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March 21, 2014 Updates

In an interview with Reese Waters of Bleacher Report, Grant Hill has his theory as to why Duke is so hated by some: “We’ve had a lot of really good white players, I think that plays a role.” He also notes how most of the fans in the stands are white, calling it “white on white hate.” Jalen Rose, a couple of years ago, had a different interpretation of why he hated Duke. The Big Lead

December 20, 2013 Updates

A woman who eluded Texas authorities for nearly four decades and who was arrested this week in Michigan is former basketball star Jalen Rose's sister-in-law. The former Indiana Pacers and Michigan Wolverines star confirmed that Kathlyn Regina Huff is married to his brother, Kevin Rose, The Detroit News reported. New York Daily News

October 29, 2013 Updates

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores is donating $250,000 to support the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. The funding announced Tuesday from Tom and Holly Gores aims to boost the growth and development of the public charter high school in Detroit. The money is expected to be used for infrastructure improvements, personnel recruitment and retention, and other needs. The school was founded by former NBA player Jalen Rose. After playing at the University of Michigan as part of the Fab Five, Rose played for six teams during a 13-year NBA career, including six years with the Indiana Pacers. NBA.com

October 23, 2013 Updates
October 22, 2013 Updates

In addition to signing a contract extension with ESPN, Sage Steele has accepted the host’s role for the network’s “NBA Countdown” pregame show. Steele replaces Michael Wilbon, who will focus more on his “Pardon The Interruption” show. She will work the Friday and Sunday editions on the shown on ESPN and ABC. Returning analysts Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons will be joined by new hire Doug Collins. Albany Times Union

October 8, 2013 Updates

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose of the Grantland Network do not want to hear that, though. They say Rondo is long gone almost as soon as other teams see that he can still walk. “Clairvoyant Bill thinks Rajon Rondo has 20 games or less left as a Boston Celtic,” Simmons tells Rose in their Celtics preview video. “This is why we give the people what they want,” Rose replies, later adding that “he will be traded.” “What you just described is the worst-kept secret in the NBA,” Rose goes on. “Once you trade Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, the year before [you lose] Ray Allen, you lose Doc Rivers, the next obvious domino is Rajon Rondo.” Simmons concludes by saying, “Don’t leave one room in the blown-up house and be like, ‘Nah, I’m going to keep the living room.’ You blow up the house.” NESN.com

May 20, 2013 Updates
May 8, 2013 Updates

"Phil Jackson isn't gonna be coaching anymore," Jalen Rose said ... explaining that Jackson has nothing left to prove when it comes to Xs and Os ... and if he does come back, it'll be in a "power position." He ain't coming back as a worker, he's coming back as a boss." TMZ.com

April 9, 2013 Updates

Chris Webber, one of the Fab 5 members, is in attendance at tonight’s National Championship game between Michigan and Louisville. There were questions as to whether or not Webber would and should attend the game. Thankfully, Webber decided to show up and possibly save us from 30 shots of Kevin Ware. Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, and Jalen Rose are also in attendance. The Big Lead

March 14, 2013 Updates

The play jogged Bryant's memory even further than that, all the way back to Game 2 of the 2000 NBA Finals when he played just seven minutes after landing on then-Indiana Pacers guard and ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose's foot. "He Jalen Rose'd me," Bryant said of Jones on Wednesday night. Rose admitted on "The Jalen Rose Show," a podcast on ESPN.com's Grantland Network, back in September that he purposely stepped under Bryant. "I can't say that it was an accident," Rose said. ESPN.com

March 10, 2013 Updates

Jalen Rose explains to Bill Simmons and David Jacoby how he gets inside NBA information before everyone else does and offers a cryptic answer to Bill’s question about whether Michael Jordan’s famous flu game was a “flu game or hangover game.” YouTube

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the prestigious MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, where a senior executive of the Dallas Mavericks told me the following when I asked him about the famous "flu game": "The fact that Jordan wasn't sick that afternoon is an open secret in the NBA. Flu is a smokescreen that gives value to what he did. It's much better to say that someone is playing under the weather that saying he's feeling weak because he had few drinks the night before. (...) what Bill Simmons did with Jalen Rose, it's a question to which they both know the answer, but it is a question nobody asks. Simmons, asking that question in a network like ESPN shows why he is the best sports writer out there. (...) It is not surprising that this has not come to light before. There are certain sports brands and sponsors that don't want this to come to light. There is big money at stake. That's why the media is not giving this story any shine. The Jordan brand is worth so much. The media knows it and don't want to take risks, and Jordan's sponsors are going to protect him." Marca.com

