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February 28, 2015 Updates
February 26, 2015 Updates

“I think, God willing, if I have no major injuries or anything, I want to keep playing for five more years,” Crawford said. “It’s weird because I’ve said ‘five more years’ for two years now, but I still feel like I can do that. So yeah, I think five more seasons. I still want to be playing at a high level, though. But honestly, it’s crazy, I still feel like I’m getting better and finding ways to keep learning about the game and continuing to challenge myself with things to get better at. I don’t know, but hopefully five more years. I’ve said that for two years now, so we’ll see.” Basketball Insiders

February 20, 2015 Updates

When asked if he was relieved he wasn't traded, Crawford shrugged his shoulders and said: "It is what it is." Whether the Clippers were thinking about dealing Crawford -- the NBA's reigning sixth man of the year - or not doesn't seem to matter. It's clear by things Crawford said and his mannerisms that his name being involved affected him. "I have no idea (if it was realistic)," Crawford said of a possible trade. "I know as much as you do. You think it was real?" FoxSports.com

February 18, 2015 Updates

Ben Bolch: Have been told Clippers would be hesitant to make any trade involving Jamal Crawford unless it would clearly improve the team. You have to think Arron Afflalo or Wilson Chandler would be a push at best if it meant giving up Jamal Crawford, so trade seems unlikely. Twitter @latbbolch

Arash Markazi: No Jamal Crawford trade is imminent I'm hearing but he's not "untouchable" as we head into the trade deadline. Twitter

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February 2, 2015 Updates

The sports world is focused on the biggest day of the football year as the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots clash at Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, Arizona. Excitement for the game has spilled into the basketball world as NBA players took to social media to join the conversation. NBA.com

February 1, 2015 Updates

Kevin Pelton: The four-point plays are your trademark now. Is that something you try to do or can work on doing? Jamal Crawford: I'm not sure you can really work on it. It's weird, but I think it works for me because -- you've seen me play, I take some crazy shots sometimes. I think I shoot when people least expect it. By the time they react, I'm already in the shooting moment. I just have to follow through and I'm already getting the shot up. The hardest part of that, actually, is making the free throw afterwards. ESPN.com

January 29, 2015 Updates
January 27, 2015 Updates

Jamal Crawford was in the middle of an interview after Monday night’s win when DeAndre Jordan decided to interrupt for just a few seconds — with a song about how Crawford should be the Sixth Man of the Year. Crawford, who seemed to be completely unfazed by his teammate’s interruption, wiped his face with a towel after Jordan’s song and answered the question. For The Win

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