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July 5, 2014 Updates

Recent reports and quotes have indicated Jamal Crawford is looking for a contract extension this summer. “Our intention is to get an extension with the Clippers or anywhere else that he may be traded based on the fact that he’s undervalued for the production he’s providing,” his agent Andy Miller told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, Crawford will not be eligible for an extension until July 2015. Crawford signed his original four year, $21.35 million pact in July of 2012. Under Article VII, Section 7(a)(1) of the CBA, “a Player Contract covering a term of four (4), five (5) or six (6)* Seasons may be extended no sooner than the third anniversary of the signing of the Contract.” Basketball Insiders

July 2, 2014 Updates

As the Los Angeles Clippers propose guard Jamal Crawford in possible trade scenarios, the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year has a message for the Clippers and potential future teams: Wherever Crawford's playing, he wants a contract extension next summer. "Our intention is to get an extension with the Clippers or anywhere else that he may be traded based on the fact that he's undervalued for the production he's providing," his agent Andy Miller told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday night. Yahoo! Sports

Crawford has two years, $11 million left on his deal, including a team option for the 2015-16 season. Crawford is eligible for an extension in the summer of 2015, and believes he's out-performed his deal. Crawford had a tremendously productive season for the Clippers, averaging 18.6 points in 30 minutes per game on his way to his second Sixth Man of the Year award in four seasons. Yahoo! Sports

Interestingly, the two know each other. Wilcox played college ball at University of Washington, and Crawford is from Seattle. “He’s up in Seattle every summer, so he’s been in a lot of open gyms and a lot of runs. I’ve competed against him and been around guys who are really close with him, so I know we’ll probably be able to mesh a little bit since we’ve spent some summers together up in Seattle and going against each other. Hopefully, he’ll take me under his wing and show me the ropes since I went to school in Seattle and he’s from that area. … I think he’ll help me take some strides,” Wilcox said. Los Angeles Daily News

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June 24, 2014 Updates

The Clippers could consider sending Griffin and Jared Dudley or Griffin and Matt Barnes to Miami to get James. The Clippers wouldn’t mind trading DeAndre Jordan, Jamal Crawford and either Barnes or Dudley to the Heat for James, but the team knows that would most likely be hard to do. Los Angeles Times

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May 10, 2014 Updates

To think Crawford could have messed it all up long before he played just one year of college ball, long before he became a pro. Crawford remembers hanging with a sketchy crowd as early as 11 years old in Seattle. At the behest of his mother, he moved to South Central Los Angeles to live with his father, where he was hassled by local gangs, ahead of moving back to play ball at Rainier Beach High in Seattle. “Yeah, I mean, gangs are basically everywhere,” Crawford said. “And you’re around them in some way, shape or form whether you’re trying to be or not trying to be.” From the sound of it, Crawford kind of wanted to be with them when he was in Seattle prior to his move to L.A. “I’ve had so many different interactions with them,” Crawford said. “It wasn’t just in L.A. It was in Seattle, too. That’s why I went to L.A. because I was with the wrong crowd. I was coming home at 12 o’clock at night, at 11 years old, you know what I mean?” Los Angeles Daily News

Crawford made it clear he was never initiated into a gang. “No, no, no, I was never in a gang, not at all,” he said. “I’ve always known people that are in gangs, but I was never in a gang myself.” Still, if he didn’t alter his ways, he never would have been able to play basketball for Rainier Beach after moving back to Seattle. Once he became academically eligible, he led the Vikings to a state title in 1998. “What I didn’t understand then,” Crawford said of his days at Dorsey, “I understood later on that I would have to really buckle down and focus more on school and basketball than anything else. Like, before I had a girlfriend or kids or friends, I had my basketball. “My love for basketball was deeper than anything else, and I just had to figure out the best route.” Los Angeles Daily News

May 8, 2014 Updates
May 4, 2014 Updates

The NBA decided to take a week off from the awards circuit in the wake of the Donald Sterling scandal. Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford is scheduled to receive his Sixth Man Award next week, and Philadelphia 76ers guard Michael Carter-Williams will be named Rookie of the Year, according to ESPN and multiple reports. ESPN.com

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