA TV, the station (run by Turner Sports) announced Wednesday. He will make his debut Friday night as NBA TV shows the Bulls vs. Knicks. First off, it’s better than giving him a Knicks front office job again. Thomas had a stint as a television analyst before, working for NBC from 1998-2000, before returning to the coaching ranks. I’ll be honest, I have little to no memory of how he did in that role. NBCSports.com

November 5, 2012 Updates

Young basketball players with aspirations to star in a Robert Townsend movie were at the American Airlines Arena Sunday for the chance to score a role in the film. 'Playin' for Love' will begin shooting in Overtown in November and centers around a star basketball player who transfers schools and turns a coach's life upside down. Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones, who was at the auditions, told NBC 6 South Florida that the event would mean more than just an audition. "This is bigger than just making movies, this is about changing lives," she said. "This is about giving young people an opportunity for them to think beyond what they see." NBC Miami

Former NBA player Isiah Thomas agreed. "You're trying to give them skills to develop and live with, you want this to be a life-changing moment, you want sport to be the catalyst to give them the thought to propel themselves to the next level in life." More than 1,000 people came to the arena, kids Thomas said reminded him of himself. "Every time you go back and help kids, you always see a little but of yourself because you realize that you weren't too far from that," he said. NBC Miami

November 1, 2012 Updates

Rookie point guard Damian Lillard impressed tonight, tallying a double-double -- 23 points and 10 assist. Lillard joined Hall-of-Famers Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas as the only players in NBA history with at least 20 points and 10 assist in their NBA debut. Following his stellar performance, Lillard was asked about the new company he's in. "It means I played a good game," Lillard said. We got 81 more games. I just want to try and be consistent and keep my level of play up to a level where I can help my team win games." CSNNW.com

October 16, 2012 Updates

You've said in the past that Isiah Thomas has kind of gotten a bad rap. I'm part of the media, and I've made as many jokes as anybody else has about him. But it's impossible not to see that the players really love him, really connect with him. What is it we don't see and don't get about Isiah Thomas? David Lee: My biggest thing is that he's the one who drafted me. He was the one who gave me a chance to play, both as a general manager as a coach. I got to play big minutes. So I'll always be loyal to him. I just feel like more than anything, he was playing the role of both general manager and coach for a while. I think his biggest mistake was putting trust in people who didn't deliver. I think that in itself is something that's important to do, but I don't think he's a bad person or has any ill intent. And in New York, and there's no problem with this, but whether it's with A-Rod or in basketball with "fill in the blank," I feel like the main thing is to find somebody to blame. CBSSports.com

Isiah Thomas was briefly in the picture to take Van Gundy’s spot, but a source says Bill Simmons favored Rose over the former Pistons point guard. A source said Simmons thought the Isiah-Magic pair might skew old with viewers, and he favored Rose, the former Fab 5 star. The Big Lead

October 5, 2012 Updates

“Jim Dolan and I had lunch as we often do, and we are very good friends, and we talk from time to time,” Thomas said. “I have great relationships with the organization, so I guess there was some speculation as there's always been about me going back there. And that's where it's at.” New York Post

September 28, 2012 Updates

Isiah Thomas , who had an undistinguished run as an NBA in-game analyst with NBC — and as a Knicks’ exec was successfully sued for sexual harassment — is a candidate for a studio position with ESPN. Kelly Tripucka, a Pistons’ teammate of Thomas’s and a reasonable, credible MSG/Knicks’ studio man and backup in-game analyst the last four seasons, apparently won’t be re-hired. New York Post

September 12, 2012 Updates

As for Isiah, those close to him are downplaying a recent meeting with Dolan in the wake of O'Neil's departure. "They meet all the time," one Thomas confidant said. In truth, it seems awfully farfetched that Thomas -- though free of restrictions on involvement with an NBA team now that he's no longer a college coach -- would assume his previous perch as MSG executive when he already has all the influence he wants at the Garden with none of the accountability or responsibility. A more likely scenario is for Thomas to remain in the shadows a while longer, only to resurface in an official capacity sometime, somewhere at an arena near you. CBSSports.com

Scott O'Neil's sudden resignation as president of Madison Square Garden Sports was hardly surprising to industry insiders familiar with a) the pitfalls of working at the World's Most Famous Arena and b) O'Neil's autonomous management style and lofty career ambitions. You can fumble personnel moves for years and drag the entire company into the gutter of an embarrassing sexual harassment lawsuit and remain in MSG chairman James Dolan's good graces in perpetuity. (We're looking at you, Isiah Thomas.) But if you have your own ideas about how things should be done and want more responsibility, as O'Neil did, you can forget about having your proverbial number retired in the Garden's famous rafters. CBSSports.com

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