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October 1, 2011 Updates

Rose said he’ll draw upon his own triumphs and setbacks to motivate his students to excel academically and steer clear of trouble. “I understand the importance of education,” he said in the interview with the Journal. “Now living in a global economy, with technology, if our students don’t have a diploma, a degree and a career—three of the three—they’re not going to be employed.” Wall Street Journal

August 18, 2011 Updates
August 3, 2011 Updates

ESPN analyst and former NBA star Jalen Rose spent his first full day in jail Tuesday, separated from the general population as he serves a 20-day sentence for first-offense drunken driving. Rose, 38, is expected to get out Aug. 18, with two days shaved off for good time, officials said. Rose arrived before 8 a.m. at the Oakland County Jail in Pontiac and had no comment as he jogged past TV crews. Detroit Free Press

August 2, 2011 Updates

ESPN analyst and former NBA player Jalen Rose has reported to a suburban Detroit jail to begin a 20-day sentence for drunken driving. Online records show Rose entered the Oakland County jail Tuesday, about a week after getting a stiff sentence from a judge who’s known for tough punishments. Rose crashed his sports utility vehicle in March in West Bloomfield Township after drinking six large martinis. The 38-year-old pleaded guilty in May. Chicago Sun-Times

July 27, 2011 Updates

A Michigan judge has sentenced former NBA guard Jalen Rose to serve 20 days in jail for a drunken driving crash along a snowy suburban Detroit road in March. Bloomfield Hills District Court Judge Kimberly Small sentenced the former Michigan standout to 92 days overall, with all but 72 days suspended. She also sentenced him to a year of probation. Rose, who played 13 NBA seasons and is now an NBA analyst for ESPN, showed no expression as he left the courtroom. ESPN.com

June 12, 2011 Updates

Miami Heat forward Juwan Howard has phoned Chris Webber during the NBA Finals. He's sent text messages to Jalen Rose. Although their careers are at opposite ends, the conversation remains the same. Howard is not only in position to win a championship with the Heat, but also capture a trophy for one of college basketball's most celebrated teams. He is the last active member of Michigan's Fab Five, and stands just two victories from winning one for the group. The Heat trail the Dallas Mavericks 3-2 in the best-of-7 series. "You know what, if I win a championship, the family wins one," Howard said. "Because we're all like family. I know Jalen told you guys before the season started that if I win one, it's like he's going to win one. He's going to wear the ring, too." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

May 25, 2011 Updates

Former Michigan and NBA player Jalen Rose pleaded guilty Wednesday to drunken driving, admitting to a judge that he got behind the wheel after drinking six martinis and wound up crashing his SUV. Rose, who entered his plea in District Court in Oakland County's Bloomfield Hills, faces up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine. The 38-year-old Rose was arrested March 11 after his Cadillac Escalade crashed about 20 miles northwest of Detroit in West Bloomfield Township. Rose and his female passenger were unhurt. ESPN.com

Former Michigan and NBA player Jalen Rose is expected to appear before a Michigan judge on a charge of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. A hearing is scheduled for this afternoon in District Court in Bloomfield Hills. The 38-year-old Detroit native was arrested March 11 after his Cadillac Escalade crashed in West Bloomfield Township. Rose and his female passenger were not hurt. Detroit Free Press

Former Michigan and NBA player Jalen Rose has pleaded guilty to drunken driving, admitting he got behind the wheel after drinking six martinis. Rose entered his plea Wednesday in District Court in Oakland County's Bloomfield Hills. He faces up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine. The 38-year-old Rose was arrested March 11 after his Cadillac Escalade crashed about 20 miles northwest of Detroit in West Bloomfield Township. Rose and his female passenger were unhurt. CSNNE.com

May 20, 2011 Updates

Jalen Rose has his sights set on raising money for his academy and is reaching deep within his own pockets to make it happen. Next week, Rose will auction off one of the world’s last surviving 1969 Dodge Chargers from The Dukes of Hazzard TV show on eBay Motors. The car is part of his private collection. All proceeds will go to JRLA. BET News spoke briefly with the NBA vet about the auction, his legal troubles and his school. BET News: Tell us a little bit about the auction. Jalen Rose: I’m very excited being a Detroit native, I’m really into collecting cars and I have a pretty nice collection. One of the cars that was part of the collection is a 1969 Dodge Charger, one of the four original vehicles used on the popular television show Dukes of Hazzard. It’s signed by Rob Schneider who was Bo Duke on the show. On May 27, I’m going to auction that car off in order to create fundraising efforts for what I am trying to do at the school. BET

Let’s switch gears for a moment. As a former athlete, you are a role model for many kids. And you have so many fans. Are you worried at all about any of the impressions left from your DUI case? Rose: Not at all. The one thing about life, none of us is perfect. And it’s not what happens to you it’s what you do about it. And it was definitely a poor decision. I’m going to suffer the consequences, deal with it like a man and move on. But it doesn’t put me in a position to where I am ashamed, or, you know, my passion is not the same for my career or my life. I have to move forward and do what I got to do to give back to my community. BET

