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Harden leads the NBA in scoring at 27.0 points per game because of his ability to draw fouls and the craftiness of his dribble drives. It’s difficult to get a clean block and he is physical enough to draw contact. After a rough 2012 NBA Finals with the Thunder (12.4 ppg, 37.5 percent shooting), Harden has turned himself into a nearly unstoppable force in Houston. “He knows how to draw fouls. In our league the rules are set up that you really can’t touch guys in the perimeter, and James is playing downhill a lot,” McHale said. “He’s very strong. He’s got really strong hands and he keeps them in front of him and you go and try to take it from him, and it’s very tempting, and everybody reaches in and grabs his arm and he shoots free throws. Knowing how to get fouled is an art and it’s really a hard art to teach.” Boston Globe

Smith considers himself misunderstood. “Maybe because I really don’t talk as much as people want me to or I’m not a social media junkie,” Smith said. “I kind of stay to myself and stay reserved to regular things in life like family and concerning myself with the people I love and surround myself with.” Said Harden, “He’s done a great job. He’s been a leader. Obviously he has a different role and that’s coming off the bench. He’s very vocal. He’s playing well. All he wants to do is win, everybody on this team has that same mind-set. It kind of makes it easier for each other.” Boston Globe

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“I don’t even care about All-Star,” Harden said. “I’m so caught up on this team and how much talent we’ve got – this is probably the most talent we’ve had since I’ve been here – and the great opportunity we have, All-Star is in the back of my mind somewhere. Houston Chronicle

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Before the game on Saturday, the Rockets were hyped up to play the Warriors. The official Houston Rockets Instagram account recorded the players as they prepared to go out onto the court. James Harden, the teams’s leader, brought his team together to give them so final words of inspiration. Here’s some of what he said: "They beat us already twice. They ain’t that good man, let’s go!" WarriorsWorld.net

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Before the Houston Rockets took on the New York Knicks on Thursday, a fan tried to get a selfie court side with James Harden while he was warming up. Harden looked right through the kid as if he wasn’t even there. Don’t you get it? Harden has to get in the zone before this game starts. For The Win

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