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Mark Deeks: Jamaal Tinsley's contract is completely unguaranteed, and has been for the whole 10 months I've had it listed erroneously. Sorry about that. Twitter @MarkDeeksNBA

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Alex Kennedy: Utah Jazz haven't indicated if they'll pick up Jamaal Tinsley's team option. "All you can do is control what you can control,” Tinsley said. Twitter

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Tinsley and Howard might even be back next season. "You never commit to anything because you’re always trying to improve your team," O’Connor said. "But they didn’t do anything to prevent them from coming back, let’s put it that way." Salt Lake Tribune

Tinsley did not play in the NBA for two seasons. He started this year in the D-League, before O’Connor signed him. Did the gamble pay dividends? Said O’Connor: "What I would say, both Jamaal and Josh were not only model citizens but good examples of somebody who got a second chance and performed pretty well." Salt Lake Tribune

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The nine-year veteran doesn’t jog just to count calories; he never obsesses over time. Tinsley just runs. Pushing his body until it’s working best. Pushing his mind until it’s working better. Heart pumping, lungs breathing, feet moving. All in the name of mental toughness. Tinsley escapes for 45 minutes, an hour — whatever he feels and whatever it takes. When the former NBA outcast casually ripped through seven miles Wednesday afternoon before he scored seven points, dished out four assists and played 28 minutes while guiding home Utah’s 103-91 victory against the Houston Rockets, it was just another daily workout for the basketball lifer. "You’re blocking everything out and just going out there and trying to achieve something," said Tinsley, 34. The Brooklyn, N.Y., native hated running as a kid. To the point that when Tinsley tried out for his first basketball team and his coach barked out the standard "go run laps" command, Tinsley walked out the door. Salt Lake Tribune

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Jamaal Tinsley isn’t asking around. He doesn’t leave messages for his agent. He’s never pestered the Jazz, inquiring about his future. All Tinsley knows is that Utah’s a great place for him right now. And he hopes his stay in Salt Lake City continues for the foreseeable future. NBA contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season Feb. 10. Heading into a game Saturday against Sacramento, Tinsley should have at least 12 more days in a Utah uniform. He hopes it’s longer, though, and he’d be excited if the Jazz kept him on their roster for the remainder of the 2011-12 season. "I would love to be here. But certain things you can’t control," the 33-year-old said Tinsley, prior to tipoff against the Kings. Salt Lake Tribune

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