If you could speak to all your fans right now, what would you say to them? Rose: I want to make education cool. You know, I think, especially in the Black community, being stupid has become being cool and it’s unfortunate because we really are competing in international economy. When you put your resume on the desk, you want to have an opportunity for success. You’re going up against kids who speak multiple languages that are truly advantaged by where they were raised and the expectations of them from an early age. We must up the ante and really put ourselves in position for success. Don’t look to the left or look to the right, look in the mirror. BET

May 15, 2011 Updates

Former Michigan basketball star Jalen Rose says Grant Hill has agreed to help support the new charter school in Detroit bearing Rose's name. The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is expected to open in September. Rose says Hill has promised to lend his support and that things are fine between them after Hill criticized Rose in March for comments he made in an ESPN documentary about Michigan's famous Fab Five. ESPN.com

May 11, 2011 Updates

Detroit charter school, former Michigan "Fab Five" and NBA player Jalen Rose will auction his customized General Lee from "The Dukes Of Hazzard." Customized how? Let's start with the Confederate flag delete... Rose, whose mainly comments on basketball now for ESPN, plans to open the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in Detroit this fall, pledging to prepare up to 480 high- school-age students for college. To raise money, Rose has donated a '69 Dodge Charger billed as one of the last four transformed into General Lees for Hazzard duty. (The show used some 240 Chargers, destroying one every time Bo and Luke jumped a creek to outwit Rosco and Enos or get to Daisy before the dynamite went off and trapped Uncle Jesse in the abandoned mine. Who says TV at an early age damages young brains?) Jalopnik.com

Former Michigan basketball star and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose is selling his version of the "General Lee," a 1969 Dodge Charger used in "The Dukes of Hazzard" television series. Rose says in a statement Wednesday he's owned the car since 2001. It will be part of a five-day eBay Motors auction starting May 22. The beginning bid is set at $45,000. Proceeds will benefit the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy charter school in Detroit. Rose and actor John Schneider have autographed the car with personal messages. Schneider portrayed Bo Duke. PennLive.com

April 28, 2011 Updates

Hill also revealed he was supposed to participate in Rose’s controversial Fab Five documentary. “I was excited to see the story and see this documentary,” Hill said. “With the exception of one part, I thought it was well done.” Rose described Duke’s African-American players as “Uncle Toms.” Hill was most bothered by the post-documentary discussion Rose participated in on ESPN and the impact the controversy had on Hill’s two daughters. “When I was nine years old, you could get somewhat shielded from that, but now with the way kids receive information ... my 9-year-old knew about it,” Hill said. “I’m on the road and she’s calling me, ‘Why is someone calling you an Uncle Tom? What does that mean?’ That certainly played into me wanting to respond to that ... I get and understand sort of what he was trying to say. It wasn’t even so much the doc as it was the response the next day on ‘First and 10’ and the various platforms ESPN has to promote. And (Rose) was asked, ‘Do you still feel that way?’ And to not answer that, to me, said a lot. But like I said, we’ve talked. I don’t think he feels that way.” FOXSports.com

April 20, 2011 Updates

Former NBAer and Toronto Raptor Jalen Rose performed poorly on several field sobriety tests to determine whether he was drunk after rolling his Cadillac Escalade on a snowy Michigan road, according to a police report. The report from the West Bloomfield Township police, obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press through a Freedom of Information request, also said Rose registered a .088 blood-alcohol level two hours after the March 11 crash. Michigan’s legal limit is 0.08. Rose, 38, was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Toronto Star

Former NBA star Jalen Rose begged bystanders to NOT call police after he flipped his car into a ditch during an alleged drunk driving incident last month -- this according to the man who called 911. TMZ obtained a copy of the 911 call ... made by an off-duty police officer who witnessed Jalen's car "flipped in a ditch" off of a Michigan roadway on March 11. According to the officer, Jalen and a female passenger were stuck in the car -- and were attempting to "kick out the back glass" -- but still told the bystanders, "You don't have to call police." The off-duty cop told the 911 operator, "They're trying to get out of the car right now and they keep telling people we don't need the police." TMZ.com

April 4, 2011 Updates

That former NBA star Jalen Rose, who was busted on an OUI charge in Michigan earlier this month, has hired Brockton-bred, Los Angeles-based attorney Keith Davidson to defend him. A 1993 Boston College grad, Davidson has become an A-list Hollywood lawyer whose recent clients include Charlie Sheen galpal Capri Anderson and the Betty Ford Clinic worker allegedly assaulted by Lindsay Lohan. He’s also managed champion boxers Manny Pacquiao, James “Lights Out” Toney and Riddick Bowe. Boston Herald

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