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James Harden is playing like an MVP. With the Rockets down three with less than :30 seconds to go on the road in Sacramento, Harden hit a three from basically Fresno. It was the kind of three that takes ridiculous confidence to even consider, but Harden was in that zone. He would go on to score the next 10 points to start the overtime, giving him 44 points on the night and the Rockets another win. NBCSports.com

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Sam Amick: James Harden sounds like he'll give it a go tonight at Golden State. Dwight Howard out tonight and tomorrow. Hoping to play Sat. V Denver Twitter @sam_amick

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Mark Berman: James Harden questionable for Golden State. Kevin McHale says Dwight Howard practices with team for first time since injury Twitter @MarkBermanFox26

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Harden averages 8.7 free throws on 9.7 attempts this season. In last season’s first-round series against Portland, he averaged 7.5 free throws on 8.3 attempts. “He’s an expert at it,” Rivers said. “He actually does get fouled on most of them. He throws those arms up. It’s funny, in the playoffs teams are really aware of it and he doesn’t get those calls. It’s interesting how that changes to me, but it’s hard. It’s hard to prepare for. He’s coming at you. You want to stop him. He’s good at it. He’s as good of a guard as I can remember. Houston Chronicle

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Amar’e Stoudemire feels the Knicks were struck down by angels Monday night. Stoudemire chose an interesting metaphor to describe the way James Harden rallied the Rockets to victory. In fact, Stoudemire thinks Harden’s 6-of-6 free-throw shooting line in the final period was something out of divine intervention. In a clear slap at the officiating, Stoudemire said: “It was like an angel came down and started calling calls for him. Down the stretch, I don’t see how he was getting those foul calls.’’ New York Post

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Harden held out for what he believed he was worth. Jackson is now doing the same. “I fell into the same situation, and that could have been my only contract And I’m sure Reggie feels the same way,” Harden told The Oklahoman. “He has to get the money that he’s earned and that he’s worked his whole life for. It’s the nature of the business. It’s going to happen every single year and it’s going to continue to happen.” Oklahoman

Harden’s advice for Jackson as he navigates this process is simple: keep your head up. “I just said to him, keep going out there and hooping,” Harden said. “Do what you’re doing; going out there, being aggressive and attacking, being the vocal leader that you are and everything will fall into place.” Oklahoman

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Los Angeles Lakers rookie Julius Randle got some unexpected support this morning after breaking his leg in his NBA debut -- when two players from the opposing team visited him in the hospital. Randle broke his right tibia while the Lakers were playing the Houston Rockets in L.A. on Tuesday night -- and was rushed to a hospital where he underwent surgery. But before he went under the knife Wednesday morning -- he was visited by James Harden and Trevor Ariza ... who stopped by to check up on the 19-year-old. We're told Randle was touched by the visit -- and was in good spirits overall. TMZ.com

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"It's been great here," Harden told USA TODAY Sports. "The coaches have been great. The front office is amazing. My teammates work hard to better each other every single day in practice. It's all smiles and we have fun. That's the most important thing. The culture is great over here, and it's only going to get better. "(The Rockets and Thunder are) different organizations, but both cultures are very good. It's more strict in Oklahoma City. They have their ways and there's no other way. Here it's a little bit more lenient. You kind of have fun. There's a lot more communication with players. Players have their opinion, and players can voice their opinion over here. Both are great…(but) we're just trying to build something special." USA Today Sports

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The dots weren't hard to connect, even though Lawson later tried to convince the world that he didn't mean it as a slight. This Harden-can't-defend fire continued to be fed. "For whatever reason, it has taken on a life of its own," Morey says about the criticism about Harden's defense. "You've got people doing a 10-minute YouTube clip that everyone references, and I just ask anyone, 'Take your worst 10 minutes from your job the last year and just take those worst 10 minutes and put them in a YouTube clip.' I'm guessing it wouldn't come out very well for anybody. That, to me, was completely unfair. That bothered me in a big way. Without context, you can grab 10 minutes of anyone and make them look like (expletive). I think reality TV proves that." USA Today Sports

"It's not a matter of whether I can or can't play defense," Harden says in an interview with USA TODAY Sports. "It's just a matter of me focusing for 48 minutes throughout a game and making sure that I'm always alert on both ends of the floor … It's up to me to go out there and show my leadership, to show that I can play both ends of the floor at a high level and just do it. If I have that approach, we're going to go a long ways." USA Today Sports

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