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Time will tell whether Mike Woodson makes a historical dent in New York sports, or whether in the end, he was just passing through. But we already know this about the Knicks' coach: He's the right man at the right time for this particular New York team. That was evident Monday during a daylong hugfest -- both figuratively and literally -- at the team's training facility, where the previously incorrigible J.R. Smith was presented the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award, prompting a series of heartfelt thoughts from coach to player and back. Newsday

J.R. Smith won the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award, Presented by Kia Motors, on Monday after turning a role he didn't want into one of the strengths of the New York Knicks' first division championship team in nearly two decades. Smith received 484 points, including 72 first-place votes, from a panel of 121 writers and broadcasters. The Clippers' Jamal Crawford finished second with 352 points, getting 31 first-place votes. NBA.com

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George Karl riffed on coaching J.R. Smith for 5 seasons, calling it a "fight'' and recalling "pain.'' Karl: "J.R. is spectacular,'' Karl said. "His talent/skill level is at a scary level. He’s one of the top 30 players on what he could be. But the growth process of JR and George Karl, there was a lot of pain because of the good and bad that comes with watching him play. There’s a time frame on that. Time frame for him. Time frame for me as coach. Somehow they wanted to keep me as coach. They thought it was a healthier, better situation for him to go someplace else. As a coach, I’m the one who gives the minutes. For me to give him a lot of minutes, he had to give me some simple, solid fundamental. I think that was the fight we had. The fight was he wanted more freedom and opportunity to express his offensive skills. I wanted more basic, solid simple.'' Sulia

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This went unnoticed during Thursday night’s closer-than-expected contest between the Knicks and the Thunder, but you can bet that the league will be reviewing it in the days that follow. With about 5:20 remaining in the fourth quarter, J.R. Smith takes an aggressive swing with his right elbow to the head of Thabo Sefolosha. Thankfully for everyone involved, he missed. But it was a violent attempt, and the intent was clear. NBCSports.com

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The Knicks’ J.R. Smith, who missed the potential game-tying basket at the buzzer, responded with his best shot when he made reference to Kardashian’s latest man, Kanye West. “Wasnt quiet when Kanye tore it down last month!” Smith tweeted back at Humphries. New York Daily News

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In the next five years, 10 years, there will at least be a small recognition there really is a larger world out there. It’s coming. It isn’t hard to sense. “It’s going to be great,” J.R. Smith said. “The best cities to go to on the road in the NBA are the cities where you can explore, and see things, not feel trapped in your hotel. I know guys feel that way about New York. Here, I’m going to see a few museums tomorrow, get a feel for what the culture is about.” Said Novak: “We’re going to a soccer game tonight [Chelsea vs. Southampton] and I know a lot of guys are excited about that. It’s the kind of thing you don’t always get to do on your average, ordinary road trip.” New York Post

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J.R. Smith was talking about his Denver days and saidhe purposely did things “that would [tick] George off,” as in Nuggets coach George Karl. Smith clashed with Karl and his first coach Byron Scott. But Smith has clicked with Mike Woodson. Smith said he has become a more reliable player because he said he doesn’t want to disappoint Woodson. Sulia

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J.R. Smith wouldn’t allow back spasms to force him out of the game in the second half of the Knicks’ 100-97 win in Brooklyn on Tuesday, but it is unclear if he will be able to suit up tonight vs. the Lakers. Smith underwent 45 minutes of treatment after the victory and didn’t speak to reporters. Smith hasn’t missed a regular-season game because of injury since joining the Knicks. He injured his back in a first-half collision and used a heating pad on the bench. Coach Mike Woodson kept asking him if he wanted to come out in the fourth quarter but Smith refused and finally broke out of a prolonged shooting slump with a 7-of-15 outing. New York Post

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J.R. Smith admitted today he is a changed man as far reducing the partying. "My thing is, being professional 24 hours a day - 24 hours a day, seven days a week,'' Smith said at the shootaround this morning. "I can’t let myself slip as well as my teammates slip. In order for me to hold them accountable, I have to hold myself accountable. I go out here and there. I definitely have to choose my spots. Definitely not before games. I’ve been smart about it.’’ Of course, his twitter followers know he still is no angel based on his wee-hour tweets from clubs, but he has toned it down and you can credit Woodson, whose aim was to make him more professional when he took over last season. Carmelo also said it was "night and day.'' Sulia

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J.R. Smith has been one of the key factors in the Knicks’ 4-0 start with not just his scoring, but his overall play off the bench. Smith admitted he’s a little surprised at the Knicks’ record and how well they’re playing. “Yes and no,” Smith said after practice Saturday. “I say yes because of how old our team is and the injuries to Iman [Shumpert] and [Amar’e Stoudemire]. “I say no because of the camaraderie we have, how much we talk and communicate one through 15, all of our guys. We all seem to be on the same on the page, as well as the coaching staff too.” Newsday

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J.R. Smith was looking forward to playing next to his brother, whether in preseason games or in the regular season. Smith said it was difficult to see his brother get hurt. “Any time you see anybody hurt it hurts you, but when you see your brother hurt — and he lives in the same house as you and is trying to achieve the same goals as you — it really puts a damper on the mood,” he said. “To have this injury going into training camp when you’re trying to make a team and prove yourself, it’s frustrating. My job as a teammate is to keep pushing him and make sure he gets back to 100 percent.” New York Times

Shortly after the Knicks’ practice Wednesday, J.R. Smith asked for fans on Twitter to encourage his brother. “Please Pray for my Lil Bro @Cswish9 as he goes in for surgery tomorrow!” Smith wrote. New York Times

“Absolutely,” Woodson said on Tuesday. “Everybody can’t start. I’ve got a nice mixture of guys in that starting unit from an offensive standpoint and I have to have some offense coming off the bench as well. “Like I told J.R., if he comes off (the bench), ‘Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. Heck, he can be the best player coming off the bench in the league and perhaps win the Sixth Man Award. Hopefully, that parlays into a lot of wins and getting us to a championship round because at the end of the day that’s what we’re in it for.” New York Daily News

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