February 3, 2013 Updates

How great is it that Michigan and Indiana are both really good again at the same time for the first time in two decades? Thoughts on this rekindled, classic Big Ten rivalry, Bob? "I'm not sure what the Fab Five was," Knight said Thursday during an ESPN broadcast of an Alabama-Arkansas game. "They never won anything. "They never won a championship, they didn't get anywhere, they got beat." CBSSports.com

Shortly after ESPN showed a promotion for Saturday's matchup between No. 1 Michigan and No. 3 Indiana in Bloomington's Assembly Hall, play-by-play man Rece Davis began to offer a historical perspective on how long it'd been since Michigan had reached the No. 1 spot in a national poll. And, naturally, the Fab Five's 1992-93 team -- which began the year as the preseason No. 1 -- came up. Knight, as is often the case these days, was not impressed. "Fab indicates, to me, that you've won something," Knight said. "I've never been able to understand what 'Fab' was," he added. "It wasn't championships, I always knew that." CBSSports.com

November 1, 2012 Updates

For those too young to remember, the on-court incident to which Rose refers occurred on March 30, 1999, when Rose's Pacers paid a visit to Manhattan to take on their hated rivals. From Ira Berkow's report in the New York Times: Against the Pacers in Madison Square Garden, [Ewing] went for a rebound and knocked Jalen Rose of Indiana to the floor. This is fairly routine in the National Basketball Associaton and it is also fairly routine that Rose might retaliate in some way. So he did. As Ewing trotted over and past him, Rose tripped him. Ewing stumbled; Rose rose, and Ewing got to his feet and went after Rose, as though to throttle him. [...] As Ewing came closer to Rose, obviously looking for trouble, Rose backpedaled with hands and arms in a kind of rope-a-dope posture, looking for an opening to the bigger Ewing, or an exit. And then the referee, Dick Bavetta, jumped between them and received an accidental whack on the nose from the defensive Rose. [...] ''I wanted to smack him,'' said Ewing after the game, ''but ...'' Yahoo! Sports

As Rose relates, though, after a later Pacers win over the Knicks in Indiana, Rose got one up on Patrick. "Both teams were flying out to away games. I just so happened to go into the airport," Rose said. "I walk in and I see a silver chest, with blue, and a sticker that says 'Patrick Ewing.' So then the Detroit instincts came out." (NOTE: These instincts seem less regionally specific than inherent-thieving-and-sneaking-based, but we're not from Detroit.) Yahoo! Sports

"I look to the left, I look to the right, [and] I hit the handles," Rose continues. "I open it — it's a TV with a VCR attached. That was something then. We don't use VHS and VCRs anymore, but to have a TV, with the attachment? And it has his name on it? I was like, 'I'm getting this.'" With the help of a "Detroit homeboy" whom Rose says was "down like four flat tires" for the rip and run, Jalen says he stole Patrick Ewing's TV and kept it in his house for years as a conversation piece and a trophy. Of course he did — like Martha Stewart always says, nothing makes a house a home like a large piece of electronic equipment you stole at the airport. Solid work, Jalen. Looking forward to the next "Story Time" segment, when he shares a hearty laugh at slashing Shawn Bradley's tires or setting Jamal Mashburn's beach house on fire. Yahoo! Sports

October 19, 2012 Updates
October 18, 2012 Updates

Even though Stan Van Gundy won’t be joining ESPN’s formerly boring NBA pregame show — a development that disappointed us greatly — NBA Countdown will be getting a shot of life in another form: Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are going to be joining Magic Johnson and Michael Wilbon. This is a good thing. They’ll de-vanilla the robotic proceedings with their sharp opinions and whatnot, and if all goes according to plan, we should have our first incidence of accidental cursing from Bill Simmons by mid-November. It will be a moment we’ll celebrate. And it’s a moment Simmons doesn’t sound like he’s looking forward to. SportsGrid.com

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