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March 29, 2014 Updates

It would be a shocker, and the Sixers and Bucks wouldn’t like it one bit, but Duke’s Jabari Parker just might stay for his sophomore season, instead of leaving for the NBA draft this June. “That’s what’s in the air right now, Parker staying, but we haven’t heard anything official,’’ one Eastern Conference GM with an interest in Parker’s plans said on Friday. New York Daily News

If he stays at Duke, the top of June’s draft will be weakened. Despite his poor NCAA Tournament game in a first-round loss to Mercer, there’s still a lot to like about Parker. “He plays like he’s 23, not 18,’’ said the GM. “He can post and score inside, he has great hands and rebounds. He’s just not a big-time athlete. But he’s got ‘top pick’ written all over him.’’ New York Daily News

March 25, 2014 Updates

Following a weekend in which Kansas and Duke freshmen Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker disappointed in the NCAA Tournament, Ainge was asked how this draft class compares to last year’s, which most analysts pegged as relatively weak. “I think it’s maybe a little bit better by comparison, but it’s not even close to one of the best draft classes in the last 10 years,” Ainge said. Boston Globe

March 24, 2014 Updates
March 23, 2014 Updates

Let me put this way. If Parker finishes the loss to Mercer, and he's bad, and they still lose, he goes down with something pretty close to his 14-7-3 line. Let's give him two points, and a board, say, to be generous. So 16-8-3. Having a bad game and getting torched on the other end in a loss is actually better for his stock than not having been a part of the final few minutes regardless. At least then he isn't viewed as a player so bad defensively "You can't live with him." The reaction was mixed, obviously. Some reporters chimed in with scouts and GMs going wild on Parker. One scout I spoke with downplayed it. "Nothing new with (Parker) on the defensive end. I don't know why it would affect his stock that much." CBSSports.com

March 22, 2014 Updates

NBA scouts were taken aback by freshman sensation Jabari Parker’s shaky 28-minute performance when Duke was KO’d in the first round of the NCAA Tournament by Mercer on Friday. “He looked rattled and was definitely pressing,” said one scout, after Parker finished with as many baskets (four) as turnovers. “That can’t help him.” But how much it hurts his draft stock remains to be seen. New York Daily News

So distraught after the Blue Devils’ one-and-done exit from the NCAA tournament, Parker barely could speak. The South Side native and four-time Simeon state champion said the 78-71 loss to 14th-seeded Mercer would influence his decision whether to turn pro. Speaking barely over a whisper, Parker twice summarized his feelings with this word: “Incompletion.” “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said. A few feet away, teammate Amile Jefferson called Parker “a great kid, an amazing person. It was an honor to play with him this year. … (Mercer) did a good job of packing it in on him. He didn’t really see any daylight.” Chicago Tribune

March 21, 2014 Updates
March 17, 2014 Updates

Carmelo Anthony: "I'm a big Jabari fan, but it also depends on who has the pick at the No. 1 spot. But as far as being ready-ready, I think Jabari is ready. I think the big kid from Kansas [Joel Embiid] has some upside and [Kansas' Andrew] Wiggins has some potential. But as far as being ready to come in and step right in and kind of make an impact, I'd have to go with Jabari, too, especially because of the way he plays. He can play multiple positions. He can put the ball on the floor. He can score. He is in that Duke system, so he has some savvy with him." Yahoo! Sports

Dime: If you were an NBA general manager, who would you pick in this year’s draft? Who is most NBA-ready? PS: The one guy most NBA ready: I got to go with my guy Russ Smith. I’m Louisville biased man, he’s my guy [laughs]. But also I like Jabari Parker. He’s a really solid player; he’s a really good player. Just watching a couple of their games, he’s kind of a do-it-all kind of player. Scorer, rebounder, I think he’s a real good talent. Dime

March 16, 2014 Updates
March 12, 2014 Updates

99 Prospects will be attending the ever so important pre-draft camp in Chicago and then have individual workouts with a slew of teams. Having written that, if the draft was held today, the No. 1 overall selection would either be Kansas center Joel Embiid or Duke forward Jabari Parker. At least, that’s the overwhelming sentiments of eight NBA officials who are either general managers, player personnel directors or scouts. Those NBA officials — four from Eastern Conference teams and four from Western Conference teams — were asked in the last week to rank, in order, their top 10 candidates for the June 26th draft. Racine Journal-Times

March 8, 2014 Updates

Jabari Parker says he still hasn't decided whether to leave for the NBA after this season. The freshman phenom's final game at Cameron Indoor Stadium could come Saturday night when No. 4 Duke hosts rival North Carolina. In an interview with The Associated Press, Parker says he hasn't made up his mind. He says he probably will return if he feels as though he has room to improve or if has regrets after the season ends. He also says he wants to go where he is "going to grow the most." Associated Press

March 4, 2014 Updates

Here’s what Hill, who will work for Turner’s NCAA March Madness studio team, had to say about Parker. On Parker’s NBA readiness: “But he is as close to being an NBA prospect right now as you’re going to find in college. He is the real deal. He is talented, he is a good person. The thing that impressed me is the way he uses his size and strength—he is NBA-ready, physically. He is a special player and I think he will be a great NBA player.” Sporting News

On what Parker can improve heading into the NBA: “Defense. He can improve in all areas. But defensively, he plays as a center, but in the NBA he will get time as a 3 or as a stretch 4. As you know, a lot of guys now are hybrids, the stretch 4s, they’re between 3s and 4s. I think, defensively, he is learning now how to guard those guys. But that is the only weakness.” Sporting News

March 3, 2014 Updates
March 1, 2014 Updates

“Randle’s a terrific player but he doesn’t read the game, see the game like Jabari Parker,” the scout said. “He doesn’t play off of the defense. That’s a weakness. Now he’s fabulous physically and he’ll compete and he’s strong and he’s tough and the whole thing. He’s so gifted, he’s going to be very good. But he doesn’t really understand. I saw that three years ago, I watched that kid for three years. “Now Parker, as long as he takes care of his body and upgrades his body, he has great understanding of how to play basketball. He has a terrific skillset. He has to take care of his body, which he’s doing now. He does what Coach K tells him. ZagsBlog.com

February 27, 2014 Updates

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